Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back at Po Suk Jung...

The rainy season's here, and the cooler weather brings the sudden urge for something hot and spicy. It's back at Po Suk Jung...

John, the friendly Korean owner of the establishment excitedly greets us, and tells us "We have elephant clams tonight. Very fresh. Very good. You try." Sure,why not. As we have our first round of brews, we wondered, what the hell are elephant clams?

After a few minutes, the steamed mystery clams arrived. "It's very good." John exclaimed with pride and a smile. I downed my beer, picked up the clam, dunked it in the soy dipping sauce, and...hey, it is good. In fact, it is "very good" as John promised. Think shellfish on steroids, they are huge, even scary to make you drink a little faster. It's pretty much like your oversized mussel, same texture and flavor. We had a second round of brews to finish off the clams. Great way to start the meal.

The Wagyu beef was then presented before being grilled...good marbling, perfect. I then checked to make sure I brought my meds...just in case. Screw the low fat diet. At least for tonight.

And here it is, just in time with the third round of brews. Perfect.

Business seems to be good, John now has a separate outdoor grilling area.

Steaming hot poached eggs with onions, which comes along with the order, including the usual starters with traditional Korean cuisine.

Note the table top grill cover. It's always fun to grill your own meat but if you don't want to smell like barbecue, you can always ask the staff to grill it for you on their new grill station.

Prime Galbi, much cheaper than Wagyu but pretty good. Goes well with the lettuce and chili bean sauce that comes with every order. Perfect with beer.

Hot Galbi Tang, boiled beef ribs with leeks. Good comfort food.

We asked for a Kimchi refill, and instead of a small dish, we got this huge platter. At the far end, I see John smiling with his thumb up. Way to go John...

One can't help but feel somewhat cleansed after taking Kimchi, a cool sweat and everything in the world seems to be okay.

As always, great Korean food at Po Suk Jung. And thanks, John, for the "very fresh, very good" elephant clams.

Po Suk Jung is located at 100 Oranbo Drive, Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City. Call 634-2010 for inquiries.

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  1. This looks great. By the way, I'm Korean, but how come I've never heard of elephant clams before? Well I'd love to try them though, they look really good!

  2. Hey Ducky, thanks for dropping by! I was also a bit surprised when they mentioned elephant clams as I've never heard of it before. I was expecting something like a geoduck or some familiar shellfish. But it did taste very good! Thanks Ducky!

  3. Wow that beef looks killer. I would eat the whole platter all by my little old self. Lol!

  4. Hi Kim Bee, I wouldn't blame you, the beef was awesome! Thanks for dropping by, Kim Bee!

  5. been here (posukjung)last monday coz i've been tryingkorean food lately. found this place- i love it. their garden adds flavor to their dishes.
    i'll definitely go back soon

  6. all the foods look delish especially the sea shells :-) Visiting from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.

    1. The shellfish was new to me, and it tasted great. Really nice to discover new things. Thanks for visiting!


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