Monday, August 30, 2021

ECQ Eats: Hot Eats with the New Hot Trays Party Platters by Hanako PH

Good food is meant to be shared. And when one bowl just isn't enough, enjoy more of your favorite Japanese dishes with the lavish new Hot Trays by Hanako PH conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Going for a second serving? No worries. Hanako PH launches their sumptuous new line of Party Platters, the Hot Trays for intimate family feasts at home in this new normal. From starters to mains, Hanako PH loads generous portions with their new Hot Trays to satisfy the whole family and then some. Each Hot Tray by Hanako is good for four to six, so go ahead and grab a second serving...

Home Dining Made Special

The quarantine experience continues to change and transform our daily routine with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as new consumer habits defining a difficult year. Hanako PH adapts to the new normal by extending their unique dining experience and their tasty offerings to the safety and comfort of your home with the new Hot Trays Party Platters. After all, good food becomes even more special and memorable when shared at home. 

Packed, boxed and sealed from the elements, the little details that come with each Hot Tray by Hanako goes a long way and adds to your peace of mind. Take your pick from a wide selection of dishes including tasty starters like Yasai Itame, Salmon Tartare, Tuna Tartare and Kani Salad to savory mains like Chahan Rice, Chicken Teriyakidon, Seafood Teppanyaki, Gyudon, Beef Yakiniku, Ebi Fry, Fish Katsu, Salmon Teriyakidon, Chicken Karaage, Creamy Mushroom Udon and the Maki Overload Sushi Platter (for the full menu, visit their online shop at And you don't even have to leave home to enjoy these dishes, all it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device and simply leave the rest to Hanako. 

The new Hot Tray Platters are available in all Hanako branches including Moonwalk, Better Living, Tropical Avenue BF Homes, Car Doctor Visayas Avenue, The Rock, Don Antonio and SM Center Pasig (visit their FB Page at for a full listing of branches and more information) or online via for added convenience. As restrictions on mobility continue to be enforced in the ECQ, going online is the way to go. 

Winner Chicken Dinner

Bring the crisp and juicy textures of the popular all-time Japanese specialty to your home dining table with the Chicken Karaage Platter (P 1,354), a large feast-sized serving guaranteed to satisfy all your family's cravings at home. The generous serving adds a festive vibe to any home dining experience in the long days of quarantine. 

Delivered fresh and hot, the Chicken Karaage Platter by Hanako is masterfully executed delivering both flavor and textural contrast with each bite. Each platter comes with two dipping sauces, a creamy chili sauce and mayo-based sauce adding even more layers of flavor to complement the delicate notes of the crisp and juicy chicken. 

Marinated and deep-fried to perfection, the Chicken Karaage delivers fresh and clean savory notes followed by a delectable crunch. Great as is or paired with steamed white rice, the Chicken Karaage Platter simply elevates your home dining experience with its rich flavors. Family meals at home in the quarantine don't have to be the same everyday, change it up with the wide and diverse selection of Hot Trays Party Platters from Hanako for an intimate family feast.

And there's a whole lot to go around with the Chicken Karaage Platter so no one misses out. Good for 4-6, each Hot Tray Party Platter by Hanako is perfect for sharing with family at home. And yes, go ahead and grab a second serving.

The delicate light layer of batter brings that airy crispness without overwhelming the subtle yet juicy notes of the chicken. The best way to enjoy the specialty Chicken Karaage by Hanako is with a tasty bite without the dip or rice so you can experience the pure, unrestrained flavors of the chicken and its lightly crisp texture. Then, dip it in either the creamy chili or mayo-based dip and experience a flavorful burst draping the palate. And lastly, have a spoonful of rice to complete the experience. 

The next day, simply pull out the tray from the ref and reheat in the oven or pan-fry for a second round with the Chicken Karaage by Hanako. The light layer of batter keeps the chicken fresh and juicy when stored in the ref, and heating it up brings back the crispness with that juicy finish from the chicken.

Staying home remains the only option in curbing the spread of the dreaded new variant, and that means dining at home. Make it special with the Hot Trays Party Platters by Hanako and gather the family around the home dining table. 

Special occasions don't have to be postponed in the new normal. It simply calls for taking the extra safe step by staying home, and letting Hanako bring all your favorite Japanese dishes to your doorstep. How about some fork-tender Beef Yakiniku with your Chicken Karaage

The new Hot Trays Party Platters by Hanako are a convenient, worry-free and tasty solution to sumptuous celebrations at home, with generous portions filled to the brim combining both value and quality with every Hot Tray. It also makes dining at home a much anticipated routine in the new normal.

And Here's The Beef

Just like the Chicken Karaage Platter, the Beef Yakiniku Platter (P 1,684) by Hanako is also packed and boxed with the same care for your peace of mind...

...and sealed with a protective lid. The Beef Yakiniku Platter is a grand family feast with fork-tender strips of savory beef and fresh bean sprouts on soft and fluffy steamed white rice. It's a complete meal on a tray, ready to serve once you open the lid. 

One look at the Beef Yakiniku Platter and you just know this is special. And loaded too. A fragrant and savory aroma is the first in a chain of sensory experiences from this specialty platter... 

...and resisting the urge to dive right in becomes a challenge. The popular Japanese barbecue dish with tender beef, rice and vegetables combine for a value-packed and flavorful option for dining at home. Served with a side of au jus and tare based sauce, the Beef Yakiniku delivers a savory and indulgent richness with each bite. The soft and fluffy steamed white rice is infused with the juicy notes of the beef topping adding even more flavors. The fresh bean sprouts complete the feast with its fresh snap and subtle crunchy texture.

Each component brings its own unique layer of flavor and texture, coming together with each hearty bite. Grab a bowl and help yourself to a generous serving. Layered with just the right amount of fat, the strips of beef just melts in your mouth draping your palate with a lingering richness. Extra rice? Absolutely. 

A light drizzle of the sauce brings out and enhances the beefy richness of the dish, tempered by the sharp notes of the pickled radish and the mildly sweet and nutty hints of the bean sprouts for that balanced finish. Each component of the Hot Tray, from the beef to the vegetables and rice weaves lavish layers of flavors and you'll soon find out one bowl just isn't enough. But you're covered with the generous serving of the Beef Yakiniku Platter. 

It's a filling and satisfying meal, made even better in the company of close family members in the safety and comfort of home. A sumptuous meal becomes a celebration in itself to brighten up another day in quarantine. And Hanako makes it easy with their Hot Trays Party Platters

The hard-hit food service sector needs to continuously adapt and evolve in this difficult new normal, and innovative offerings like the Hot Trays Party Platters created specifically for home dining keeps Hanako relevant among its customers in these changing times. Value and variety along with the convenience of online ordering and delivery places Hanako high on your list of home dining options.

Good food becomes even more special when it's shared. And good food always means one bowl just isn't enough. Help yourself to seconds and thirds with the loaded Hot Trays Party Platters by Hanako for the long days of quarantine at home in this new normal, all it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device at 

For more on Hanako, visit their FB Page at for updates and for online orders.

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