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The Latest Buzz on the Sweetest News: Sue Bee Pure Honey Celebrates Grand Relaunch With A Refreshed Modern Look

An evening of pure nostalgic and rustic Americana becomes the setting for the celebrated relaunch of an all-American classic. Held a day after the Fourth of  July, the beloved brand sweetens the traditional Independence Day festivities with its all-natural goodness. Here's the latest sweet buzz from Sue Bee Pure Honey...

Sue Bee Pure Honey takes its enduring legacy of uncompromising quality and tradition of excellence in step with the times with a refreshed brand new logo and packaging designed for a new generation of consumers and honey lovers. The bold and stylish transformation reflects a modern and contemporary look for today's dynamic lifestyle as well as strengthen its visual presence in the often crowded and cluttered supermarket shelves. Loyal customers know there's just nothing like pure and real all-natural honey, and soon a new generation will enjoy nature's sweet harvest with Sue Bee Pure Honey in a new chapter of an inspiring American success story that began a little more than a century ago. Global Strategic Partners Distribution, Inc. (GSPDI) leads the brand's renewed drive in the local market, a role it proudly embraced twenty-four years ago. And you can expect to hear more from Sue Bee Pure Honey to sweeten your day...

Inspired by the traditional county fair vibe of the American heartland, the relaunch of Sue Bee Pure Honey takes on a special meaning closely following the Fourth of July celebrations. The spirit and essence of rustic Americana provides the thematic backdrop for the revitalized new look and packaging of the iconic American brand. Held at the Grand Hyatt Manila in BGC, Sue Bee Pure Honey recreates the festive and optimistic mood of the Independence Day celebrations with the vibrant colors of red, white and blue balloons and comfortingly familiar fare of ribs, brisket and burgers. As Sue Bee Pure Honey marks its 103rd year, the brand is ready to satisfy the sweet cravings of the next generation of honey lovers anchored on its proud tradition of quality. 

Why honey? Honey has countless benefits as a natural sweetener and healthier alternative to refined, processed sugar. It's also known as an effective antioxidant that helps fight free radicals while aiding digestive issues with its soothing effect. Nature's own "nectar of the gods," the versatility of honey as a culinary ingredient and sweetener makes it a staple in many home pantries and kitchens. 

It's a sweet story of success that began in 1921 when five beekeepers from Sioux City in Iowa teamed up to pool their resources together and form the Sioux Honey Association. Today, the collaboration has grown into an established cooperative of 200 beekeepers across the United States. 

A little more than a century later, many of these family run businesses are now managed by a new generation of beekeepers learning the craft passed down from the founders. Today, the Sioux Honey Association is renowned worldwide for producing pure, high-quality honey trusted by consumers. Maintaining the high quality of its honey through the years has always been priority number one, and this is ensured by a rigorous testing process. Each batch of honey passes through extensive testing for color, moisture, purity, pollen content and other attributes. Nothing but the best quality honey is bottled and labeled with the Sue Bee Pure Honey name. 

The results of the exacting testing process becomes immediately evident with that first spoonful of honey delivering clean notes with a rich and deep sweetness. Made from 100% real honey from the US derived from the nectar collected by honeybees and transformed into honey in honeycombs, the entire process is all-natural with nature dictating each step of the way. The prized honey is then filtered to remove any visible particles from the hive for the purest product possible. What you get is the smoothest honey product without any artificial additives to alter its natural flavors or consistency. It's no surprise that many say this is the gold standard for honey since 1921.

The popularity of natural and organic honey has seen a resurgence with the entry of both imported and local brands in the market. Yet only Sue Bee Pure Honey guarantees you get real US Grade A Honey. 100% pure all-natural honey, without any artificial additives or preservatives. Just real honey. Sue Bee Pure Honey holds the distinction as being the initial honey brand distributed nationwide in the United States, establishing its preeminent status as a respected household name trusted across generations for over a century. 

Anchored by its main Premium Pure Honey offering, Sue Bee Pure Honey also offers flavor variants like Orange Blossom Honey and Clover as well as Raw & Unfiltered Honey and Wildflower Honey from its Aunt Sue's product line. The Premium Pure Honey is an all-purpose honey with a mild flavor while the Orange Blossom Honey has an aromatic and fragrant hint with a distinct orange flavor. The Unfiltered Raw Honey is unpasteurized retaining its pure flavors and natural enzymes. When it comes to real honey, one name stands above the rest since 1921. 

That evening, fun and engaging activities were hosted by Sue Bee Pure Honey including games for that county fair vibe. Celebrity host Rovilson Fernandez stitched the evening's festivities in a seamless weave... he introduced Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc.'s top management represented by General Manager Ric Requintina, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Patrick Tiope, Founder and Chairperson of the Board Madame Rosalina Teope, President Peter Tiope and GEMCO Philippines Country Manager and Sue Bee Honey Representative Lysander Banayat

A respected pioneer in the import and distribution industry, Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc. has been the exclusive distributor of Sue Bee Pure Honey in the Philippines since 2000. A robust nationwide distribution network of warehouses ensures the availability of their portfolio of international brands not only in Metro Manila but in key urban centers around the country. A strong sales and marketing structure serving both retail and institutional/food service sectors driven by its extensive fast-moving consumer goods experience in importation and distribution has made their brand portfolio easily accessible by consumers. 

In a ceremonial toast, Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc. and Sue Bee Pure Honey renews its commitment to provide an iconic brand with a storied history and unwavering commitment to quality to Filipino consumers. 

In line with its marketing campaign for the brand's relaunch, Sue Bee Pure Honey also announced the launch of its Discover Sweet Sensations raffle promotion. Prizes include an all-expense paid getaway for two (2) three days and two nights to one of the Philippines' premier destinations. How to join? Simply purchase any Sue Bee Pure Honey variant from your favorite supermarket, snap a photo of your purchase and receipt and send to the Sue Bee Pure Honey FB Page (see link below) along with your complete name, address, email and contact number. Easy, right? It really doesn't get sweeter than this. 

But it does. The versatility of honey as an ingredient is then showcased in a variety of culinary applications including cocktails. The aptly named Sue Green with its blend of honey, green apple, cucumber and ginger ale in a highball glass soothes the palate with its refreshing yet subtle sweetness... 

...while the Bee's Knees with gin, honey and lemon in a martini glass brings a dry crispness followed by vibrant lemon hints finished with a deep honey sweetness...

...and the Air Mail with its mix of rum, honey and Prosecco in a champagne flute leaves lingering rich notes after every sip. Honey transforms almost anything, elevating it with an added layer of flavor and finish. One more round? Absolutely. 

The county fair setting isn't complete without tasty and hearty bites, and the Grand Hyatt Manila prepared a honey-inspired feast of sweet and savory dishes fresh off the grill... the Southern Style Honey Barbecue Char-Grilled Chicken and Vegetables in Skewers. Honey and grilled, smoked and roasted meats are a traditional and familiar combo, and these skewers pack so much flavor smoothened by a mildly sweet and deep finish from the honey. The rich flavors of honey makes it a versatile ingredient in the home or professional kitchen for cooking, baking and as a natural sweetener. 

The savory richness of the tender and juicy chicken with just a whisper of smoky hints from the grill is completed by the subtle sweetness of the honey. Imagine the infinite possibilities with honey in your own home kitchen. 

That sweet and salty blend of flavors we all love in many dishes becomes the highlight of the Pepperoni and Quatro Formaggio pizza creations of Grand Hyatt Manila. A light drizzle goes a long way in transforming the usual flavors of pizza, weaving its flavorful magic with savory notes. 

What's an all-American county fair without burgers? Grand Hyatt Manila dished out its Char-Grilled Beef Burger with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, plum tomato, garden-fresh and crisp lettuce, pickled gherkins and sweet and tart honey relish on a homemade freshly baked burger brioche bun sprinkled with sesame seeds. 

All the flavorful elements in a perfect burger are there, but it's the honey relish that completes the flavors tempering the savory richness of the juicy all-beef patty for that perfectly balanced finish. 

Other options served that evening included the Fried Chicken Sandwich with a large slab of crisp and juicy fillet of chicken topped with coleslaw and creamy honey mustard sauce. 

Then, the county fair inspired feast gets a lot more serious with the Mango Wood Smoked Barbecue Pork Ribs with Cajun Honey Glaze. BBQ and honey are synonymous with the American experience. It's a taste of pure Americana hot of the grill and smoker reflecting the rich flavors of America's vast lands and rich history. 

Fork-tender, juicy and fall-off-the-bone, the Mango Wood Smoked Barbecue Pork Ribs with Cajun Honey Glaze sets the mood and tone for the county fair celebration of Sue Bee Pure Honey at the Grand Hyatt Manila

But it's the 78 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with Bourbon Honey Barbecue Sauce that was the undisputed star of the evening. Served with baked potatoes and grilled sweet corn, each slice and bite brings a bold beefy burst of flavors elegantly refined by the smoky notes and sweet honey-based bourbon sauce. 

Slab after slab of the 78 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Brisket were served that evening making it one of the more popular stations at the Sue Bee Pure Honey county fair at Grand Hyatt Manila. Like butter, each bite just melts in your mouth draping the palate with its beefy and buttery richness made even more intense with a dab of the smoky and sweet bourbon honey barbecue sauce. The deep, clean and earthy sweetness of natural pure honey makes all the difference in this American classic. 

Then, there's dessert. Grand Hyatt Manila pulls all the stops with its lavish dessert creations made more indulgent and sweeter with Sue Bee Pure Honey like the Sue Bee Honey Dalandan Cake with Sue Bee Honey light ganache and dalandan confit on a madeleine sponge biscuit...

...the Sue Bee Honey and Orange Cake with Sue Bee Honey cremeux, orange jam and milk chocolate mousse with its play on contrasting flavors...

...the elegant Sue Bee Honey Florentine Cake enrobed in chocolate offering rich notes from the butter and honey...

...and the playful bee-like Sue Bee Honey Yogurt Tart with Sue Bee Honey yogurt mousse and lemon gel tart. Each of the dishes and cocktails served that evening highlighted nature's own secret ingredient for a hearty and sumptuous taste of pure Americana by Sue Bee Pure Honey

And now it's your turn. You too can enjoy the clean all-natural flavors of pure American Grade A Honey in a variety of culinary applications including baking and cooking savory dishes like barbecues to simply adding an indulgent layer of sweetness to tea, coffee and oatmeal. And you don't have to go far for that sweet fix, you'll find Sue Bee Pure Honey at your favorite supermarket or grocer. 

An inspiring American success story, Sue Bee Pure Honey turns a new page and chapter in a continuing tale of the American beekeeper that began over a century ago. The new look and packaging reflects the iconic brand's continuous evolution to changing times, but its singular product offering remains unchanged. Pure, all-natural and real honey nurtured and harvested from nature by generations of American beekeeper families continues the long tradition of uncompromising quality and excellence. Need a sweet fix? Let Sue Bee Pure Honey satisfy your craving...

For more information on Sue Bee Pure Honey, you can visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for more updates. You can also visit the Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc.(GSPDI) website at call +82 41 1341 for inquiries. 

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