Friday, June 22, 2018

Beating the Rains and Traffic with Sinigang and Kare-Kare at MESA Filipino Moderne

When it rains, you can always expect the entire metro to slow down. In fact, just add water and the city stops. Flooded streets and traffic jams can spoil your plans for the day, but you can just let it rain and have a comforting bowl of tart sinigang paired with a hearty savory dish... 

 ...and sit it out. And you can do just that at MESA Filipino Moderne. So let it rain.

Known for its inventive spin on traditional Filipino cuisine, MESA Filipino Moderne also offers time-tested and authentic favorites (for more on MESA Filipino Moderne, see my earlier post, 41 Going On 50: MESA Filipino Moderne Opens at Powerplant Mall). MESA Filipino Moderne's signature Sinigang na Salmon Head (P 275) is just what you need when the clouds turn grey with its rich yet soothing flavors. The richness of the salmon is perfectly tempered by the sour and vibrant tart notes of the tamarind broth to chase the rainy day blues away. The fresh and clean notes of the assorted vegetables pop with intense flavors capped by the broth lining your palate and just like that, everything's fine.  

Each serving is good for four to five when a sudden downpour hits the metro. When everyone's stuck in the rain, have a comforting bowl instead for some positively good vibes. Each bowl is served by the staff at MESA Filipino Moderne, ensuring everyone gets a piece of the much sought after salmon head. One sip, and the torrential downpour isn't so bad.

But if it keeps on raining, might as well go for another favorite at MESA Filipino Moderne. The Ox-Tail Kare-Kare (P 430) with fork-tender beef and tendons draped in the flavorful peanut sauce just melts in your mouth kicked up by a generous dab of fermented shrimp paste. You'll want some extra rice with this one. Pour some of the thick peanut sauce and you've got a winning meal. And when you're done and satisfied, the sudden downpour is pretty much over for that long drive home. It may not stop the rain, but it makes the wait so much more bearable with its bold and rich flavors. Stuck in the rain? No worries. There's probably one of 41 MESA Filipino Moderne branches near you to save you from the rains.

Mesa Filipino Moderne is located at Unit 208, Second Floor, O'Square Greenhills, Ortigas Avenue or call 793-0342, 0995-072-8065 and 0929-776-5871 for inquiries and reservations.

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