Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Perfect CAB Lunch at Melo's

Where do you go for one of the best US Certified Angus Beef (CAB) steaks? You go to Melo's, the one that started it all, the Home of Certified Angus Beef. Established way back in 1997, Melo's continues a tradition built on excellent CAB steaks. 

And a return to Melo's didn't disappoint. The melt-in-your mouth, buttery feel of premium beef, grilled to perfection, is an experience worth revisiting again and again. And the CAB Ribeye is tops on my list.

Friday, September 28, 2012

What's in the Fridge...Bagels and Cream Cheese

Two frozen bagels, some leftover cream cheese...and another fridge raid in the works. All you need now is a good cup of coffee for a light breakfast.

Lightly toasted Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bagels with a proper "schmear" of cream cheese. Sometimes the simplest things are in fact, the best things...

Monday, September 24, 2012

An All Seafood Lunch at Gerry's Grill

I met up with a group of old friends recently, and decided to have lunch at Gerry's Grill, just like the old days. But this time, we decided to have a healthier lunch, all seafood, no pork. And everything seemed to work out as planned. Almost.

The seafood selection at Gerry's Grill is quite extensive, and with so many choices, an all-seafood lunch can be a satisfying option. With much confidence and will power, we proceeded with our all-seafood lunch...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dude for Food on Facebook, Like!

Yup, Dude for Food is now on Facebook. Finally. Check out the Dude for Food Facebook Page for regular updates on good eats. Just type "Dude for Food" on the FB search bar to access the page, or simply click on the Facebook widget "Like" button on the lower right (below the "Pages" box) here on the blog page. Cool.

Please visit the Dude for Food FB page, better yet, click "Like." Thanks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Bacon Waffle at Pancake House.

Crisp bacon and waffles. Always a great pairing. And bacon in the waffle? Even better.

Established way back in the early seventies, Pancake House always felt like one's home away from home serving great comfort food, and having pancakes and waffles anytime of day was always a treat. The Bacon Waffle (P 186++) is an old favorite, filled with bits of bacon strips inside the waffle. Cool.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Revisiting Another Old Favorite: Magnolia's Parfait

Another cloudy afternoon, maybe not a good day for some ice cream. But why not. Time to see another old favorite... 

Magnolia's classic parfait, three scoops of ice cream and some pretty awesome toppings...just like the old days.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Mid-Afternoon Breakfast at Figaro

There's something comforting about breakfast food, and I really wouldn't mind having it any time of day. A good cup of coffee completes every breakfast meal, and I found just the place for great coffee and breakfast. Any time of day. Cool.

Figaro's All-Day Breakfast Samplers are a great way to start one's day. Or even make the day right, no matter what part of the day.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mooncakes, Longevity and Harmony

The Lunar Harvest Festival begins, and it's the season for mooncakes.

Mooncakes are traditionally given during the mid-autumn festival, usually in September. A thin, delicate crust holds a moist, heavy sweet bean filling, including a salted duck egg yolk to symbolize the full moon. The intricate imprints on top usually symbolize the Chinese characters for "longevity" and "harmony," but I'm not too sure about this particular mooncake. Still, longevity and harmony sounds pretty good to me. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's in the Fridge...Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad

Here's a really cool find from a recent road trip to San Fernando, Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad.  Similar to ice cream, filled with strips of young coconut (macapuno) and pandan flavored gelatin cubes. Cool.

Rich and creamy, a simple frozen dessert made with milk, coconut and pandan flavored gelatin cubes, a refreshingly different alternative to the usual ice cream. With minimal ingredients, but big on flavor and texture. It's amazing how something so simple can taste so awesome.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Food News: Kusina ng Gerry's Opens Second Branch in Subic

Prime Pacific Grill Incorporated (PPGI), operator of the popular grill chain Gerry's Grill, has opened a second "Kusina ng Gerry's" at the Harbor Point in Subic, the first shopping mall of Ayala in Olongapo. Cool.

After opening its first branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo last March, Kusina ng Gerry's continues its expansion program with its first outlet outside Manila. "We hope to reach more markets with the development of more shopping centers around the country," says Gerry Apolinario, PPGI President and CEO.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chocolate Croissants

It seems I can't get enough of CafeFrance, and the tempting Buy One, Take One deal held daily after 6pm. So I find myself queuing up, a little after 6pm. This time, I go for the Chocolate Croissants...

The Chocolate Croissants from CafeFrance (P 55 per piece regular price, or for 2 pieces after 6pm), a flaky and buttery croissant drizzled with a rich chocolate topping. Unlike the Chocolate Walnut Croissant featured previously, the Chocolate Croissant doesn't have that distinctive "crescent" shape, but one bite through the flaky layers tells you it's a croissant.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Magnolia Flavor House: Back in Time with Black & White

Like seeing an old friend, it was great to hear that Magnolia Flavor House is back. And my old childhood favorite, Magnolia's classic Black & White, returns to the menu.

Magnolia's iconic Black & White (P 200), one scoop of vanilla in between two scoops of chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, white and dark chocolate chips, chocolate pretzel sticks and a cherry.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Crazy for Katsu at Yabu: The House of Katsu

I've always enjoyed Katsu, and after hearing so much about Yabu: The House of Katsu, I had to give it a try. And I'm just so glad I did.

Yabu: The House of Katsu serves all types of katsus, from the traditional pork tonkatsu to chicken, and seafood like prawns, oysters, salmon and cream dory fish. Plus, premium Kurobota pork is also offered. Each set comes in a tray with miso soup, pickled radishes and cucumbers, pineapples, and here's the best part, unlimited Japanese rice and shredded cabbage. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Starting the Day with a Chocolate Walnut Croissant...

Nothing like a rich, chocolatey breakfast to start the day. After a late night night pasta dinner at Cafe France the night before, I noticed some pastries on sale. A Buy One, Take One offer I couldn't resist, effectively a 50% discount. The sale is offered daily after 6pm, and the Chocolate Walnut Croissants seemed to be calling my name...

Flaky, buttery croissants drizzled with rich, dark chocolate and walnuts (P 89 per piece regular price, or for 2 pieces after 6pm). Just warm it up in the oven toaster for about 2 minutes, all you need to start the day. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Persian Flavors at Arya

There's just something about grilling meat, an almost primal appeal that just overwhelms you. Throw in some Middle Eastern spices, some Basmati rice and grilled tomatoes, and you have the makings of a great late lunch kebab feast...

Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly kebabs, have gained so much popularity in the past decade, and the rising number of kebab joints is a clear indication of this continuing trend. And one place that stands out from the rest is Arya, serving authentic kebab dishes since 2005.

Quick Bites: Jollibee's Chocolate Krunchy Twirl

3:30pm. Sunday afternoon. A welcome free treat...yup, absolutely free.

Jollibee's Chocolate Krunchy Twirl, a cool treat to beat the afternoon heat.

A Late Pasta Dinner at CafeFrance

It was just one of those nights when cooking dinner wasn't an option. A quick check on the fridge just indicated a need to visit the grocery soon, but not tonight. Not with the late night traffic...

But after giving it some thought, I decided to give it a try, and brave the traffic. Not much luck. A quick u-turn, and then, I spot something on the right. Since I wasn't going anywhere with the traffic, decided to make a quick right. Maybe dinner could still be salvaged....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's in the Fridge...Cheese and Tomatoes on Toast

A wedge of Gouda spiced with Cumin, a few tomatoes...sounds like another Fridge Raid...

Slice up some tomatoes, lay it on bread, top with thick slices of the Gouda Cumin, and simply toast for a few minutes...