Friday, January 23, 2015

Real American Country Kitchen Style: New Look and All-Time Favorites at Racks

Classic flame-grilled, fall-off-the-bone Pork and Beef Ribs. Baby Ribs, Sweet N' Smoky Ribs, Carolina Gold Pork Ribs, Kansas City Style Ribs, and Glazed Memphis Baby Ribs. Hickory Smoked Chicken and Southern Fried Chicken. Angus Au Jus and US Ribeye. And that awesome Onion Brick. Real classics that keep you coming back for more. Real American Country Kitchen Style...only at Racks.

Racks unveiled its new look at its newest branch along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, with a modern and contemporary update while retaining its core southern country theme. Southern comfort recreated... 

For over twenty years, Racks has been known for its signature flame-grilled, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and its signature southern flavors are complemented by a warmer and cozier look reflecting that southern country vibe in its newest branches in Timog and Alabang. The new template will eventually be rolled out to its other sixteen branches.

"We've committed ourselves to really upping our game this year," shares Chukri Prieto, Racks' Managing Director. "We want everyone to watch out for the surprises we have under our sleeves. We're going to be so much bigger and better, all in the name of providing everyone a more authentic and comforting experience."

"We serve classic southern country dishes and we want that reflected on our restaurants' design. In essence, what we want to do is to create a warm, homey atmosphere where people can sit back, relax and have fun while enjoying great comfort food with family and friends," adds Chukri Prieto. 

The new look incorporates warm yet muted earth tones with dark wooden panels accentuated by the use of stone bricks for that comforting and rustic southern feel. Southern comfort, recreated in look, feel, and flavors, perfectly executed at its newest branch.

The expansive space is draped in natural light, balanced by the warm tones of the interior lighting. Partitioned areas can be used for special functions, and dining al fresco is another option. An intimate meal or a group lunch with the neighborhood football team, Racks has the space. And more...

The signature flame icons are prominently featured above the semi-open kitchen layout, where the grilling magic is performed daily in full view of the diners. The kitchen then comes alive for the lunch service, and the grill is fired up.

The various seating configurations include high communal tables, and all tables include Racks' very own original barbecue sauces to complete your meal. Sweet, spicy, and smoky or extra hot for that added punch, it's time for some serious eats at Racks. Time for some Real American Country Kitchen Style (which not everybody knows is what "RACKS" stands for)...

Start your dining experience with The Onion Brick (P 245), thinly sliced onion rings, marinated, spiced, then delicately breaded and deep-fried to crispy perfection. The light breading allows you to taste the onions, and like a brick, this one hits you first with a subtle sweetness from the onions capped by that distinct crispness, and finished off by the smoky barbecue sauce.

Follow it up with Racks' Salad with Blackened Chicken Strips (P 385), an amped up triple portion of Racks' signature Caesar Salad topped with tender, Cajun rubbed blackened chicken strips for even more flavor. The Cajun spiced chicken adds familiar southern flavors to a classic dish.

For the mains, Racks offers a variety of comforting pasta dishes, including the Garlic Scampi Pasta (P 295), spaghetti with plump shrimps and broccoli florets sauteed in a chili infused garlic olive oil sauce. The light layer of heat balances the richness of the garlic olive oil sauce, rounded out by the briny sweetness of the shrimps and the snap of the fresh broccoli for texture.  

Then, there's the signature meat dishes. The US Ribeye (P 1,145), one of Racks' newest dishes, a seriously thick slab of premium beef the way a proper steak should be (see more on the premium US Ribeye from Racks in my previous post here at Topped with herbed butter, this steak is great as is, and you don't need anything else. Just in case, the dish comes with a side of gravy and crisp fries. But trust me, try it first as is, with a little butter.

But nothing says southern flavors more than Racks' iconic Baby Ribs (P 835 Full Slab/P 480 Half Slab), flame-grilled fall-off-the-bone lean and juicy baby ribs, served with a side of refreshing salad, pasta salad, and corn on the cob. At Racks, it all starts with the finest baby ribs, butchering and trimming the choice cuts in-house with just the right layer of fat for flavor. Next, the baby ribs are hickory smoked with a blend of special spices and herbs for bold smoky notes. Finally, the baby ribs are flame-grilled to seal in the flavors with that light layer of char. Grilled perfection.

"Racks stays true to American country kitchen style cooking by offering classic American comfort food at excellent value with ribs as its core," says Chukri Prieto. And the true test? Simply pull out a bone from a rib slab or rack, and get it cleanly and with ease all the time. The mild and delicate sweet notes of the tender pork is kicked up by the dry rub spices and seasonings, and the bold hickory smoked flavor give it that unique southern touch. Just can't get any better than that...

End your meal with Racks' indulgent Mississippi Mud Pie (P 180), a rich and moist chocolate fudge brownie filled with molten chocolate laid on a pool of thick chocolate syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Great for sharing, but you'll probably want this all to yourself. Seriously.

Managing Director, Chukri Prieto, and Marketing Manager, Joy de Villa, invite you to rediscover the comforting and real American country kitchen style flavors of Racks. And you can expect more new and exciting dishes to come to complete the new look. Good things are definitely happening at Racks...

Racks is located at 70 Timog Avenue, Quezon City or call 374-0343 for inquiries and reservations.

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