Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 at BGC

I've never attended the previous Ultimate Taste Tests, so I was really looking forward to this year's event at the Bonifacio Global City. It's great to see food entrepreneurs with their products all in one place, and sampling each of them in one night. You'll never know, but you could meet a potential food business success story right here. So what's cookin' at the Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 edition? Here's a quick tour on some of the Dude's  favorites...

Mio Gelati and the Ferrero Gelato. If you love the candy, you'll definitely love this. And the Snickers Gelato ain't bad too...

Blackinese Brownies with their "adult" alcohol infused brownies like Absolut Vodka and my personal favorite, the Jack Daniels Brownie. Awesome. 

The Specialty Kitchen and their "Japanese" style Lechon  (roast pig), with its crispy skin and juicy meat.

Choclery Artisan Chocolates and their chocolate truffles, rich, elegant and delicious.

Merry Moo Artisanal Ice Cream and its Food for the Gods ice cream. Rich and creamy, the kind that brings back childhood memories.

Katsu House and their fried katsu and sushi selection.

Joanie's Cupcakes and their cupcake creations, delicious and a feast for the eyes.

Fish N Dips and their take on the classic fish n' chips, with a variety of dip options.

The Fish N Dips work station, setting up the samplers.

The Katsu House station, prepping their sampling selection.

Preparing the deep fried breaded fish at Fish N Dips minutes before the hungry crowd comes in...

 The crowds rush in, and the stations start cooking...

Merry Moo Artisanal Ice Cream, all set and ready.

Guests were given score cards to rate their favorites. I'm no critic, I just love to eat, but I do have some favorites.This year's Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 edition was truly an experience, with over 30 participants offering their unique culinary ideas. I'm pretty sure we'll hear more from these entrepreneurs. Congratulations to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet for another successful event. Can't wait for the Ultimate Taste Test 8.0 edition.

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  1. I want that cupcake with meringue top! Artisan chocolate bites look great too.

  2. Ahh, gelato! That really brings back memories. When I went to Italy during the summer, there was a gelateria around every corner… I ate the stuff at least once every day for 2 weeks. It was pretty crazy.

  3. @ Angie- Hello Angie, lots of good eats at the Ultimate Taste Test, I didn't know where to start! Thanks for visiting, Angie!

    @ Nicole- Hi Nicole, I wouldn't mind gelato every day for 2 weeks as well, now that's very cool! Great to hear from you, Nicole!

  4. Choclery Artisan Chocolates is also on my list of favorites, I am crazy over their Manchego variant. Cheese and chocolate, perfect marriage. :)

    1. Hi Yedy and Food Dude,

      Thank you for comments! We really appreciate them. We released new flavors for 2012. Come visit our stall at the Eastwood Mall this weekend, and we'll let you try and comment on them :)

      Hope to see you there!

  5. Hi Yedy, yup, those guys had some awesome chocolates!

  6. Hi Food Dude, thanks for featuring our product in your blog! :)

    Hi Angie, that's our Cupcakes de Mercedes! You can visit our web page for more information on our products, :) Thank you!

  7. Hi Joanie, no prob! Great to hear from you!

  8. I am sicilian but my husband is Japanese and we love Japanese food. Gorgeous pictures, you make me hungry. I am following you from Rome Italy.

  9. Hello Francesca, thanks for visiting and following, looking forward to sharing more posts with you! Thanks again, Francesca!

  10. Thanks for tasting our Food for the Gods flavor. :) See you in Mercato Centrale next time, and a Merry Christmas to you :D

  11. Hey Merry Moo, thanks for dropping by too! And Merry Christmas!

  12. Thanks for the good review and pictures of our Japanese Lechon!

    Carl Quema
    The Specialty Kitchen

  13. Hey Carl, thanks too for dropping by!

  14. i'd like to try the Fish 'n Chips and brownies. sayang, i missed this event.

    Oriental chicken salad

    1. The brownies with Jack Daniels were delicious, and the Fish n' Chips with different dips were great. There should be another one this year. And thanks for dropping by!

  15. yum....look at all the delish foods and yummy treat :-) I want to dig in too :-) Visiting late from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.


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