Friday, March 23, 2012

Side Views: Antelope Canyon

The drive from the Grand Canyon to Page, Arizona seemed longer than it should with the endless desert roads. And when we reached Antelope Canyon, we entered Navajo Country. Antelope Canyon is beautiful and mysterious, almost spiritual, and the colors seem to play like it was alive. Three years later, I still can't get over Antelope Canyon, definitely a must visit after the Grand Canyon.

Inside, the afternoon light paints the smooth walls of the canyon in a palette of vibrant colors, changing with the shifting light. 

Smoothened by water and wind erosion over thousands of years, Antelope Canyon remains one the most unique, and definitely most beautiful, natural formations and a must-see after the Grand Canyon.

And like a paint brush, the shifting light provides colors to the smooth walls. 

Each turn inside Antelope Canyon reveals even more colors and patterns.

And like a great bear, this formation commands your attention.

That's one more check on a long bucket list...

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