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The Gilarmi Lounge Goes Beyond Gin & Tonic with Exciting New Culinary Discoveries at Discovery Primea

The classic Negroni, new editions from The Burger Library and decadent ice cream creations in a creative collab with one of the country's best. The Gilarmi Lounge goes beyond the classic gin & tonic with tempting new culinary discoveries to tease your palate...

The Gilarmi Lounge at Discovery Primea unveils a lavish selection of tasty offerings from a refreshing tipple with barrel-aged Negroni to savory bites with the new editions from The Burger Library and indulgent ice cream-based desserts made with one of the country's premium artisan brands, Sebastian's Ice Cream for new culinary discoveries and flavor experiences. That's three good reasons to revisit The Gilarmi Lounge if you ask me. Read on for a sneak peek at the new culinary discoveries at Discovery Primea...

One of the metro's premier and luxurious dining destinations, Discovery Primea sets the tone once more with its enticing new menu at The Gilarmi LoungeDiscovery Primea General Manager David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamko is joined by Ian Carandang of Sebastian's Ice Cream to present the latest culinary discoveries of the prestigious five-star property. The creative collab is another chapter in Discovery Primea's continuing story built around the culinary standards set by General Manager and Chef David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco (for more on the dynamic culinary duo, see my post DPA X LJC: Celebrating Two Decades of Culinary Partnership with Elements of Flavor at Flame in Discovery Primea from late last year).

Since it formally opened back in 2014, Discovery Primea has been part of my own blog's journey (see my very first post Discovering Discovery Primea from way back in 2014) with countless features documenting the property's growth through the years. 

Named after the iconic landmark and famed residential address along Apartment Ridge, the elegant lounge is known for its extensive Gin Library with its extensive collection of gin labels from around the world along with its sumptuous curated menu of classic lounge fare and signature cocktails (for more on The Gilarmi Lounge at Discovery Primea, see my previous posts, A Bite and a Tipple at Discovery Primea from 2019, Gin is In: Discovery Primea Celebrates World Gin Day at Gilarmi Lounge from five years back and Cocktails, Bar Chow and a Cool Vibe at The Gilarmi Lounge on my very first experience at The Gilarmi Lounge from eight years ago). 

And now The Gilarmi Lounge revisits another cocktail classic in its repertoire of soothing tipples with their very own barrel-aged Negroni...

Reinventing A Classic

The origins of the famed concoction can be traced back to 1919 when Count Camillo Negroni requested his friend and bartender Forsco Scarselli of Caffe Cassoni to "strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano, by replacing soda water with gin." The rest, as they say, is history with the dark amber cocktail now firmly established in cocktail lore. The Gilarmi Lounge takes this classic cocktail and takes the extra step in barrel-aging the perfect gin-based tipple for thirty days resulting in a deeper hue from the American oak casks with bolder, rounder flavor-forward yet mellow notes. And just like a good whisky, the pronounced flavors of the Negroni are smoothened with its lengthy wood maturation. Count Camillo Negroni would definitely approve. 

It's the logical next step in The Gilarmi Lounge's evolution with its extensive Gin Library as its flavorful base with the latest specialty gin-based expression. It's also a reflection of The Gilarmi Lounge's mastery of everything gin. 

Discovery Primea General Manager David Pardo de Ayala explains that the Negroni is the perfect tipple before a savory feast at The Gilarmi Lounge pairing well with a variety grilled meats and fine gourmet cheeses, opening up the palate with its refreshing bittersweet notes.

Back at the bar, a round of Negronis were prepared...

...and served with Melon and Prosciutto Goat Cheese and Truffle Honey for that classic pairing. A bite and tipple in that elegant style The Gilarmi Lounge is known for may be just what you need for a change of pace. And the barrel-aged Negroni nails it with its contrasting weave of soothing notes from the gin, Campari and sweet Vermouth. 

Each refreshing sip drapes the palate with a lingering bittersweet finish followed by a whisper of smoky hints from the American oak, bright zesty notes from oranges and the deep and smooth sweetness of gin for that perfect tipple at The Gilarmi Lounge. Thirty days in a barrel makes all the difference in a mellow, elegantly smooth Negroni adding to the growing roster of specialty cocktails at The Gilarmi Lounge.

All good things take time. For the classic Negroni at The Gilarmi Lounge, that's thirty days in an American oak barrel immediately experienced from the very first sip.

Guests can now enjoy a round of Negroni (P 400++net per cocktail) at The Gilarmi Lounge before, after or during a savory feast...

...with the latest editions from The Burger Library. With the simple philosophy of doing it right from the beginning with premium quality ingredients and accompaniments to the all-important burger-to-bun ratio, Discovery Primea Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco and his team have created a stellar list with the Good Ol' Cheeseburger (P 395), The Spanish Quarter (P 395) with Manchego Cheese and Barcelona Romesco Sauce, Korean Chicken Burger (P 295) with spicy Gochujang and Kimchi Mayo and the aptly named Let's Do Brunch (P 495) with American Cheddar, sunny side-up and bacon as their current bestsellers. But Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco isn't done just yet...

New Editions from The Burger Library

That afternoon, Discovery Primea General Manager David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco unveiled three new editions for The Burger Library...

...with each one distinct from the other offering unique flavor profiles and worthy additions to the portfolio of The Burger Library. Executive Chef Luis Chickiamco starts with the basics from the pillow-soft and fresh-baked homemade buns to the freshest ingredients for the ideal burger in three new savory expressions layered with a variety of premium toppings and served with freshly cooked homemade chips.

The soft homemade buns and juicy beef patties are the base for the new burger creations from The Burger Library. But Executive Chef Luis Chikiamko has some flavorful and even unexpected surprises up his sleeves. The Mushroom (P 395) with its crispy whole mushroom katsu on creamy cabbage slaw topped with fried onions and drizzled with "Bull-Dog" Sauce delivers a flavorful burst and contrasting yet delectable textures with every bite. The earthy and nutty notes of the mushroom is a surprising departure from the usual burger, kicked up by the crisp cabbage slaw, onions and tangy "Bull-Dog" Sauce for a cool vegetarian alternative. Packed with solid flavors, The Mushroom brings both crunch and texture followed by rich notes for a satisfying burger experience. Where's the beef? You won't miss it with The Mushroom.

Building on the previous version, The Le Bistro 2.0 (P 495) is an upgraded version of the original edition. Cheesier and tastier, The Le Bistro 2.0 features stronger and bolder notes with indulgent layers of creamy Mozzarella, Parmesan, Emmental and caramelized onions for a triple cheese treat. This is Executive Chef Luis Chikiamko's own take on the Juicy Lucy with a beef patty stuffed with Mozzarella and then some.  

The play on distinct cheesy notes sets this apart from the usual cheeseburger with its lavish three-cheese combo of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Emmental. The nutty sweetness of the caramelized onions and Dijon Mayo ties all the flavors together for a seamless savory finish. 

The Italian Job (P 495) is an Italian-inspired combo with a savory and juicy Beef and Prosciutto Patty, Creamy Mozzarella and Tomato Fondue for yet another creative and unique burger expression. The subtle sharpness of the premium prosciutto and tart tomato fondue cuts through the savory richness of the beef patty smoothened by the Mozzarella for another rich weave of flavors. Think of it as a burger with that Italian flair from the ground prosciutto mixed in with the beef patty and the Mozzarella for a combo you just can't refuse.

That afternoon, guests were served sampler slider versions of the new burger creations...

...pairing well with a cool and refreshing Negroni. A tipple and a bite is always an elevated and memorable experience at The Gilarmi Lounge. And dessert too.

Now you're just about ready to sample the fruits of a creative collaboration...

A unique collaboration between Discovery Primea and Sebastian's Ice Cream brings a decadent selection of inspired ice cream desserts to The Gilarmi Lounge, and just time for summer too. It's collabs like this that make The Gilarmi Lounge the perfect spot to cool down and beat the summer heat. 

Often called the "Willy Wonka" of local ice cream, Ian Carandang of Sebastian's Ice Cream shares his offbeat and untraditional ice cream style to the menu of The Gilarmi Lounge. Both locally owned and operated, Discovery Primea and Sebastian's Ice Cream highlight comfortingly familiar and classic Filipino flavors in a decadent new dessert menu. One of the local ice cream scene's game changers and innovators, Sebastian's Ice Cream offers small batch artisan ice cream in inventive flavors including Sapin-Sapin, Green Mango Sorbet with Sweet Bagoong, Champorado Ice Cream with Candied Dilis, Ice Cream Cakes, Dive Bars and Poppits. And who can forget his novel Unresolved Issues for Valentine's, a sorbet made with bitter gourd?

Ice Cream Indulgence with a Local Spin

Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco and Ian Carandang then presented the new ice cream desserts reinterpreting local flavors with a fresh and novel approach using familiar elements along with Sebastian's Ice Cream for yet another culinary discovery at The Gilarmi Lounge

At the bar, Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco and Ian Carandang prepare the latest scoop from the menu...

...with one of the country's finest artisan ice cream...

...for a decadent selection of ice cream-based desserts you'll only find at The Gilarmi Lounge.

The wittingly named Taaaahho! (P 320) draws inspiration from the nostalgic childhood favorite with tapioca pearls, silken tofu, sweet brown sugar syrup and Sebastian's Yakult Ice Cream adding that delectably sour twist to a popular local staple.

The silken tofu, tapioca pearls and sweet brown sugar syrup add the familiar notes from childhood flavors while the silky smooth and creamy Sebastian's Yakult Ice Cream brings contrasting notes for that balanced and elegant finish. A bite takes you back to countless carefree childhood summers, perfectly recreated with a unique twist by Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco and Ian Carandang.

The Arroz Con Tsokolate (P 320) takes its inspiration from the local porridge with Mexican rice cake and Sebastian's Champorado Ice Cream topped with crispy candied dilis and spiced milk. It's an elegant take on the local porridge delivering the same richness of flavors with the candied dilis adding both textural contrast and depth to the indulgent sweet and mildly salty dessert.

The Fire & Ice (P 350) is another creative dessert with Sebastian's Spiced Chocolate and Hazelnut Poppits poured with hot creamy milk and garnished with cinnamon sticks. 

Simply stir with the cinnamon sticks infusing its own distinct notes to the dessert while the slowly melting Poppits completes the flavors with rich chocolate and nutty hazelnut. The Poppits chocolate covered ice cream balls are just some of the innovative offerings from Sebastian's Ice Cream, it's ice cream you can eat with your hands. The addition of Poppits in a dessert like Fire & Ice perfectly illustrates the creative collaboration in a variety of dessert expressions at The Gilarmi Lounge. A single sip drapes the palate with deep, rich and creamy notes like a comforting hug, with another soon on the way.  

Finally, the Halo-Halo (P 350) is served with Sebastian's Ube Poppits and signature Sapin-Sapin Ice Cream elegantly plated with Leche Flan and garnished with edible flowers. It's a dessert that first feeds the eyes before the palate from Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco and Ian Carandang.

The soft yet mildly chewy texture of the Sebastian's Sapin-Sapin Ice Cream from the glutinous rice grains and silky smooth Leche Flan combine for an innovative twist to the local iced dessert, while the chocolate covered Sebastian's Ube Poppits completes the textural play and weave of flavors. 

The new ice cream desserts perfectly captures the collaborative spirit of two iconic brands in unique and decadently inspired creations. Cooling down at The Gilarmi Lounge with a cocktail or an ice cream dessert becomes a well-deserved treat from the summer heat. 

Other equally tempting ice cream desserts from the collaboration include the Tea & Cakes (P 320) with Miso Creme Brûlée, Yema Sponge and Sebastian's Closure Green Tea Ice Cream; Mango Mango Mango (P 320) with Yema Cake, Puffed Tapioca and Sebastian's Mangga Sorbet and SSSSMore's (P 320) with Flourless Chocolate Cake, Sebastian's Graham Ice Cream and Torched Marshmallows. 

Discovery Primea continues to evolve and adapt to the times with its constant release of new offerings firmly establishing its position as one of Makati's top dining destinations. Beyond its extensive G & T selection and Gin Library, there's so much more to discover at The Gilarmi Lounge. From the barrel-aged Negroni to the new savory burgers from The Burger Library and indulgent dessert creations in collaboration with Sebastian's Ice Cream, The Gilarmi Lounge is the perfect spot to experience the new culinary discoveries at Discovery Primea

The Gilarmi Lounge is located at the Ground Floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City or call +63 2 955-8888 or visit for inquiries and reservations.

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