Wednesday, May 10, 2023

New York via Manila: Meet The New Pastrami Fried Rice From Deli by Chele

An iconic New York staple gets an inspired local twist. In a masterful stroke of inspiration and pure genius, Deli by Chele does it again with their latest and newest savory offering... 

Admit it. Ever since you've tried the NY Style Pastrami at Deli by Chele, you've been secretly dreaming of pairing it with fried rice topped with a sunny side-up. A timeless and enduring all-time New York classic comes closer to home with the new Pastrami Fried Rice from Deli by Chele. And this one's a real keeper...

The brined and smoked savory slabs of fork-tender brisket is a natural with bread, specifically the buttered toasted sourdough with its delicate crispness at Deli by Chele. Widely regarded as an iconic staple from the Big Apple, it just doesn't get more New York than a deli style pastrami sandwich. Fried rice? It may seem a stretch, but wait until that heaping spoonful hits your palate. Soft and fluffy fried rice flavored by the savory drippings from pastrami topped with slices of the signature brined brisket and topped with egg, you already know this a match made in heaven. New York style pastrami, it seems, made a new friend. 

At Deli by Chele in Robinsons Magnolia, the prized specialty NY Style Beef Brisket Pastrami is brought out to the chopping board...

That smoky bark on the outside is concentrated with intense flavors, and a slice reveals the pinkish smoke rings building even more layers of flavors in the curing process. It's a taste of New York, romanticized in culture and recognized around the world. Chef Chele Gonzalez takes it and runs with it with the new Pastrami Fried Rice, now available at Deli by Chele in Robinsons Magnolia, The Podium and Power Plant Mall

Changing the game is part of Chef Chele's creative DNA, and Deli by Chele showcases a snapshot of one man's culinary vision (for more on Deli by Chele, see my posts Man on a Mission: Chef Chele Gonzalez Opens Deli by Chele at Ther Podium from December last year, Comforting Combo: Deli by Chele Introduces New Truffle Cheese Melt and Tomato Soup Pairing from early this year and Meatless Friday? The Feisty Fin Smoked Salmon from Deli by Chele Is Just What You Need, Now Open for Dine-In and Take-Out at Robinsons Magnolia on their newest branch at Robinsons Magnolia).

The NY Style Pastrami becomes the base for an imaginative and inventive new offering at Deli by Chele. Brined, smoked and cured, the tedious process behind each slab of fork-tender brisket is what gives that distinct New York touch to the sandwiches at Deli by Chele. But leave it to Chef Chele to add his own spin...

...with the new Pastrami Fried Rice. The sunny side-up is prepared in a special way, cooked to a particular shape to fit nicely on the side of the bowl. It's the little details like this that reveals a glimpse on the creative process behind each new product offering at Deli by Chele.

The bowl is then carefully assembled with a layer of moist fried rice enriched with the savory drippings from the housemade NY Style Pastrami giving it a distinct color and flavor. Then, the sunny side-up is added before the tender slabs of pastrami complete the bowl. A sprinkling of fresh spring onions completes the finishing touches for the new Pastrami Fried Rice

Gently tap the yolk and let it ooze down the soft fried rice and you're ready for that big spoonful of pastrami goodness. A slice of the pastrami, rice and egg becomes an idea that just seems so right. From the beefy, mildly briny and smoky hints of the fork-tender pastrami to the soft fried rice delivering a burst of savory flavors smoothened by the richness of the sunny side-up, the Pastrami Fried Rice hits home for a unique yet comforting take on a New York classic. 

The richness of the beef is tempered by the subtle briny hints while the fried rice infused with pastrami drippings releases savory notes with each bite. The sunny side-up completes the flavors of the new dish. And it really doesn't get much better than that. 

Wash it all down with soothing and refreshing Mango Tango from Deli by Chele's very own Iced Tea Series and go for another hefty spoonful of the Pastrami Fried Rice

Chef Chele's continuous exploration of both global and local flavors have resulted in some truly memorable creations in his flagship restaurants. At Deli by Chele, the Pastrami Fried Rice is yet another innovation that cuts through the clutter and usual offerings in the metro's culinary scene. New York to Manila is approximately 13,665 kilometers, but each bite of the Pastrami Fried Rice closes the gap and the mind-blowing distance disappears. The Pastrami Fried Rice just works. 

You've always wondered what it's like to turn the NY Style Pastrami of Deli by Chele to a tapsilog, and now you can stop dreaming. New York via Manila? You bet. And enjoy another round of tasty bites of the new Pastrami Fried Rice from Deli by Chele at Robinsons Magnolia.

Deli by Chele is located at the U/G Level of Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates. 

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