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The Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour Rocks Makati and Manila's Burger Scene

The burger scene rocks to a local beat with the introduction of new and creative offerings inspired by distinctly Filipino flavors. Give a round of applause for the new Sisig, Adobo and Jackfruit Burgers of Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila...

The iconic all-American staple, the classic burger, receives a local spin with the new Sisig, Adobo and Jackfruit Burgers by Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila for a uniquely refreshing yet comfortingly familiar flavor experience. Specifically developed and created for the return of the much anticipated Hard Rock World Burger Tour competition where cafes around the world compete to have their special new burgers added to the menu, the Sisig, Adobo and Jackfruit Burgers also showcase the very best of local flavors and culinary heritage to the global stage. Ready to rock with a tasty bite? 

For a limited time, Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila raises the volume for a new kind of performance of the culinary kind with the introduction of the new Sisig, Adobo and Jackfruit Burgers. Based on their popularity with guests, these three Filipino-inspired creations have the chance to make it big time with a permanent place on the global Hard Rock Cafe burger menu. And just how cool would that be, right? Imagine chomping down a Sisig Burger in New York or an Adobo Burger in Vegas. Or a Jackfruit Burger in Cancun. The ubiquitous burger has truly crossed culinary borders becoming deeply imbedded in the popular mainstream of different cultures aided by the presence of global burger chains. And it can be quite interesting to see how the basic burger is adapted and transformed by different culinary traditions for a unique burger experience. 

The innovative program weaves distinct local flavors from around the world in a seamless blend with its inventive and inspired creations. And Hard Rock Cafe Makati goes all in with their Adobo Burger while Hard Rock Cafe Manila places its bet on the Sisig Burger. That's right, you can enjoy the Adobo Burger only at Hard Rock Cafe Makati and the Sisig Burger at Hard Rock Cafe Manila. If you're craving for a vegetarian option, the Jackfruit Burger will be available in both locations. 

The Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour encourages local Cafe team members to show off their creativity and culinary skills with the submission of unique burger recipes that also highlight distinct local flavors for burgers that truly rock the burger scene and elevate the all-time classic and fan-favorite staple. And the chefs at Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila are up to the challenge with the Sisig Burger, Adobo Burger and Jackfruit Burger

"As a global brand, we draw inspiration from the communities, music, entertainment fans and travelers we serve to create truly memorable experiences at each of our locations, from our curated memorabilia collection to our Cafe menus," said Elena Alvarez, Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Partnerships at Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International. "By providing our incredible local team members the platform to share their tastes and creativity in the kitchen, we're bringing delicious one-of-a-kind burgers from around the world to Hard Rock and burger fans alike so they can help us pick our World Burger Tour champion." 

It's a novel concept guaranteed to yield some amazing and even unexpected variations of an All-American classic reimagined with a uniquely local twist. 

"We are so excited to offer the Sisig, Adobo and Jackfruit Burgers to our Manila and Makati guests as we pay homage to Adobo and Sisig, two of the most popular and recognizable dishes that the Philippines has to offer. Our goal is to bring home a win in the World Burger Tour competition," proudly explained Jamille Ferrer, Marketing Manager, Hard Rock Cafe Manila and Makati, The Bistro Group. "We invite locals and visitors alike to enjoy this new burger and support our team as we vie for our rightful place on the Hard Rock Cafe menu." The lights are on as local flavors reinterpreted for the bigger global stage makes its debut at Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila

That day at Hard Rock Cafe Makati, The Adobo Burger was served first with a savory topping of the Filipino classic with its familiar sweet, salty and mildly sour notes. That first bite brings bold, beefy notes as you'd expect from any burger before the richness of the adobo kicks in to complete the transformation. Topped with white onions, the play on subtle sweet and salty flavors brings just a whisper of that layer of local notes without overwhelming the juicy beef patty. You've had barbecue and teriyaki versions before but not quite an adobo inspired burger. But it was really just a matter of time and bound to happen. The team at Hard Rock Cafe Makati does the job, infusing the richness of the local adobo to a classic burger.  

When you think of Filipino flavors, adobo isn't the only thing that pops up. The popular sisig makes its way to the top of the list. And this is the inspiration behind Hard Rock Cafe's Manila location for its entry to the Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

The Sisig Burger isn't shy at all with its savory richness, with each bite draping the palate with its buttery and porky notes. Infused in the beef patty, the cubes of pork add not only texture with each bite but a savory punch with all the familiar flavors of the popular pork dish. The topping of red onions and jalapeƱos completes the flavors tempering the richness with its hints of sharpness and soothing heat. 

The flavors come together quite seamlessly without tasting forced, with the sisig adding that layer of unrestrained pork goodness. It's a perfect match, with the burger transformed by the sisig. The new burger creation is available only at the Manila location of Hard Rock Cafe for a limited time, so add this to your Hard Rock Cafe Manila playlist. 

Among the three new variants, the Jackfruit Burger is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Looking like a typical burger, that illusion continues after one bite and then it hits you. The subtle sweetness and nutty hints of the jackfruit creeps up to complete the flavorful surprise. 

Texturally, the Jackfruit Burger recreates the juicy and even "beefy" mouthfeel of your usual burger. As you take more bites, the richly seasoned patty delivers bold yet unique flavors for a tasty "no meat" alternative. And the best part? This savory number is a guiltless option packed with the same flavors you love in a good burger.  

Three new burger creations from the culinary team of Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila takes the stage for the right to represent the country in the Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour, and it's a solid line-up. With the popular burger as its base, the new creations weaves the very best of the local culinary heritage in a playfully inventive spin. Globalizing the burger presents infinite possibilities with its surprising renditions, and Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila presents the best of the Philippines with the new Adobo, Sisig and Jackfruit Burger

The winning burger from each Cafe will be announced on May 23 but local entries will be available in-store until June 13. One burger will be selected from each country for the much-awaited global showdown. The selected top ten burgers based on HRI's criteria will be entered to compete for the top five spots of the World Burger Tour. And who knows, maybe even land on the international burger menu. 

Bring your appetite and raise the national colors with pride with the new Adobo, Sisig and Jackfruit Burger by Hard Rock Cafe Makati and Manila. It's time to rock the global burger scene with our very own at the Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour...

Hard Rock Cafe Makati is located at the Ground Floor, Glorietta 3, Parkway Drive, Ayala Center, Makati. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for more information and updates or call 0917 524 5058 for inquiries. 

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