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Reality Bites Reboot: New Virtual Reality Attractions and Awesome Fish and Chips at City of Dreams Manila's The Garage

The Garage at City of Dreams Manila upgrades its menu of attractions with new VR options and probably the best fish and chips this side of the metro... 

Since its opening in October last year, The Garage at City of Dreams Manila has set the benchmark for entertainment and dining with state-of-the-art VR attractions paired with a curated selection of sumptuous dining options (for more on The Garage, see my earlier post, Reality Bites: Virtual Reality and Good Food at The VR Zone and Food Park of City of Dreams Manila's The Garage from the launch late last year). And it's leveled up with new virtual reality gaming attractions plus new and tasty additions inspired by the Union Jack. Bring your winning a-game, and your appetite, at City of Dreams Manila's The Garage...   

Located at the Upper Ground Floor of City of Dreams Manila just right across DreamPlay, The Garage is both a high-tech VR zone and food park spread out over an impressive 2,714 square meters. That's more than enough room to show your winning moves at the VR attractions and satisfy your appetite. And you're up, you are always player one at The Garage.

The new generation entertainment facility is created by Japanese video game pioneer, Bandai Namco Amusement Inc. Players can now enjoy two new VR attractions at The Garage, including the nostalgic Swarm Shooting Galaga Fever (L) for that digital throwback and the thrilling Winged Bicycle (R). 

The new VR attractions are a welcome addition to The Garage. Your old favorites, the Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, Hospital Escape Terror and Ski Rodeo round out the thrilling virtual reality experiences at The Garage. And these still pack quite an adrenaline punch. Seriously. You'll want one more crack at the track with the Mario Kart Arcade GP VR. Rates for the various VR activities as follows:

One Activity: P 380 net
Three Activities: P 1,000 net
Ski Rodeo and Galaga Fever: (2 PAX): P 700 net
Mario Kart, Hospital Escape Terror, Winged Bicycle (4 PAX): P 1,300 net
All Five VR Activities: P 1,650 net

The exhilaration and excitement from the ski slopes and the race track can leave you famished. And thirsty. No worries. Head for the Bar for a refreshing libation like the Jasmine Red Iced Tea (P 160) with jasmine tea, apple juice, calamansi with honey and greneadine. Mildly tart and not too sweet, one sip brings you back to reality after that wild winged bicycle ride. You can also refresh with the Bar's Peach Perfect Iced Tea (cool name too, don't you think?) with peach tea, peach syrup and apple juice. The Bar also offers a soothing range of Mocktails like the Six Pack, Sit on the Beach, Love and Passion, and Booster. Or have the real thing with the Bar's signature Cocktails like The Garage, Elixir, Manila 5-0, and Citrus Circus. You'll need one after a thrilling close call from Hospital Escape Terror.

If your system is desperate for a caffeine fix, just walk over to The Roaster for exceptional coffee. The Roaster takes its inspiration from the farm-to-cup movement using the finest premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans directly sourced from local farmers. The coffee beans are then freshly roasted in house so you can enjoy your brew at its flavorful peak. Cool down with a refreshing Iced Black Pearl Machiatto (P 220) or pick your own brew like the Spanish Latte, Moca, The Roaster Brew, 9 to 5, Cafe Caramel, Thai Milk Tea and other artisan coffee and tea concoctions.

All juiced out from the epic Swarm Shooting Galaga Fever shoot-out? Rehydrate and quench your thirst with freshly-squeezed fruit juices from Juiced. From healthy and soothing juices, smoothies and slushies all made from the freshest seasonal fruits, you'll be fully charged up in no time. Enjoy a burst of vibrant flavors with the Tropical Sunshine (P 260) with its blend of mango, peach and vanilla or energize with the Sunburst Detox (P 280) with mango, carrot, lychee, squeezed lemon and ginger.

And if you still need that extra energy boost, go for the Spring Serenity Detox (P 280) with cucumber, spinach, green apple and lemon.

And there's more. The Watermelon Crush (P 200) cools you down with its all-natural sweetness to quench your thirst. Other freshly-squeezed must try options at Juiced include the Avocado Booster with avocado, milk and ice cream, Brekkie to Go with banana, muesli and vanilla, The Classic with apple, carrot and ginger, Berry Blizzard Boost with strawberry, blueberry and yoghurt, and Berry Crush. Or simply pick your fruit and leave the rest to Juiced. Fully hydrated, you're ready for a meal. Like some classic fish and chips. And you'll find some legit fish and chips at the Chip Shoppe.

It's hard to miss the Chip Shoppe at The Garage. Just look for the vibrant tri-colors of the Union Jack for some of the best Fish and Chips you'll find in the city. And why not. When you have some Brits and Aussies in your F&B team, the fish and chips and everything deep-fried on the menu are a sure bet.  

And it's fish and chips done the proper British way, from the cod fish to the dense, full-bodied yet light and crisp signature batter to the newsprint themed paper-lined tray it's served on. The fish and chips served at the Chip Shoppe is wittingly named COD Save The Queen (P 420), a subtle reference to both the fish and the initials of City of Dreams. A light crunch followed by the velvety smooth and creamy cod fish, one bite and you know the Chip Shoppe gets it right. The fries, or chips, are also done right. Choose from Skin On Fries, Wedges and Curly Fries with a variety of seasonings like Chicken Salt, Furikake, and Truffle Salt. Dip your fish and chips in your choice of sauce like Marinara, Cheese, BBQ, Garlic Mayo, Tartare Sauce, Secret Sauce, Chipotle, Curry, Sour Cream, Sweet Chili and Mustard. Or you can be totally British with the traditional Malt Vinegar. And the cod fish makes it so right. Capped by that printed paper like a page out of London's Fleet Street.

The kids will surely enjoy the Garage Fried Chicken (P 320) with the same crisp batter, or you may want the freshest catch all battered up and deep-fried with the Fisherman's Basket (P 540) with cod fish, prawns, calamari and kani. A squeeze of lemon and your choice of dip, perfect.

Not to be missed is the Chip Shoppe's Signature Corn Dog (P 320), a nostalgic childhood favorite with a sausage deep-fried in corn batter. You'll soon realize it's one of those flavors you've missed for a very long time after one bite...

...reunited at long last with another bite at the Chip Shoppe in The Garage. The light crispness of the batter and the snap of the sausage just takes you back to simpler times. Laid on crisp chips, the Signature Corn Dog triggers fond memories of good times. 

And when it all comes down to that last Signature Corn Dog, it's every man for himself.

But the Chip Shoppe has one more tasty surprise. Who doesn't love Spam? The Chip Shoppe transforms everyone's favorite canned meat with their Spam Fritters (P 320), thick sticks of Spam battered and deep-fried. The sharp salty notes of the Spam are tempered by the mildly sweet and crisp batter for balanced flavors. The Spam Fritters come with the classic Skin On Fries, best paired with the tart Marinara Sauce. Other offerings at the Chip Shoppe include the Calamari, Coco Prawn Fritters, Mozzarella Poppers and Onion Rings, each one draped in the signature batter and deep-fried to golden brown crispy perfection.

You'll be whistling Rule Britannia after a few more tasty bites. The flavors at Chip Shoppe are simple, honest and uncomplicated, showcasing deep-fried goodness with all of their dishes...

...including dessert. Deep-fried meets ice cream with the Chip Shoppe's Banana Fritters (P 280) with sweet battered senoritas topped with chocolate ice cream and the Sticky Toffee (P 280), battered cake and vanilla ice cream drizzled with decadent toffee sauce delivering contrasting flavors and textures.

The Garage offers Japanese, Filipino, American, Vietnamese, Mexican, British and Italian cuisine bannered by well-known brands like Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Katsu Sora, Little Flour, Pink's Hotdog, Farmacy, El Chupacabra and Pizza Grigliata ensuring there's something for everyone. At Pizza Grigliata, their inventive spin on the traditional pizza will have you going for one more slice... 

The name is inspired by the Italian word for "grilled" and Pizza Grigliata artisanal flat bread pizzas are grilled and torched for that unique and bold flavor with subtle smoky hints. They go a step further offering black squid ink dough, beetroot, carrot and squash as the base for their savory pizza creations.  

From the classic Pepperoni on Regular Crust (P 320) draped in tomato sauce and cheese to the Spinach and Pesto on Squash Dough (P 320) topped with fresh alfalfa sprouts, Pizza Grigliata offers a total pizza experience with their blend of traditional and inventive flat bread pizza creations...

...using fresh ingredients for real flavors. The Quattro Formaggi Pizza with Truffle Oil (P 320) combines a rich blend of four cheeses with the indulgent nutty and earthy notes of truffles for another equally tasty option. Grilled, torched and a variety of toppings and flavored crusts, Pizza Grigilata is one more tasty stop... The Garage. And when you and the kids are fully reloaded after a sumptuous meal, change the pace from virtual reality back to the real, tactile world where your muscles get a work-out at DreamPlay (for more on DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila, see my previous post, Lunch With Alex, Po and Shrek at DreamPlay). Exciting adventures, from the virtual to the real and the culinary, await you and your City of Dreams.

The Garage is located at City of Dreams Manila, Aseana Boulevard corner Macapagal Avenue, Brgy. Tambo, Paranaque City or call +632 800-8080 for more information and inquiries.

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