Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lusso Burger. Period.

I first tried the Lusso Burger around two years ago, and have since gone back numerous times. Nothing beats the Lusso Demi Pound Burger. Seriously.

The Lusso Demi Pound Burger in all its glory. US Beef with foie gras, prosecco onions and cambozola, thick-cut  Asiago french fries and a nice salad for sides. Pure bliss on a plate. Dude, this is the mother of all burgers...

Looks deceivingly small, but this baby will fill you up in no time. The US Beef, the richness of the foie gras, drizzled with some cambozola and the crusty bread all combine for the ultimate burger experience. The bread remains firm and crusty and does not crumble as it absorbs the richness of the beef and foie gras. You can tell that the beef is high grade with no extenders as it maintains its shape without crumbling as well. Dip some Asiago fries in the cambozola, better yet, pour some cambozola on the burger. A small spoon is provided with the cambozola, but go ahead and just pour it liberally on the burger.

The first bite immediately tells you that this is no ordinary burger. The burger is cooked to your preference, and Medium is definitely the way to go. A cold wet napkin is provided during the meal, useful during short pauses, when you regain control of yourself. This really brings out one's primal instincts for red meat.

The Lobster and River Prawn Roll is a good alternative for non-meat eaters. My Art Director buddy is one happy dude.

Chunks of lobster and prawn mixed with Lusso's homemade mayo makes this a must-try. Lusso also offers a variety of pastas and seafood, but dude, it's definitely the burger.

The Lusso Demi Pound Burger should be on every meatlovers' list, a definite must-try. Lusso has a real winner here. Pricey, but really worth what it costs with the quality ingredients. The Lusso Burger will forever change the way you see burgers. Head on to Lusso at Greenbelt 5, and indulge yourself. Way worth it, dude.

For inquiries and reservations, call 756-5893.

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  1. This burger looks incredibly tasty! I must try one.

    1. Definitely one of the best burgers in the Metro, you should try it. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. dude this definitely caught my eye! looks incredibly good! do you still remember how much the burger costs?

    1. hey Yaj, almost P 500 if I remember, but well worth it. The foie gras just adds that richness to the burger, definitely a must try!

  3. dude i finally got to try the burger! moist, tender, full flavored.. it was indeed awesome! the addition of the cambozola cheese made it exceptional!


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