Friday, February 26, 2021

Noods with a Fiery Kick: The Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles by The Villamaria Kitchen

After the initial success of their Spicy Stir-Fry Ma La, The Villamaria Kitchen scores another game winner with the Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles...

The ubiquitous noodle gets a spicy makeover with the latest offering by The Villamaria Kitchen for yet another sumptuous dish from one of the metro's unique home-based food businesses. Topped with their specialty Stir-Fry Ma La, the usual noodle dish is given a flavorful upgrade with the new Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles (for more on The Villamaria Kitchen and their specialty Stir-Fry Ma La, see my earlier post, Dining in the Next Normal: Cloudy Quarantine Days and the Spicy Stir-Fry Ma La by The Villamaria Kitchen). One of the best new finds during the quarantine, The Villamaria Kitchen rolls out yet another must-try dish for a sumptuous noodle fix. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Authentic and Flavorful South American Journeys Served and Delivered with Viaje by Kev

One chef's journey with authentic South American flavors is recreated, boxed and delivered to your doorstep...

Viaje by Kev takes your palate on a culinary adventure to South America with its specialty Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo, a sumptuous feast with tender Peruvian-style roast chicken, refreshing Salsa Criolla, soft flour tortillas, Fried Yuca, rich White Garlic Cream Sauce and a duo of Viaje sauces, the Aji Rojo and Salsa Verde. Conveniently boxed, sealed and delivered to your doorstep, the Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo from Viaje by Kev is as authentic as it gets and one of the best food delivery options for dining at home in this new normal. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Quick Bites: A Nostalgic Taste of Spanish Manila by Pasteleria Mallorca Manila

If it ain't broke, why fix it? Pasteleria Mallorca Manila does exactly that with their specialty ensaimada made with a cherished heirloom family recipe. Old school still rules in this new normal. 

Pasteria Mallorca Manila brings a touch of old Spanish Manila to your table with their lavish fresh-baked and indulgent offerings like the traditional Ensaimada, the classic brioche topped with butter, sugar and cheese. Made with a family recipe dating back to the 1850s, Pasteleria Mallorca Manila recreates this popular Filipino staple without any revisions or adjustments to the original recipe. The soft and moist brioche and the richness of the various ingredients combine for an ensaimada experience like no other...

Monday, February 22, 2021

Add Some Real Pop to Easy Snacking with Corn Pops by Kelly & Co Snacks

 Sweet Corn, Cheese and Barbecue. It's the flavors that lead you to the way of easy snacking...

Kelly & Co Snacks brings easy snacking to your home with their best-selling Corn Pops, spicy, sweet and savory bites that's perfect for binge watching and movie nights. Simply open the resealable foil bags and snack away. That's easy snacking. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Quick Bites: A Real Good Chocolate Chip Cookie is Prettier in Pink, Just Ask the FetBoysPH

The guys behind the Giant Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie are back with an indulgent baked creation that's absolutely Prettier in Pink...

FetBoysPH proves that real cookies are way prettier in pink with the new and indulgent Prettier in Pink, a decadent cookie made with dark chocolate cookie dough loaded with three types of chocolate namely Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Ruby Chocolate. Now that's one pretty cookie, don't you think?

Saturday, February 20, 2021

An Express Delivery of Authentic Thai Flavors by The Pad Express

Pad Thai, Pomelo Salad and Mango Sticky Rice, the usual suspects for sudden Thai food cravings. But finding good Thai food at an affordable cost can be challenging in this new normal. Authenticity, freshness and value with the added convenience of food delivery come into play with the sumptuous offerings of The Pad Express...

The Pad Express brings affordable and authentic Thai flavors to your table to satisfy any craving for Thai food. Using the freshest ingredients for their specialty dishes like Pad Thai, Pomelo Salad and Mango Sticky Rice and more plus a wide selection of Thai-style coffee and tea beverages delivered conveniently to your doorstep, The Pad Express is one more tasty option to add to your growing list of food delivery choices in this new normal.  

Friday, February 19, 2021

Stargaze and Feast with Spices Under The Stars at The Peninsula Manila

Fresh from the grill and served under starlit skies, Spices Under the Stars is back at The Peninsula Manila...

The sweeping transformation caused by the quarantine experience continues to change our daily routine due to the lingering pandemic, but the allure of dining al fresco in a secluded garden under star-filled skies remains one option made for this new normal. Indulge in vibrant Southeast Asian flavors with savory courses from the grill paired with endless rounds of handcrafted libations, it's time for Spices Under The Stars at The Peninsula Manila.  

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Better Than Butter: Spread On The Healthier Option with Sagana Coconut Spread

 Bake with it, cook with it or simply spread it on toast. It's everything you love about butter, but better...

A new year in the new normal brings with it renewed hope and yes, a long list of resolutions. High on the list is health, and that makes a whole lot of sense with the lingering pandemic. After all, your health is your first line of defense in this new normal. And you can start by replacing your usual butter with Sagana Coconut Spread for a healthier alternative. Plant-based, palm-free and dairy-free yet you still enjoy the same creamy richness and mouthfeel of butter but without the guilt. Sagana Coconut Spread has to be one of the year's innovative new product offerings, and it's as good as advertised. Read on for a closer look at the better butter...

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Quick Bites: Just in Time for Lent, Meet the Fish Ole by Aedan's Burger

Aedan's Burger builds its growing portfolio of burger offerings with a new seasonal variant for the coming Lenten Season. Here's a first look and taste at Fish Ole by Aedan's Burger...

In time for the Lenten season, Aedan's Burger recently released its newest variant to the market following its tried and tested value plus quality approach to burgers. The soon to be launched Fish Ole by Aedan's Burger comes just in time too. Ready to reel in the latest and freshest catch from Aedan's Burger?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

All-Day Cravings Satisfied with 24/7 EATS by Chef Carlo Miguel

The rise of the food delivery culture and dining at home remain some of the enduring reminders of the quarantine experience. And we've seen some interesting culinary innovations emerge from the pandemic, including healthier options for the new normal. GrabFood levels up the food delivery game with their innovative 24/7 EATS with Chef Carlo Miguel. Like an online 24/7 foodcourt, Chef Carlo Miguel weaves his own culinary style to comforting classics adding even more tempting choices to your food delivery list in this new normal.

Noted chef and culinary personality Carlo Miguel unveils his latest offerings with 24/7 EATS for delivery provider Grabfood with an array of hearty and sumptuous meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep. It's a timely innovation that's clearly in step with the times, guaranteed to satisfy any craving. Read on for a tasty peek at some of the unique culinary offerings from 24/7 EATS...
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