Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sunset at Mireio Terrace

The sun appears to set with iridescent ruby tones of topaz in a glass of Tavel. But it is to rise stronger in our hearts...

Frederic Mistral's epic poem is given new life at Mireio Terrace, a charming addition to Raffles Makati's Provencal-inspired upscale brasserie, Mireio. It's also the best spot for cocktails and canapes with the setting sun over the bay this side of the metro...

Named after the tragic heroine inspired by the classic poem of Frederic Mistral, Mireio's elegant interiors are draped in bright golden shafts of light from the fast fading afternoon sun, revealing yet another facet to its graceful yet rustic Provencal charm (for more on Mireio, see my previous post, A Taste of Provence at Mireio). 

A flight of steps from Mireio leads to a whole new experience, like another page in Mistral's classic poem. Raffles Makati's Mireio adds the Mireio Terrace, located just above the upscale brasserie, offering some of the best views of the cityscape. And it gets better at sunset. Cocktails and a sunset, and another encounter with the green fairy, just can't get better than that...

The spacious wide-open deck offers guests panoramic views of the city, with the setting sun providing a dramatic backdrop to complete the experience. Watch the afternoon sky shift from soothing blue to vibrant pink and crimson red with a round of inventive cocktails inspired by Frederic Mistral's poem, and get into the rustic Provencal vibe. 

The skyline is quickly transformed reflecting the shifting light and colors of the setting sun, as the city's lights take over with its own glow. Like a line from Mistral's poem, the Mireio Terrace experience captivates and enthralls, an experience capped by round after round of refreshing cocktails and tasty canapes.

The clean and elegant lines of the hotel's facade comes into play, like a palette of vibrant colors reflecting the setting sun's many hues. Open from 5pm to 12am daily, sun chasers now have another option to view the sunset with cocktails at Raffles Makati's Mireio Terrace.

And as the sun finally sets on the distant horizon, the Mireio Terrace is transformed. It's time for a refreshing cocktail. Start with a Mocktail with a grand view of the setting sun, and just go with the flow at Mireio Terrace. Then, just let the expert mixologists at Mireio Terrace take over...

...with a round of handcrafted cocktails inspired by Frederic Mistral's characters. A setting sun and cocktails, all you need now are some tasty bites, and Mireio Terrace's got that covered too.

Start with a platter of assorted charcuterie and some chicken and pork terrine with the French Cold Cuts and Terrine Platter (P 780)...

...or go all-out with the indulgent Roast Duck Foie Gras with Nutmeg on Toasted Country Bread (P 490), delivering the kind of richness that just transports you to the rustic Provencal countryside with a little help from another round of cocktails.

Each serving is elegantly presented, just what you'd expect from Chef de Cuisine Nicolas Cegretin and his team at Mireio (for more on Chef de Cuisine Nicolas Cegretin and his signature dishes, check out my earlier post, A Taste of Provence at Mireio).

And there's more. The Smoked Salmon on Blinis with Dill Whipped Cream (P 390) and the Veal and Prawn Tartar topped with Crispy Rice (P 450) offer subtle yet rich flavors, perfect with yet another round of handmade cocktails at Mireio Terrace.

The bold yet soothing notes of the Monsieur Mistral (P 645), a classic concoction with Remy Martin VSOP, Grand Marnier, Absinthe, Laphroaig, and lemon mix, all the stuff you want in one cocktail, is the perfect libation to celebrate the day's end. Or you can opt to just chill with the light and refreshing Vincen (P 545), with its pure and clean flavors made with Laphroaig, Hendricks, lemon mix, soda water and cucumber.

After a few more rounds, the city's night lights adds its own distinct glow to the evening. And it's time for the green fairy. At Mireio Terrace, you can enjoy a round of Absinthe served in the classic way, just the way Frederic Mistral would have it. This is Mireio after all, a tiny spot of Provence in the heart of the metro. 

Cap your evening with more of Mireio Terrace's signature cocktails, like the Mireio (P 695), a sweet and refreshing blend of Grey Goose, green chartreuse, cranberry juice, and lemon juice; or the Valley of the Saints (P 595), with Chambord, lemon mix, honey syrup, and cucumber topped off with sparkling wine. 

Sunsets and cocktails, and lingering thoughts of Frederic Mistral's romantic epic, it's all here at Mireio Terrace. With Valentine's coming up, why not start with a spectacular sunset and a few romantic cocktails before dinner at Mireio Terrace?

Mireio Terrace is located at the 10th Floor, Raffles Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati. For more information and reservations, call 795-0707 or email

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