Friday, February 28, 2020

Firing Up New Dishes at Fireside in BGC

Chef Chiloy Santos is all fired up. And why not. He's added a few more tempting options to Fireside's stacked menu that's guaranteed to fire up your appetite...

Fireside unveils exciting new dishes from starters, a salad to sumptuous mains, pizza and dessert in addition to its comforting line-up of flavorful offerings. From the same group behind Meat Plus, Tender Bob's and Kettle, Fireside lays on a tempting array of new dishes to satisfy any craving. Time to refill your glass of wine... 

And now that I've mentioned wine, Fireside is offering unlimited wine for only P 799 with its Wines Around the World promotion. That's eleven wines from seven countries, and you can have as much as you want for three hours for only P 799. From Spanish Candidato Tempranillo and Viura, Benchmark Shiraz and Chardonnay from Australia, La Vielle Ferme Rouge from France, Argento Cab Sauvignon from Argentina, Casa Lo Matta Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, Don Lucio Montepulciano D' Abruzzo from Italy and Beringer Main & Vine Cabernet and Chardonnay from the US, guests can enhance their dining experience paired with some of the world's finest wines. The offer runs all the way to April 4.

How about some tasty bites? Pair your wine with the Meat & Cheese Board (P 575) loaded with chorizo, salami, housemade Honey Ricotta, Brie, Manchego, cranberries and baguette chips to start your dining experience at Fireside. 

Chef Chiloy Santos knows comfort food. At the helm of the diversified food group which includes Meat Plus (more on my post here at #EatingHereIsAPlus: Meat Plus Cafe Opens at SM Mall of Asia on their newest location), Tender Bob's (see more here at The Fully Loaded Burger at Tender Bob's) and Kettle (see my post, The Great Eatscape at SM Aura Premier: Back at Kettle and Lovin' It and one of my very first posts here at Taking Comfort Food to the Next Level at Kettle from seven years back), Chef Chiloy Santos continues to dish out uncomplicated yet immensely satisfying comfort food classics at Fireside in BGC. Why not start with something fresh?

The new Wild Mushroom & Quinoa Salad (P 499) is a loaded bowl of fresh and vibrant flavors with sauteed assorted mushrooms, quinoa, red rice, grilled chicken, mango, peppers, homemade Ricotta, eggplant and arugula served with a roasted garlic balsamic dressing. The layers of flavors and textures in this hearty bowl sets it apart from the usual salad with the earthy and nutty notes of mushrooms and delicate flavors of the grilled chicken contrasting with the sweetness of fresh mangoes, peppers and eggplant capped by the crisp arugula, red rice and quinoa. The roasted garlic balsamic dressing completes the flavors with just the right level of contrasting sharpness. And it's quite filling too. A refreshingly crisp Chardonnay pairs well with this salad dish. Other salads include the specialty Fireside Steak Salad (P 499), Grilled Chop House (P 469 Platter/P 265 Bowl), Caesar Salad (P 605 Platter/P 315 Plate) and Asian Chicken Salad (P 499).  

The classic chips gets an indulgent upgrade with the Truffled Potato Chips (P 265), hand-cut potatoes sliced paper-thin for a delicate crispness topped with green onions and truffle blue cheese sauce. The distinct and creamy notes of the blue cheese come through with each bite, followed by the deep nutty hints of truffles. Other equally tempting nibbles include the Hot Crab & Artichoke Dip (P 295), Southern Fried Chicken Sliders (P 349) and Chorizo Meatballs (P 305).

The Roasted Corn Chowder (P 165) with  sweet peppers, potatoes and celery in a thick and creamy broth served in a sourdough bun warms both the palate and body with its rich flavors. Each comforting sip drapes the palate with the subtle sweetness of smoky roasted corn and peppers and perfectly finished by the creamy broth. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc? Yes, please. The Wines Around the World offering allows you to explore different pairings with each course with wines from the old and new world.  Fireside also offers their specialty Grilled Tomato and Chorizo Soup (P 255) with its vibrant notes.  

Chef Chiloy Santos then brings familiar local flavors to the menu with his take on the classic pork dish with the BBQ Pork Sisig (P 185). The tender sauteed barbecue pork chunks, spicy jalapeno peppers, red peppers and green onion coulis combine for that savory richness we all love in sisig but with a more pronounced smoky profile for bolder flavors. The unctuous pork just melts in your mouth, draping it with a smoky and savory richness. That calls for another glass of Benchmark Shiraz.

A sandwich at Fireside can be a meal in itself...

The new Chicken BLT (P 419) is a hearty sandwich with tender and juicy grilled chicken breast, thick slabs of bacon steak, crisp arugula and fresh tart tomatoes drizzled with creamy aioli dressing. It's a stacked sandwich with layers of smoky bacon slabs and juicy grilled chicken on garden-fresh arugula and tomatoes delivering a burst of flavor with each big bite. The sandwich comes with a bowl of crisp potato chips to complete the meal. Other sandwich offerings include their popular Fireside Chorizo Burger (P 439) and Fireside House Burger (P 459).

For heftier appetites, you just can't go wrong with pork belly. The Grilled Pork Belly (P 419) with lime and chili garlic, tomato slush and herbed rice gives you a solid dose of pork love for another satisfying meal at Fireside. The tender and juicy pork belly with its charred outer layer delivers rich and intense flavors that will surely have you going for another spoonful of herbed rice. The refreshingly clean and sharp notes of the tomato slush cuts the richness of the grilled pork belly slab for balanced flavors. 

If juicy chicken fresh off the grill is your thing, Fireside has the dish for you...

The new Grilled Chicken (P 1,125 Whole/P 605 Half) with lime and chili garlic, tomato slush and served with herbed rice is a richly seasoned whole chicken flavored and romanced by the flames of the grill. The result is a lightly charred layer concentrated with intense notes. Perfectly grilled, the chicken is both tender and juicy pairing well with the tomato slush and herbed rice. A squeeze of fresh lime adds yet another layer of bright flavors to the dish.  

Gravy and country fried steak, that's one combo that just doesn't go out of style. Fireside's new Country Fried Steak (P 499) with Cajun breaded US Beef Sirloin steak slathered in Country Chorizo Gravy with sides of mashed potatoes and grilled sweet corn is pure goodness on a plate. The tender and juicy US Beef sirloin steak is capped by a lightly crisp layer of richly seasoned Cajun breading for comforting flavors. But it just gets better with the thick Country Chorizo Gravy adding even more layers of flavor to the dish. The mashed potato and grilled sweet corn completes the dish.

The new Shrimp & Crab Fat Pasta (P 625) is an indulgent dish that doesn't hold back on flavor with each noodle draped with the velvety smooth richness of briny crab fat. Here's more, the new dish has sauteed crab and shrimps with chili garlic, aligue cream, lemon and homemade Ricotta on soft yet firm spaghettini topped with fresh herbs. It's a deceptively simple dish, yet the flavors punch through with a silky smooth finish. That shrimp and crab fat just elevates the pasta dish.  

Fireside adds some heat to their bestselling buttermilk chicken fingers with the Red Hot Chili Chicken Fingers (P 615) draped in a spicy buttermilk hot and sweet sauce served with cornbread doughnuts. The heat doesn't immediately overwhelm the palate, but it's there. And it lingers, making you go for one more piece. Brined and marinated with buttermilk, the chicken delivers rich and rounded flavors followed by the soothing heat. Drizzle some honey to temper the spice. And don't forget the cornbread.

Lined with crisp charred blisters along the crust, Fireside does pizza right. The new Sausage & Mushroom (P 519) with smoked cheese sausage, three kinds of mushrooms, sweet and smoky bell peppers, onions, Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese is a savory combo with hints of smoke from the wood-fired grill. The sharpness of the smoked cheese sausage is perfectly balanced by the earthy mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions and finished by the creamy Mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses. Go ahead and have another slice. Other pizza options at Fireside include the popular Bacon & Chorizo (P 459), Grilled Vegetables (P 499), Four Cheese (P 459) and Chicken and Artichoke (P 499).  

Fireside, Kettle, Tender Bob's and Meat Plus have always been known for their premium beef. The Boneless US Prime Ribeye (P 4,079-700g/P 2,039-350g) topped with crisp fried onion strips and served with garlic rice is a clear reflection of the restaurant's strong ties and association with prime US beef. Grilled to medium with a juicy pink center, the tender beef releases bold beefy flavors with just the right bite. 

And with beef this good, you don't need any sauce at all. The crisp fried onion strips add a subtle sweetness and texture to the Ribeye as you go for one more slice. This is serious beef. A glass of La Vielle Ferme Rouge or the Casa Lo Matta Merlot pairs well with this premium slab of beef.

But save room for dessert. The new Chocolate Caramel Cake (P 245) is a tall slice of chocolate heaven lined with sweet caramel. Dense and moist, the deep notes of the chocolate are complemented by the indulgent caramel.

Then, there's the old favorites like the Fireside Homemade Doughnuts (P 295) served with salted caramel, chocolate and raspberry sauce...

...and the Homemade Smores (P 215) served with chocolate and crisp Graham crackers baked fresh in-house for an indulgent and even nostalgic end to a sumptuous feast at Fireside. Other decadent desserts include the Apple Caramel Bundt Cake (P 205), Banana Foster Creme Brulee (P 195) and Sticky Banana Fig Pudding (P 205).

Chef Chiloy Santos knows his comfort food. And Fireside's new dishes, paired with good wine, will get you all fired up from starters to mains all the way to dessert. 

Fireside is located at the Ground Floor of Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Tagui City or call 02 8824 3043 for inquiries. 

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