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The Festive Flavors from Felicia's of Bacolod Delivered to Your Doorstep by The Commissariat Manila

The fast approaching holidays sets a vibrant and optimistic tone to end a challenging year, and finding that perfect gift takes you on a festive rush with a tempting array of options. Why not share the celebrated flavors of Bacolod packed in a box and delivered to your doorstep?

There's nothing quite like comfortingly familiar local and nostalgic flavors to warm the hearts and palates in the much anticipated season of the year. And finding authentic local delicacies is now easier than you think. The Commissariat Manila, a purveyor of the finest goods and delicacies managed by siblings Gino Asensio Lopez and Monique Lopez Ong brings the best of Bacolod and Iloilo to your table. A unique and timely concept, The Commissariat Manila is driven by the simple belief that "good food must never be kept secret and should be experienced by everyone." Let The Commissariat Manila unveil the regional flavors and cherished gastronomic secrets of the Visayas like the indulgent offerings from Felicia's of Bacolod for a taste of our rich and diverse culinary heritage, conveniently delivered to your home. 

The Commissariat Manila was established at the height of the pandemic back in July last year to address a growing need for good food, particularly regional specialties from the south, delivered to homes in the metro. The quarantine experience changed and transformed our daily routine with emerging consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage defining a difficult year due to the pandemic. 

Adapting to the new normal, The Commissariat Manila curated the finest local delicacies of the Visayas from decadent pastries and cakes to savory meat products like chorizo de Bacolod and a variety of fresh seafood including succulent  Bantayan Bay Scallops. The current collection now includes famous names such as Casa Carmela and their wide range of Negrense delicacies like bottled meats (aptly called "Bacolod in a Bottle") and seafood dishes, the popular local sausages from EreƱeta-Manaloto and the indulgent desserts of Bacolod's iconic Felicia's. They also offer their very own Commissariat products like The Commissariat Flat Quillos that pair well with sweet or savory toppings. All items are flown-in regularly every week and delivered straight to you for your convenience (check the latest delivery schedules on their website at

My taste of Bacolod's very best comes in a bright and vibrantly colored package...

...containing a lavish assortment of fresh-baked delicacies and treats from Felicia's Pastry Shop of Bacolod. Since the seventies, sisters Sony Lacson Cometa, Fely Lacson Montelibano and Margie Lacson Macasa have shared their heirloom family recipes that have become culinary staples in Bacolod like their famous EnsaimadasCheese Rolls and a variety of cakes. And more. Just in time for the holidays, the Commissariat Manila now offers special Christmas Sets featuring the indulgent specialties of Felicia's. Let's unbox the package, shall we?

Prepared in small batches, the artisan Turron de Pili (P 585) by Felicia's uses local pili nuts grounded for that distinct nutty and buttery flavor and formed into bars. 

Elegantly packaged, the Turron de Pili is sealed in foil and packed in a box. The country's famed Sugar Bowl is known for their sweets, and the Turron de Pili is one of them. Soft and chewy, each bite brings a decadent sweetness to the palate followed by the bold nutty hints of ground pili adding both flavor and textural contrast. The local pili nut has a delicate sweetness setting it apart from the usual local nuts.

The use of pili nuts adds a uniquely local spin to the classic nougat confection, and it's this distinct flavor that brings that nostalgic vibe missed by many during the series of long lockdowns. Savoring a bite of this local delicacy just makes the holidays so much more special.  

It's the perfect gift for the holidays, or a well-deserved treat to yourself taking you back to simpler times. And it's just one of many local treats from Felicia's offered by The Commissariat Manila.

The Almondettes (P 475) are decadent bite-sized chocolate fudge candies intricately made with premium Dutch Cocoa for its elegantly smooth, rich and chewy texture studded by whole roasted almonds. 

Packed in a sturdy yet elegant box containing a bag of the specialty candies, the Almondettes combine the nutty richness of almonds with the silky smooth finish of premium chocolate for another decadent experience from Felicia's. 

Not overly sweet, the deep notes of the premium chocolate comes through draping the palate with its indulgent richness. The gentle crunch and mild nutty hints of the roasted almonds complete the flavors in a masterful pairing that will have you going for another piece.  

Without knowing it, you can go through a box of Almondettes quite fast so better order an extra box or two. And that's easy with The Commissariat Manila with their regular orders flown in from the Visayas with weekly flights starting November 13 to December 18 (be sure to check their website for the complete schedules and additional details at for pre-order and cut-off dates). 

The Turron de Pili and Almondettes by Felicia's are just some of Bacolod's secrets. The Commissariat Manila lets you in on more tasty treats... the Lemon Thins (P 425). Packed in tins and sealed in plastic bags, the delicate cookies arrive in perfect shape upon delivery. It's details like this that make these specialty treats from Felicia's extra special. 

Lightly crisp and thin cookies with a vibrant burst of zesty lemon notes, the Lemon Thins by Felicia's pair well with tea or coffee for those perfect afternoon snacks at home.

That light crispness and refreshingly bright notes can be addicting, qualities you can find in their other cookie offerings. Enjoy even more tempting cookies by Felicia's like their Almond Crisps (P 490), Oatmeal Thins (P 475) and Chocolate Almond Thins (P 455).

Then, there are the fresh baked specialties that made Felicia's a household name in Bacolod. Baked using the freshest ingredients the old-fashioned and traditional way, the best-selling Ensaimadas and Cheese Rolls complete my Felicia's Christmas Set sampler from The Commissariat Manila. 

For breakfast or a leisurely afternoon snack, the fresh baked specialties of Felicia's not only teases the palate with its indulgence. It also warms the palate with fond nostalgia. It's the flavors you remember from simpler times, and you can rediscover it once more for the holidays. 

Soft, moist and dense, the buttery brioche topped with cheese brings a comforting yet refined play on flavors and textures enjoyed with each bite. The mildness of the cheese, a sprinkling of sugar and the silky smoothness of butter add layers of rich notes to complement the soft brioche. 

It's a treat that just makes any day so much better, and it's also the perfect gift for loved ones. Available in a Box of 6 (P 1,215) or a Dozen (P 2,430), these elegant brioche creations by Felicia's bring the rich flavors of Bacolod to your table. 

Cheese and soft buttery dough combine in another classic Felicia's specialty with the Cheese Rolls (P 1,420 for a box of 16). Gently warm it up in the oven and enjoy the buttery fragrance mingling with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  

Pillow soft, each chewy bite brings the richness of cheese to the palate for that perfect finish. The buttery sweetness of the soft buns are tempered by the mild sharpness of the cheese for delicately balanced flavors.

For many of us, food is a much anticipated highlight in any celebration even in this socially distanced new normal. The Commissariat Manila allows us to indulge with the flavorful secrets of the Visayas for a taste of the region's culinary heritage and tradition packed and boxed, sealed and delivered to you.

You can also order Felicia's Pastry Shop's popular cakes via The Commissariat Manila including their Swiss Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake, Potato Cake and San Rival packed in round tins or their equally popular Butter Cake too.   

The new normal is here to stay, but access to traditional local delicacies has never been easier. You don't have to travel far for authentic regional delicacies, The Commissariat Manila brings the best and finest from Visayas straight to you with just a few quick taps on your mobile device or laptop. After all, good food particularly local delicacies shouldn't be a secret.

For more on The Commissariat Manila and local specialties like Felicia's of Bacolod, visit their website at for orders and delivery information and coverage. You can also visit their Facebook Page at and Instagram Feed at for more updates.

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