Monday, January 11, 2021

Spreading a Whole Lot of Love with Healthy Choices Made Easy by Crumbs and Grubs

It's great to know that another good friend is pursuing her passion for baking, offering indulgent baked creations with a healthy spin...

Crumbs and Grubs joins the growing number of home bakers in this new normal with their indulgent selection of cookies, Viennoiserie selections including rolls, tarts and croissants and healthy options like granola, sugar-free and lactation cookies. It's the right way to start the new year knowing that desserts can be healthy if you know where to look. Sourcing local ingredients exclusively from farming communities, Crumbs and Grubs is also about sharing a whole lot of love that goes a long way in supporting farmers and small businesses. Ready to replenish your cookie jar at home? Read on...

Crumbs and Grubs has been around for quite some time, catering to doctors, health advocates and breastfeeding or expectant moms with their specialized offerings. But the quarantine provided opportunities to broaden their reach and market. In creating the brand, each component from the product down to packaging is in sync with its positioning as a healthier alternative using only the finest premium ingredients with absolutely no artificial additives, colors or flavors. Each box reflects the environmental advocacy of Crumbs and Grubs with the use of eco-friendly recyclable materials. Even the special tags of Crumbs and Grubs are made of seed paper filled with spinach seeds, it's the perfect addition for your home garden. The box also detail all the information you need regarding the baked products of Crumbs and Grubs, from storage to heating instruction so you can enjoy their baked creations at its flavorful peak (for more on Crumbs and Grubs and their specialized cookies like Lactation Cookies, check out their website here at

The proof is always in the pudding. Or in this case, the delicate yet indulgent bites from the Viennoiserie selections for that proper introduction to the Crumbs and Grubs experience... 

...starting with the decadent Strawberry Calamansi Tart (P 380 for a box of four). The elegant dessert combines the vibrant sweetness of fresh strawberries and calamansi in a creamy filling on a light, flaky pastry shell. Each bite brings the fresh and clean burst of richness from the strawberries followed by the creamy filling infused with the mildly sour notes of calamansi for balanced flavors. 

The buttery and flaky pastry shell completes the flavors with its light and delicate crispness. Pop it in the oven or toaster for 3-5 minutes to warm it up and enjoy. 

The Strawberry and Calamansi Tarts are masterfully executed, and the use of fresh ingredients makes all the difference with its bold notes. The strawberry and calamansi combo gives these indulgent treats a zesty finish that will have you going for another piece. 

Savory notes come into play with the Kesong Puti and Spinach Quiche (P 380 for a box of four), made with garden-fresh spinach and locally-sourced native cottage cheese baked in a light, flaky and crisp pastry shell. The subtle even nuanced yet rich flavors of the kesong puti and spinach come together in a balanced and seamless blend followed by the buttery finish of the flaky crust. 

The rich layers of flavors and textures in these tasty bites reflect one home baker's passion for perfection. Using small batch artisan kesong puti made with carabao's milk from a farmer's family in Bulacan, the Kesong Puti and Spinach Quiche delivers creamier cheese notes that's also good for you. 

Each order of the high quality baked creations by Crumbs and Grubs goes a long way in supporting families, small local businesses and farming communities. With Crumbs and Grubs, good food that makes you feel good brings a whole lot of love to these communities. With the uncertainty of the new normal, we all need some good vibes. And you'll find it in a bite of Crumbs and Grubs' baked creations.

Crumbs and Grubs also weaves its own unique take on local flavors with the Ube Halaya Pie (P 420 for a box of six) filled with purple yam and wrapped in a light, flaky crust made with premium French butter. 

The sweet nutty notes of the pure ube halaya comes through with each bite followed by the buttery richness of the crisp crust. And you know its premium French butter with one bite of the flaky crispness of the pastry wrap. Crumbs and Grubs just won't have it any other way. It's an inspired creation with purple yam executed in the classic Viennoiserie style. Crumbs and Grubs also offers savory British Sausage Rolls and Petite French Butter Croissants from their Viennoiserie line.

Then, there's the cookies of Crumbs and Grubs. Big and chunky loaded with single-origin dark chocolate, these cookies drape the palate with a comforting richness like a virtual hug. Weighing approximately 50g per piece, its one seriously good cookie.

Crumbs and Grubs offers a wide range of cookie options, from their Big, Chunky Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (P 515/dozen) to the Big, Chunky Sugar-Free Cookies (P 600/dozen) and Big, Chunky Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (P 615/dozen). Classic, Sugar-Free or Vegan, Crumbs and Grubs has you covered. 

The Big, Chunky Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies recreates everything you love about chocolate chip cookies. From the soft and chewy texture to the deep and bold notes of dark chocolate chunks enjoyed with each indulgent bite, Crumbs and Grubs applies the same love to their cookies just like their Viennoiserie offerings. 

And it shows. The rich notes of the single origin dark chocolate punches through tempered by the sea salt for balanced flavors. Crumbs and Grubs also offers Chocolate Orange Cookies combining two unique flavors in one cookie. The orange notes are subtle, but its there for that refreshing and zesty finish. But when you do bite into the orange rind, expect a bold burst of orange flavors.

Crumbs and Grubs says the cookies can last for about two weeks. With cookies this good, I'd say a few days would be just about right. So you'll need to replenish your cookie jar quite frequently.

We've seen a surging wave of home bakers and home-based food businesses emerge during the quarantine experience, and this is likely to continue in the new year. But we've seen a few that warmed both our palates and hearts. The environmental advocacy and support for local farmers differentiates Crumbs and Grubs which, in these challenging times, takes on a more relevant tone in the new normal. There's just a whole lot of love in these cookies, tarts and rolls of Crumbs and Grubs. And it's great to see a friend pursuing her passion for baking...  

For more on the healthy and indulgent offerings of Crumbs and Grubs, visit their FB Page at and IG at @crumbsandgrubs. You can also visit their website at to view their extensive range of fresh baked products or call +639176116927 for orders.

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