Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Side Views: Whiteout at Maroon Bells

The heavy snowfall the previous night continued , bringing in a grey morning, and chances of seeing the red rocks at Maroon Bells seemed to fade away. But then, a break in the clouds slowly revealed the famed colors, and for a few minutes, Maroon Bells bares herself in a cold winter morning.

Located just 12 miles from Aspen, Maroon Bells is an iconic Colorado landmark, and just seeing the signature red rocks even for a few minutes remains one of the highlights of my trip almost four years ago. The composition of the Bells is made up mostly with sedimentary mudstone giving it a distinctive reddish shade.

But the day didn't quite start out as planned, as weather conditions seemed to deteriorate. I was told the drive to Maroon Bells could be "messy", but decided to go for it anyway.

Slowly, the skies appeared to open up, and resisting the urge to step on the gas, patiently followed the GPS and the road to Maroon Bells...

...and the clouds continued to shift, slowly unveiling the Bells.

Being off-season, Maroon Bells is yours alone. The stillness and the views just overwhelms you, as you fumble with your camera with thick gloves.

But the break in the weather didn't last, as low clouds started to roll in. The Maroon Creek Valley, said to be one of Colorado's most photographed spots, slowly drapes itself in cold fog.

And for a few minutes, the red rocks reveals itself one last time, before hiding once again behind the low clouds and fog. And just like that, a few minutes of glorious sunlight faded back to grey. Travelling during the off-season clearly has a number of advantages, but weather can be a challenge. But all it takes is a little break in the weather to make it all worth it.

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  1. Wonderful-wonderful post! Beautiful photos...:)

  2. Beautiful trip! It looks so quiet and peaceful.

    1. Hi Tes, thanks! It was an amazing experience, thanks for visiting!


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