Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Fried, Grilled or Smoked? Meet The New Butterfly Spring Chicken Summer Specials From RACKS

A chicken dinner prepared just the way you like it. Fried, grilled or smoked? Have it all at RACKS...

Hickory Smoked Spring Chicken, Grilled Lemon-Garlic Spring Chicken and Fried Chimichurri Spring Chicken, each one prepared with that distinct real American country kitchen style of RACKS. Why not have all of them? You can enjoy the signature Butterfly Spring Chicken prepared three different ways at RACKS from now until June 30, 2019 to spice up your summer. Read on for a closer look at the tasty summer offerings from RACKS...

First order of business at RACKS? Cool down with a refreshing thirst-quencher that's perfect for summer days with the new Mocktails by RACKS. The Very Strawberry (P 175) has that soothing balance of sweetness and tartness to chill your palate, pairing perfectly with the new Butterfly Spring Chicken summer specials of RACKS.

Fruity with fresh and vibrant notes, the new Mocktails just bring in the summer vibe at RACKS. Other equally refreshing Mocktails include the Classic Mojito (P 175) and Mellow Watermelon (P 175). After a few sips, you're just about ready for the new Butterfly Spring Chicken summer specials at RACKS...

The Fried Chimicurri Spring Chicken (P 495) paired with Fried French Green Beans served with a mustard dip takes the classic chicken dish to a new flavorful level with the nutty hints of chimichurri. Perfectly fried with a comforting crispness contrasting with the juicy chicken, it's the most traditional of the of the three options yet refreshingly different at the same time. And the chimichurri makes all the difference.

It's the contrasting textures of juicy and crisp chicken that always makes fried chicken top-of-mind when it comes to favorites. RACKS spins a novel twist to this classic with the addition of chimichurri, adding layers of fresh and nutty hints to complement the delicate notes of the chicken. The spring chicken, with its tender meat, also delivers fresher and cleaner flavors.

The Hickory Smoked Spring Chicken (P 495) has that signature RACKS touch of bold flavors from the smokehouse. Smoked for hours using hickory wood, this low and slow cooking method infuses the spring chicken with intense barbecue flavors. And when you have tender fall-off-the-bone chicken smoked just the way RACKS does it, you don't need any sauce at all. This variant has everything you love about RACKS, with the deep and rich smoky notes you can find from their other signature specialties.

The creamy mayo-based Alabama white sauce with hints of apple cider vinegar for that tangy sharpness, complements the Hickory Smoked Spring Chicken perfectly. Now all you need is a tasty side, and the Potato Salad works for me.

I have to say, the sides just work so well with the new dishes. RACKS offers a variety of sides but the Fried French green Beans (L) and the popular Potato Salad (L) were the perfect sides for the Fried Chimichurri Spring Chicken and Hickory-Smoked Spring Chicken respectively.

The Lemon-Garlic Spring Chicken with Curry Rice (P 495) is a grilled chicken dish with hints of lemon-garlic adding a flavorful punch. The grill once again does its magic, as it does with the other popular favorites at RACKS. This time, the mild notes of the spring chicken are refined and brought out by a flaming grill with charred marks adding both flavor and texture. 

The lemon-garlic adds vibrant layers of flavors to the delicate notes of the grilled spring chicken without overwhelming it. The flavors are rich yet subtle and easy on the palate. After all, it's the grilled spring chicken that's the star of the show. 

Laid on soft and fluffy curry rice, it's a complete and satisfying meal in itself. The range of distinct flavors, from the lemon and garlic-infused spring chicken to the richly spiced notes of the curry rice make it different and unique among the butterfly spring chicken summer variants of RACKS. 

Three unique and distinct spring chicken variants, each one perfect for summer. The new seasonal offerings complement the current menu at RACKS reflecting the culinary style that's become synonymous with the brand. Fried, grilled and smoked, the Butterfly Spring Chicken at RACKS are more reasons to visit and enjoy the taste you remember.

Summer also means desserts. And RACKS has that covered too with The Ultimate Banana Split (P 295), an indulgent creation inspired by an ice cream parlor classic with an inventive twist.

The bananas are breaded and deep-fried for that delectable crunch, served with ice cream drizzled by chocolate and sprinkled with cookie crumbs. It's dessert with that unmistakable RACKS touch. Enjoy The Ultimate Banana Split with Strawberry, Avocado, Vanilla, Kesong Puti and Pastillas.

Three new Butterfly Spring Chicken dishes, three Mocktails and an indulgent dessert, RACKS definitely adds spice to your summer. Summer may almost be over, but you can still enjoy these new seasonal dishes at RACKS until June 30, 2019. Fried, grilled or smoked? Have it all at RACKS... 

New items on the menu are available for a limited time from April 5 to June 30, 2019 in all RACKS branches nationwide. For more information and the full list of branches, visit, and follow @racksphl on Instagram and Racks Philippines on Facebook.

RACKS is located at the Connecticut Carpark Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Centre, Greenhills, San Juan or call 584-2173 for inquiries and more information.

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