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Dining in the Next Normal: Even in the New Normal, The Steaks Still Sizzle at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse

Despite the sweeping transformation in our daily routine caused by the viral pandemic, some things just don't change. Like a good steak. And the steaks still sizzle at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse even in the new normal...

The long-lasting impact of the quarantine experience forced the food service sector to adapt and evolve to shifting consumer habits. And just like many other restaurants, Nanka Japanese Steakhouse now follows all the mandatory health protocols to ensure a safe dining experience. The wide and spacious interiors allow more than adequate social and physical distancing for your peace of mind. In spite of the numerous additional layers that are now part of the dining out experience, one thing always remains the same. A good premium steak, masterfully grilled to medium rare, is still high up on the list. And at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse, Chef Mike Santos and his team keeps the grill fired up for your perfect steak. 

Chef Mike Santos keeps his dishes simple at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse. When you have the freshest and finest ingredients delivering the cleanest flavors, you don't have to complicate things. It's a personal culinary style that continues to define the dining experience at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse (for more on Nanka Japanese Steakhouse, see my previous posts, A Passion for Clean, Uncomplicated Flavors Re-Ignited at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse on their specialty imported steaks and Dining in the Next Normal: Chef Mike Santos Unveils His New Burger Creations at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse on their inventive new burgers). After all, keeping it simple always works when you have some of the very best world-class beef in the kitchen... WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Beef...

...and the massive and beautifully marbled grain-fed Black Onyx Angus Beef Tomahawk, both from the vast pastures of Australia down under. 

In true Nanka Japanese Steakhouse style, the premium Wagyu and Angus Beef are presented to customers for their selection and once a choice is made, is then fired up at the grill to the customer's preferred doneness. 

As your choice is romanced by the gentle flames on the grill, you can begin your feast at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse with their specialty appetizers to tease your palate like the Oyster Hollandaise (P 395 for 6pcs), succulent oysters draped in a rich and creamy hollandaise sauce. The briny sweetness of the oysters come through, followed by the velvety smooth finish of the creamy sauce. 

The Salmon Croquettes (P 420 for 6 pcs) is another must-try at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse, with the indulgent buttery richness of premium salmon covered in a delicately crisp breading for that play on flavor and textural contrast. The Wasabi Aioli completes the flavors of the Salmon Croquettes, adding a layer of sharpness to temper the richness of the salmon.

The Gambas (P 405) brings both bold briny freshness and savory notes with plump shrimps and chorizo for even more tasty bites at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse. Each bite of the fat shrimps delivers an audible snap followed by the nutty richness of the olive oil, garlic and herbs. 

The Glazed Chicken Wings (P 285) offers a different spin on a comforting classic, with crisp and juicy chicken slathered in a mildly sweet and sticky glaze sprinkled with sesame seeds. A side of pickled radishes cleanses the palate, and you're ready for another bite. The starters at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse are a reflection of the uncluttered style of Chef Mike Santos, emphasizing fresh and bold flavors without overly complicating each dish. 

Back in the kitchen, the flames of the grill add the finishing touches to your steak. 

The pasta selections at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse include comfortingly familiar favorites as well as refreshingly inventive creations, like the Chicken Pasta (P 335 Solo good for 2-3/P 1,500 Platter good for 10-12) with chunks of juicy chicken and garden-fresh broccoli laid on penne. The buttery sauce binds all the components in a seamless blend, coming together in each flavorful bite.

The Shiitake Pasta (P 335 Solo good for 2-3/P 1,500 Platter good for 10-12) remains one of my favorites at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse. The Japanese-inspired pasta delivers sweet, nutty and earthy notes that pops with a vibrant richness. Each soft yet firm noodle is evenly draped with the flavorful sauce, followed by the distinct hints of shiitake, leeks and crunchy garlic bits. Other equally flavorful pasta options at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse include Salmon Pasta, Baked Macaroni, Sweet Style Spaghetti, Garlic Prawn Pasta and Lasagna. Then, the steaks are served...

...starting with the WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Striploin (P 600/100g) grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center and topped with fresh herbs served with a variety of sauces including Chimichurri and flavored salts like Togarashi Salt and Wasabi Salt. The perfectly marbled Wagyu beef striploin is a feast for the senses, feeding first the eyes before the palate.

There's just quite nothing like a perfect slab of beef on a plate, and Nanka Japanese Steakhouse prepares each plate with zen-like simplicity. It's all about the beef at Nanka japanese Steakhouse. Your steak comes with your choice of tasty sides like creamy, smooth and buttery Mashed Potatoes, nutty Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Potato Parmesan and Japanese Elote

Like all their steaks, you'll notice it's much thicker than the usual offerings. Sliced at an angle, you can already imagine how thick the slab is unlike the more common steaks that are often less than an inch thick. Each tender slice just melts in your mouth releasing bold and rich beefy notes. Like butter, the perfectly marbled WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Striploin is just pure beef bliss from the first bite all the way to the last. I enjoy my steaks as is, maybe with a pinch of salt or a dab of butter and nothing else. But the Chimichurri of Nanka Japanese Steakhouse adds another indulgent layer of richness to each slice of the WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Striploin for that perfect steak experience.

Complementing our steak feast that day at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse were the Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with French beans (P 365)...

...and Roasted Cauliflower (P 275), a tasty vegetable dish with cheese and spicy jalapeƱos for that soothing layer of mild heat. The Roasted Cauliflower was a tasty surprise, with its subtle sweetness complemented by hints of smokiness and the gentle sharpness of the jalapeƱos for richly layered flavors.

If you're still craving for more, the massive Black Onyx Grain-Fed Angus Beef Tomahawk (P 495/100g good for 3-4) at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse should do the trick. It's a serious slab of premium beef that never fails to impress. Essentially a ribeye steak with a long French-trimmed bone left intact, the Tomahawk brings size and scale to your feast. But this isn't just any tomahawk, it's premium grain-fed Angus beef from Australia's Black Onyx.

Just like any slab of prime beef, very little is done to the Tomahawk before grilling except for the liberal seasoning with salt and pepper and nothing more. The aptly named Tomahawk is perfect for sharing, served with different sauces and flavored salts. Pair the Tomahawk with Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Potato Parmesan to complete the experience.

As you would expect from a good ribeye, the layers of fat from the edges and the marbling add even more flavor with each bite. The delicately charred surface and juicy pink center deliver a flavorful and beefy punch with a savory richness that deepens with each succeeding bite. Despite the size, the Black Onyx Angus Beef Tomahawk is tender and juicy, with just enough bite before melting in your mouth. The WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Striploin or Black Onyx Grain-Fed Angus Beef Tomahawk, it's steaks like these that make the perfect steak experience real. And you can find these steaks and more at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse. Nanka Japanese Steakhouse also offers A4/A5 Wagyu Beef from Japan (P 1,550/100g), WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Ribeye (P 650/100g), Black Onyx T-Bone (P 520/100g) and Black Onyx Bone-In Ribeye (P 500/100g) for even more options.

New dishes and old favorites. Dining in at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse is back, and a mouthwatering array of dishes promises a memorable dining experience. The new menu at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse now includes a burger selection with the Premium Angus Burger, Fried Chicken Burger and Ebi Burger (for more on their new burgers, see my earlier post, Dining in the Next Normal: Chef Mike Santos Unveils His New Burger Creations at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse)... well as their specialty dishes from savory Mains to Rice Meals...

...tasty starters from their Bar Chow selection... their specialty Steaks from Japan and Australia including Black Onyx Angus Beef and WX by Rangers Valley Wagyu Cross Beef.

Nanka Japanese Steakhouse responds to the new normal and changing consumer habits with their innovative Frozen Kits and Steak-At-Home Kits so you can recreate the Nanka Japanese Steakhouse experience in the safety and comfort of your home. 

Quezon City has a number of enduring steakhouses, but Nanka Japanese Steakhouse levels up the experience with its offerings of premium world-class steaks prepared in a simple, no-fuss style so you can enjoy pure beef flavors. Chef Mike Santos likes to keep it simple so nothing comes between you and a good steak. As the transition to the normal continues, Nanka Japanese Steakhouse takes the extra step in ensuring your health and safety following the latest mandatory protocols. Dine-in, pick-up, take-out or delivery, the steaks still sizzle at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse... 

Nanka Japanese Steakhouse is located at 1810 Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City or call 0977 621 8472 and 8921 6772 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their Facebook Page at for more updates.

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