Saturday, January 30, 2021

Heritage Recipes by The Pork Project, Delivered to Your Doorstep

The new normal may have placed everything on hold, but for Chef Redd Agustin, the kitchens are constantly fired up with sumptuous local dishes ready for delivery. His repertoire of sumptuous offerings include heritage recipes inspired by childhood memories and cherished family recipes, like the intense flavors of Taghilaw from down south...

The Pork Project by Chef Redd Agustin brings authenticity and a bit of nostalgia to your table with their specialty offerings like Taghilaw and Kalderetang Kambing also affectionately called Kambing Na May K. As the new normal continues to transform our daily routine with dining at home emerging as the rule rather than exception, food businesses and restaurants have adapted to address changing consumer habits. For Chef Redd, it's the perfect opportunity to offer authentic local flavors best enjoyed at home. 

Known for his Best Bagoong Ever and Second Best Laing, Chef Redd Agustin continues to roll out tasty and sumptuous products for The Pork Project in a challenging new normal... the now popular Pupor, crunchy slabs of pork chicharon with a its porky richness and delectable crunch that makes dining at home special (for more on the Pupor by The Pork Project, see my post, Dining in the the Next Normal: The Pork Project Presents The Pupor and Kambing Na May K, Now Available for Delivery). Prepared in batches and made to order, you get your crunchy Pupor fresh from the kitchen of The Pork Project through their regular scheduled deliveries to Manila (check out their FB Page at for delivery schedules and updates).  

The Pork Project continues to churn out new offerings, and Chef Redd isn't slowing down just yet. Bottled in olive oil, the Spanish Chorizo offers deep and savory flavors The Pork Project is known for that's great as is or added to pasta and other dishes. Each slice packs an unctuous richness draping the palate with its indulgent finish in olive oil. 

Sear it lightly on a pan with its own olive oil and it's done in just a few minutes. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a meal, or better yet, with an ice-cold beer. 

Add it to your pasta dishes or simply enjoy it with garlic fried rice, and you've got a real meal at home without the fuss. Simply open up a jar and you're good to go. 

Chef Redd goes back to his roots with a selection of local regional dishes like the Pina-is na Bangus, a delicate milkfish dish cooked in banana leaves. Slow-cooked, the banana leaves infuse fragrant notes to the dish complementing the natural sweetness of the dish. Best paired with fresh tomatoes, onions and steamed white rice, this dish will take you back to simpler times with its rich and uncluttered flavors.

The Kambing Na May K, a rustic goat stew simmered in a rich sauce, is another bestseller from The Pork Project. A variant of the popular local stew with goat meat instead of the usual beef, the tender and fall-off-the-bone meat adds a distinct flavor to the dish. 

Leaner than beef, yet the Kambing Na May K is just as rich as your favorite caldereta with potatoes and olives for a comforting meal at home. The convenience of heating this meal straight from the ref to a pan takes long hours in the kitchen out of the equation so you can enjoy it in mere minutes. And just like Chef Redd's other offerings, the flavors are unrestrained, real and honest (for more on The Pork Project's Kambing Na May K and other savory offerings, see my earlier posts, Dining in the Next Normal: The Pork Project Presents The Pupor and Kambing Na May K, Now Available for Delivery featuring the popular Pupor and Kambing Na May K and Dining in the Next Normal: Chef Redd Agustin's The Pork Project Rolls Out New Offerings on his Second Best Laing, Ilocos Style Dinakdakan and Chorizo Patties).

But it's the Taghilaw that made quite an impression from the very first bite. Recalling fond moments with his uncle's version and recreating it from memory, Chef Redd's Taghilaw is a faithful rendition of this uniquely BatangueƱo dish from the south. The regional stew is made with pig's innards like intestines, kidney, liver and stomach cooked in vinegar with onions and garlic. The sharp notes of the vinegar gives this dish clean flavors while tempering the unctuous richness of the pork. A layer of soothing heat from the fresh chilies completes the flavors.  

It's a dish rich in both flavor and texture from the different pork parts balanced by the vinegar, just one more layer in our diverse local culinary heritage shared by The Pork Project. You don't have to go far for authentic regional specialties, The Pork Project brings them all to you. Just give Chef Redd a call... 

For more on Chef Redd Agustin's The Pork Project, call 0917 438 2133 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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