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Stellar Food + Cosmic Drinks: The Stars Align for a Zodiac-Inspired Culinary Experience at Kas & Poly

Drawing inspiration from the brightest stars in the Gemini constellation, a new and novel dining concept shines at Bonifacio Global City with its creative renditions of Mediterranean cuisine infused with a play on astronomical themes. Follow the stars and step inside Kas & Poly...

Kas & Poly, the newest dining destination in BGC spins an elegant and exquisite weave of both newness and familiarity for a unique culinary experience with the vibrant flavors of Mediterranean cuisine as its flavorful base. The name of the restaurant takes its cue from Castor and Pollux, the constellation's bright stars named after the Gemini twins reflecting a harmonious duality. It's this inventive approach to sumptuous and comforting flavors with a creative and stellar repertoire of dishes from its lavish 12-course Zodiac Dining Menu, All-Day BreakfastA La Carte Meals and cosmic cocktails that gives Kas & Poly its distinctive vibe and flair. You can say its written in the stars. Read on and find out more on the newest dining hotspot at BGC...

Mediterranean cuisine with its fresh and vibrant medley of Greek, Italian, Spanish and Turkish flavors is already a gastronomic feast, add a playfully inventive twist inspired by all twelve astrological signs and you have one memorable dining experience setting Kas & Poly apart from the usual options. Located at W Global Center in Bonifacio Global City, Kas & Poly is yet another innovative concept from Gemini Food Corporation (that's the same restaurant group behind Brunch Bureau in Makati, Proscenium Rockwell and Molito Alabang). The seamless blend of the culinary arts and celestial configurations combine in perfect alignment for a refreshing new dining experience at Kas & Poly... well as some interesting conversations with friends. Great food and engaging conversations always makes any dining experience so much better. And this is what sparked the idea behind Kas & Poly. "It's a place where conversations are most welcomed whether you're with family, friends, or even business partners. We love the idea that the longer you dine. the more you appreciate and enjoy the food that's being served along with the restaurant's look and feel," shared Kas & Poly's owner Loraine Consunji.

Kas & Poly boasts of a spacious dining area plus the Gemini Lounge at the Mezzanine level for intimate gatherings as well as the entire second floor for larger occasions and events. 

At the formal opening last April 16, Loraine Consunji along with business partners and associates welcomed guests at the exclusive preview of Kas & Poly. Guests were handed stickers reflecting their star sign to complete the experience as knowledgeable servers personalized their gastronomic journey at Kas & Poly. It's the little details like this that make dining at Kas & Poly memorable. A noted astrologer was also present at the event for reading sessions and assist in curating the perfect star-aligned feast at Kas & Poly

But more than the magical and mystical realm of the stars and the zodiac, Kas & Poly becomes your personal sanctuary and space at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. "At the end of the day, we just want to create a space where people feel connected as they are catered to. Aside from simply coming up with unique ideas that excite and inspire curiosity among our audiences, we also want to share with them our passion for creating remarkable experiences made with delicious food, refreshing drinks and an overall atmosphere you'd want to keep coming back to," added Loraine Consunji

But first, some soothing libations. Kas & Poly offers a wide selection from the bar, choose from an array of classic handcrafted cocktails including their signature creations inspired by the stars for a refreshing twist plus an extensive variety of specialty coffee and tea based beverages. That day, a chilled Spritz seemed to be the perfect option to beat the summer heat. 

The aptly named Moon (P 375) with Limoncello, mint, tonic water and Prosecco cools the body and palate with its refreshingly sharp citrus and sweet hints while the pronounced notes of the Italian sparkling wine adds a flavorful depth with each sip. 

The sweet Venus (P 375) with its blend of guava, lemon, Aperol, tonic water and Prosecco brings bright fruity hints to tease the palate while the Jupiter (P 375) is my personal pick with Muscat grapes, Zubrowka or bison grass vodka, tonic water and Prosecco. The distinct sweet notes and richness of the grapes are enhanced by the Prosecco and the effervescent fizz of the tonic water all tied together by the gentle lemon hints of the bison grass vodka. Other options include the Saturn (P 375) with passion fruit and Mancino Secco Vermouth to complete the stellar line-up. One more round of the Jupiter? Absolutely. 

The perfect alignment always depends on the right start, and Kas & Poly offers a tempting selection of starters, soups and salads. The Kas & Poly Salad is a hearty mix of garden-fresh greens and vegetables with Parma Ham, succulent shrimps, dried fruits, mushrooms and roasted squash drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette bringing both textural contrasts and flavors to the palate. 

The quality and freshness of the ingredients combine for bold and real flavors, perfectly aligning both your mood and craving setting the stage for the unique Kas & Poly experience. Other salad and soup options include the Castor & Caesar Salad, Squash & Fried Lardon Soup and comforting Onion Soup

The Porto Fried Calamari is one of many tasty starters at Kas & Poly with tender squid, roasted cauliflower, garlic labneh, squid ink edible sand and spiced vinegar. The smoky sweetness of the roasted cauliflower adds layers of flavors the dish, bringing out the briny notes of the calamari tempered by the spiced vinegar dip. Each contrasting note and texture comes together in a harmoniously balanced weave with one bite soon followed by another. 

The menu at Kas & Poly offers even more options for the perfect start with Braised Clams & Mussels, Chorizo Scotch Egg, Hummus Dip, Cupid & Psyche with burnt corn, avocado pate, garlic shrimp and soy egg with pita bread and Shakshuka

Fresh off the ovens, Kas & Poly also offers a selection of signature pizza creations like the Sagittarius with creamed spinach, lardon, mushrooms, potatoes and arugula on a rustic and crisp crust. The charred blisters on the edges delivers a delectable crust finished with mild fragrant and smoky hints while the generous toppings of creamed spinach brings an elegant layer of richness balanced by the earthy notes of mushrooms, savory flavors of the lardon and gentle bitter and spicy hints of the arugula for complex yet balanced flavors. 

The Sagittarius offers fresh and clean flavors with each crisp bite, while other options like the Quezo with its medley of cheeses, the Capricorn with its lavish white sauce topped with chicken souvlaki and charred grapes and Sunrise with creamed pumpkin sauce completes the stellar line-up. The constellation of unique pizza variants sets the selection at Kas & Poly apart from the usual pizza options in the metro. 

No list of comforting fare is complete without pasta, and Kas & Poly's indulgent Leo Linguine with rendered lardon, mushrooms and Pecorino Romano slathered in a velvety smooth creamed squash sauce is guaranteed to satisfy your pasta craving with its nutty sweetness. The mushrooms and rendered lardon combine for a savory punch, elegantly smoothened by the creamed squash with the Pecorino Romano adding the perfect finishing touch to the dish. 

The Pisces Puttanesca with crispy calamari, garlic prawn gambas, capers, olives and tomatoes on shell pasta is another excellent option with its duo of seafood for fresh flavors. The deep-fried seafood brings a satisfying crunch to the dish releasing a briny sweetness after every bite followed by the tart notes of olives, capers and tomatoes capturing the bright flavors of the Mediterranean. Other pasta options include the Titan's Vongole with clams and chili flakes and Nonna's Bolognese

In addition to their pasta and pizza, Kas & Poly also offers a variety of sandwiches for lighter fare like the Gemini Sandwich with tender grilled chicken, Parma Ham, eggs and Emmental served with a side of crisp fries for a complete and satisfying meal in itself. Other sandwich options include the hearty Atlas Burger, Pollo Bocadillo and Peaches & Bacon for that sweet and salty savory combo. 

For the mains, Kas & Poly has a full repertoire of savory dishes from the Tuscan Roast Pork, Virgo Duck Confit and Corsican Seared Salmon. But it's the Aquarius Chelo Kebab with skewered juicy beef, garlic labneh, roasted vegetables, herb salad and choice of starch like lemon garlic basmati rice or sultana fried rice and pita bread that hits the spot. 

The savory richness of the beef comes through with its bold flavors and juicy finish, pairing perfectly the sultana fried rice and the garlic labneh. The sides of herb salad and roasted vegetables completes the dish. Perfectly grilled with its charred outer edges delivering intense smoky flavors, the beef kebab remains juicy with each bite made even richer by the creamy garlic labneh

My personal pick at Kas & Poly? The Taurus Oxtail with fork-tender and melt-in-your-mouth stewed oxtail, charred vegetables, herb salad and pita bread is my hands down pick. 

Gently simmered and slow-cooked for hours, the savory richness of the beef are infused in the equally rich sauce for that double burst of beefy flavors. The charred vegetables adds a subtle layer of smoky sweetness to the dish, further enriching the sauce. Use the pita bread to scoop up the sauce for that pop of flavors lingering long on the palate. 

Inspired by the headstrong bull from the zodiac, the Taurus Oxtail doesn't hold back with its unrestrained savory flavors. It's dishes like this that keeps Kas & Poly high up on my list of new dining destinations. 

Cap your zodiac-inspired feast at Kas & Poly with the refreshing Latte (P 190)...

...paired with a decadent trio of desserts like the Andromeda Cake, a sinful dessert creation of chocolate olive oil cake with Amaretto Semifreddo...

...the sweet, crisp and delicately flaky Baklava with mixed nuts, honey lemon syrup, pistachio cream and whipped yogurt in layers of thin filo pastry...

...and the elegant Orange Semolina Cake with a sweet citrus glaze topped with whipped yogurt. From starters to savory mains and desserts, the stars align for a memorable dining experience at Kas & Poly

The ever changing culinary landscape continues to evolve with the entry of new dining concepts. New establishments come and go but good food and a great concept remain the formula for success anchored on meaningful and relevant differentiation. For Kas & Poly, it's all written in the stars. Align your culinary journey with stellar food and cosmic drinks at BGC's newest dining destination. And let your star sign shine bright with a soothing tipple and tasty bites at Kas & Poly...

Kas & Poly is located at W Global Center, 9th Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for more information and updates or call +63917 140 5059 for inquiries. 

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