Monday, May 27, 2013

Food News: Torch Fires Up New Sushi, Pizza and Steak Dishes

Pizza. Sushi. Steak. One cool culinary trifecta, all in one cool place...

Torch Restaurant unveils its new menu featuring innovative pizzas, sushi and steak dishes with a refreshing new spin. Drawing mostly from Italian, Japanese and American cuisine, the extensive menu at Torch infuses a modern and contemporary twist to classic international favorites, and this is clearly evident in the new dishes.

Inside, one finds bright, spacious interiors, clean lines for a modern look and a cool vibe. An al fresco dining area provides additional seating options. Casual, fun and homey, just the place for some pizza, sushi and steaks.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hillside Ranch: And Here's the Beef...Corned Beef Brisket and Slow Roasted Beef Belly

Corned Beef Brisket and Slow-Roasted Beef Bely, classic comfort food reminiscent of countless Sunday meals with the family from years past. Both dishes took time, and the long prep time meant these dishes were special. Now, Hillside Ranch brings you all the beefy goodness for you to replicate those special Sunday meals...

Atoy and Chay Tayag, the young couple behind Hillside Ranch, decided the time was right to offer classic prime beef entrees that rival some of the very best restaurants in the convenience of your own home. And both Atoy and Chay know the food business, in fact, they have it in their dna, coming from famous culinary clans of Pampanga. Atoy Tayag is the nephew of Claude Tayag, an influential chef, successful restaurateur, food columnist, and owner of the legendary Bale Dutung in Angeles City. Chay Tayag's mom owns the popular Kapampangan restaurant Binulo in Clark, and her uncle owns the American restaurant Rumpa. And it's no surprise that the next generation would pursue a business closely linked to their family names.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cold Stone Creamery: The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience, Now at The Fort

If you've ever had that nagging thought of making the ultimate ice cream blend, now's your chance...

Cold Stone Creamery's famous smooth and creamy ice cream, handcrafted fresh daily in each store, and  an extensive selection of "mix-ins,"  lets ice cream fans in the metro create their very own customized combos for the ultimate ice cream experience.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Sweet Treat from Ronna's Sweet Treats

A sweet and crumbly French Apple Streusel Pie with a dollop of creme anglaise on a weekend afternoon. Sometimes, life can be perfect, even for a few moments. Ronna's Sweet Treats make moments like these even more special. 

Introduced to baking at a young age by her paternal grandmother, Ronna Anido fondly remembers childhood summers in Baguio, baking sweet treats for the family in their summer home. During high school, Ronna pursued her love for baking by taking lessons with Sylvia Reynoso. A former banker, Ronna has turned her passion into a small business, with Ronna's Sweet Treats. From cupcakes, cookies to cakes, Ronna's Sweet Treats offers a full line of specialty desserts, including her signature Chocolate Eclairs, Pastillas de leche Cheesecake, Cookie Dough Cheesecake, and decadent Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes.

Food News: Coco Royal Makes Waves at Namnam

There's a brand new drink in town, and its making waves. A line of healthy, all-natural beverages that's just perfect to beat the summer heat.  

Coco Royal is a line of healthy beverages using all-natural and premium raw ingredients with the latest in assembly line-in processes. Available in six delicious variants, including Pure Coconut Water, Coconut Water with Aloe Vera, and Coconut Water with Water Chestnut for thirst-quenching hydration; and Basil Seed with Honey, Mango Juice and Pineapple Juice round out the flavor line, all refreshing beverages to beat the summer heat.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coming Home to Naci

Classic comfort food, always makes coming home a little more special. And that's exactly how one feels when entering Naci Comfort Food. Great food, cool place, it's like coming home.  

From starters to mains, all the way to desserts, Naci serves up familiar favorites with surprising new twists, taking comfort food to a whole new level and making each visit different and special. A quick glance at Naci's menu features a range of traditional, home-style fare that's simple, yet so comforting.

Food News: Yellow Cab Launches Cool Facebook App

Great times are always better with Pizza. I can recall countless celebrations made even better with a pizza, and I'm pretty sure you have your own great stories too. Now you can share your photos and stories, and maybe, even win a cool gadget. How cool is that?  

And no celebration is complete without any of Yellow Cab's signature pizzas. Launched last April 20, Yellow Cab's new Facebook App, Great Times with Yellow Cab, allows fans of Yellow Cab to share and upload their cool photos and stories with their favorite Yellow Cab Pizza. It's easy, and it's fun.

It's so easy and simple to join. Just go to Yellow Cab's facebook page  and register (see link below). Then upload two photos and your story. Share and get your friends to vote for your entry. And you get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, or a cool iPad Mini, or the new Samsung Galaxy Camera. Very Cool. But you better hurry. Promo runs from April 20 until May 31, 2013 only. So grab a Yellow Cab pizza along with a few friends and your camera, and click away. Great times. Great pizza.

For more information, check out Yellow Cab's Facebook Page at

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Food News: Diamond Hotel's Corniche Features Cocina Filipina with Chef Bruce Lim

Local dishes with a cool new twist. Diamond Hotel Philippines features Chef Bruce Lim of Chef's Lab in Cocina Filipina: A Filipino Food Festival at the Corniche, an indulgent buffet showcasing Chef Bruce Lim's fresh and innovative take on local favorites.

For a limited run only, Chef Bruce Lim's Cocina Filipina: A Philippine Food Festival at the Corniche starts from May 15 up to May 25, 2013. In addition to Chef Bruce Lim's new local dishes, the bufet at Diamond Hotel's Corniche will also feature regular favorites, including a fresh seafood station, a carving and grilling stations, salads, cold cuts and cheeses, and the popular desserts station with specialty cakes, pastries and ice cream.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Cool Weekend Brunch at Malcolm's Deli

The best part about the weekend is a long and leisurely brunch, unhurried and no stress. Nothing like savoring each bite, each sip, without even looking at the clock. It's definitely time to head over to Malcolm's Deli at The Fort...

Inspired and named after a New York Butcher, Malcolm's opened its first location, Malcolm's Place, six years ago in Makati. This was then followed by Malcolm's Deli at The Fort, and Malcolm's Burger in several locations. Known for its premium KitaYama Wagyu Beef dishes, from choice steaks to burgers, Malcolm's Deli at The Fort now serves breakfast and brunch daily, with its signature pancakes, omelettes and benedicts, including a wide range of dishes featuring premium KitaYama Wagyu Beef. Voted as one of the Philippines' Best Restaurants of 2012 by Asia Tatler, this was going to be a special brunch.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Red Garlic: The World's Flavors On A Plate

A sampling of classic comfort food, a variety of dishes and flavors from around the world, and a great time with friends. That's a typical night at Red Garlic. 

Started by a group of friends who simply wanted a place to have coffee, a few bottles of beer and their favorite food from classic family recipes to some of their favorite dishes from their many trips abroad, Red Garlic offers a wide range of flavors with their extensive menu. And with over a hundred items on their menu, from ribs to pizza to rendang, you pretty much have the flavors of the world on your plate at Red Garlic. And as the partners envisioned it, Red Garlic exudes a casual and cozy vibe, just the place to have some great food and a few drinks with friends.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Sensory Dining Experience at Sutra

It's rare to find a place where the look, service and food seem to blend together in a zen-like balance, where tiny nuances combine for a total sensory experience. One such place is Sutra, with its cool take on modern Asian cuisine. Traditional and comforting flavors, yet new and different. Sutra's play on subtleties, from its unique interiors to the elegantly plated dishes, has an exotic yet cool vibe.  And each distinct element provides layers that enhance one's dining experience.

From the same group that owns and manages Duo Steakhouse and Wine Bar, Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar and Asya Filipino Asian Restaurant, Sutra specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine injected with subtle continental influences and a zesty Mediterranean flair. The diverse and eclectic menu features a variety of flavors, with cool new executions on familiar Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rediscovering Relik: Cool Cocktails, Classic Tapas

It was a typical Tuesday evening, but one can be sure that there's always something happening at The Fort. And Chef Benjo Tuason's kitchen at Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge was all fired up, another epic feast was in the works. It was definitely time to rediscover Relik at The Fort.

From the same group behind URBN Bar & Kitchen and Shawarma Guys (see my previous posts on URBN Bar & Kitchen here at and Shawarma Guys here at, Relik offers Chef Benjo Tuason's cool take on modern tapas, drawing heavily from Spanish and Mediterranean influences. This, a cool vibe and some  awesome cocktails, are all you need for a great dining experience at Relik.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick Bites: Meet Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson

Finally. Prosciutto on pizza. Thank you Yellow Cab for finally coming out with a real prosciutto pizza...  

Celebrating twelve great years, Yellow Cab recently opened their 100th branch in Newport City. And what better way to cap the celebration than with an all-new, limited edition pizza. Meet Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson's Pizza, Yellow Cab's first sauce-less pizza, with luxurious and indulgent toppings of prosciutto and herbed boursin cheese...awesome. To complete the medley of flavors, Mrs. Hudson's Pizza also has caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, tarragon, and a cool combo of premium cheeses.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cool New Dishes at Cova Tapas y Sangria

It was another Friday night, time for some cool sangria and tapas. But it wasn't a typical Friday night. Something was cookin' at Cova Tapas y Sangria's kitchen, and Chef Patrick Hesse had a few surprises.  

Recently, Chef Patrick Hesse invited us over at Cova to sample his new menu, including premium Iberian pork dishes. New dishes, and some old reliable favorites, it was going to be an interesting Friday evening.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Turning Japanese with Curry at Izumi Sake Bar and Restaurant

Izumi Sake Bar and Restaurant goes all-out with its new menu additions, turning real Japanese with curry. Yup, you heard it right. Curry. 

And why curry? Many may not know it, but Japanese curry is actually the second most popular food item in Japan after ramen, enjoyed by all classes just about anywhere and any season. Japanese curry is generally milder and richer than other regional curries, making it an ideal pairing for a selection of meats, and absolutely perfect with rice. And with this insight,  Izumi's chef consultant, Chef Him Uy de Baron, recently designed a new curry-based menu featuring a variety of flavors and textures. For those familiar with Chef Him Uy de Baron's Nomama Artisanal Ramen, you can expect simple but bold flavors using the very best ingredients.

Food News: Search the Best Restos in Manila with Zomato

The world's fastest growing restaurant and nightlife guide is now in Manila, the first stop in an aggressive expansion to South East Asia. Zomato is now in 21 cities in 7 countries, including the UK, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, South Africa and India, where the company was founded. Now, all the info you need in deciding where to eat in Manila is just a click away...

Zomato is accessible through the web at or via their free mobile apps for iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry. With the cool mobile app, all of Zomato's features are available and fully supported on your mobile device, including menus, pictures and reviews. The best part? On your mobile, the Zomato app is location aware and suggests the best dining spots near your location. Very cool.

Zomato receives almost 12 million users every month, using the platform to discover places to dine in their cities. Zomato's Manila operations have compiled over 10,000 listings for restaurants and popular nightspots in Makati, Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Pateros, San Juan, Taguig and Muntinlupa.

Zomato features comprehensive info such as pictures, map coordinates, and menus to guide the user in their search. User reviews also provide additional reference to help you decide on where to eat. Zomato welcomes user generated data, and these are moderated by Zomato's in-house team. It's a cool site that's fun and easy to use, containing all the info you need to help you decide where to eat.

Hungry? Visit to check out the latest restaurants, or find out what's new with your favorite restaurant. Better yet, sign up and join the community of foodies. And discover new favorites along the way.

Note: Photo sourced from Zomato website.

Visit for more information on your favorite restaurants as well as the newest dining places. You can also download the free mobile app for your added convenience.

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Food News: Gerry's Grill Introduces New Summer Coolers

Summer's here, and as the temperature rises, Gerry's Grill comes to the rescue with its new line of Summer Coolers. Choose from any of these new and delightful cool treats...

...the Banana Boat, a cool take on the classic Banana Split...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tuesday Happy Hour at Rastro

Cool cocktails and great food. Add a hip vibe with a bohemian Spanish twist, and you've got Rastro. And happy hour takes on a new cool spin. 

After a hectic Tuesday, Rastro's Happy Hour is a welcome break, just the place to unwind. Nothing like a couple of Sidecars to make the day end right. And a few of Rastro's tapas, "little plates", to go with the cocktails.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Dude's Top Twelve List: Burger Round Up Part Two

Yup, it's May once again, and it's National Burger Month in the US. And what better way to celebrate the month than with the latest rundown on the best. Here's the second edition of The Dude's Top Twelve, the Burger Round Up Part 2 (in case you missed the first edition, check out the previous post here at And why twelve? Why not. So here goes...

Brothers Burger's Lamb Burger, an all-time classic, and still as good as the first time I tried it so many years ago. A half-pound, flame-grilled juicy lamb patty with a distinct smoky flavor, and a rich topping of pesto and feta, this one's always a  winner. Pair it with some onion rings, just perfect. See the post here at

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Food News: Join Yabu's Katsu Craze and Win an iPhone 5!

You know you want one. Nothing like Yabu's Katsu. And now, you can win special gift packs, GCs and even an iPhone 5. Very cool.

And it's easy to join. Here's how:

1.  Download the Katsu Craze app from the App Store.
2.  Take a photo of your Katsu or a photo of you and your friends/family with your favorite Katsu.
3.  Add a cool filter. Yup, Yabu's new Katsu Craze App has filters!
4.  Add a creative caption in the thought balloon. Be creative...crazy thoughts are welcome...
5.  Save to DEVICE and click on SHARE ON Then, encode your e-mail address and the caption.
6.  Share on your Instagram or Twitter with the caption "It's the #katsu craze @yabuph! I want a #yabuiPhone5!".

Easy, right? The Top 10 most creative entries selected by Yabu's panel of judges will win special gift packs and P 2,000 Yabu GCs each, and the first prize winner for the iPhone 5 will be announced on May 31, 2013 on Check out the full promo mechanics and see some cool samples of entries here a

The app is available for Apple users only, but no worries. Yabu has iPads in their branches so you can create and submit your entry. Enjoy authentic Katsu at Yabu, and you might even bring home an iPhone 5. So if you're hungry for katsu, and feeling a bit creative, join Yabu's cool Katsu Craze!

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Ramen and More at Ramen Oh

Good food at affordable prices, an ideal combo that's rare to find these days. And rarer still to find good Japanese food at friendly prices. Then, there's Ramen Oh, with its line of signature ramen without busting your wallet.

Ramen Oh offers an extensive menu highlighted by ramen and other Japanese dishes at affordable prices. Popular among students in the Katipunan area, one can see why. Large bowls of ramen at prices that are miles away from the usual price points. There's this saying, "you get what you pay for." But in the case of Ramen Oh, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Food News: Mr. Bean Celebrates First Year Anniversary with Price Rollback

Singapore's leading soya chain, Mr. Bean, celebrates it's first year anniversary in Manila with a two-day price rollback for all of its specialty soya-based products. Very cool.

Established 18 years ago by two college buddies, Kang Puay Seng and Loh Jweh Poh opened their very first stall in People's Park Hawker Center after perfecting a machine that could make fresh soya milk quickly and efficiently. Today, Mr. Bean has grown to more than 50 stores island wide, with a growing regional presence in Japan, China, and Malaysia. And Mr. Bean continues its regional expansion with the opening of four branches in Manila, with plans for even more branches.

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