Sunday, February 26, 2012

Side Views: Wide Awake in Seattle

Seattle, the final stop from the road trip two years ago. Awesome sights, awesome coffee, awesome food, awesome city. And some pretty cool cars too...

The heart of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a city of contrasts, celebrating a rich history and heritage yet progressive and always on the cutting edge. And it's easy to sat wide awake and Seattle. 

Regarded as the premiere city of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle combines both the modern and traditional in one place, offering so much variety and attractions, you'll need more than a few days to know the pulse of this very upbeat and cosmopolitan city.

The vibrant colors of the modern metropolis contrasts with the earthy, natural hues of the rich and verdant greens surrounding the city.

And finding some real classics can be real easy in Seattle...

Seattle. Still my favorite city.

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