Thursday, June 7, 2012

Food News: Sights and Flavors at the Distrito at Makati Night Market

Rediscover familiar names and flavors, and discover new ones. And there's a whole lot of flavors to discover at the Distrito at Makati Night Market.  

The Distrito at Makati is a unique mid-week food and lifestyle festival in the heart of the metro's commercial and business district, perfect for a late night meal after work.

Formally relaunched last June 6, Distrito at Makati brings back different cuisines at affordable prices from noted food entrepreneurs, all in one place. Very cool.

Experience and taste a wide selection of snacks, meals, pastries, desserts and food products  from the metro's best home chefs, bakers, and restauarnts.

The sights, sounds and aromas, the energy and the vibe provide an interesting experience, an amazing backdrop to an enjoyable meal. Definitely one awesome food trip, just let your eyes and nose lead the way.

And here's a sampling of what's in store for you in your visit to the Distrito at Makati...

Grilled meats and barbecues of every kind...

...freshly cooked chicharon of all types and varieties... 

...crispy Bagnet (pork belly)...

...Pork Sisig, including Tuna and Chicken versions...

...deep dish pizzas...

...Chicken Skewers on Baracas Rice...

...Sushi Rolls... interesting Japanese pizza...

...and bacon, why not.

And there's more. Longaniza...


...deep fried Vigan empanada, prepared as you order...

...potatoes with cheese...

...Chef Resty's Roast Beef...

...Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen...

...all types of cakes and pastries...

...and why not end your food trip with Mochiko, frozen sweet rice flour balls stuffed with ice cream. 

The mid-week market also features live acoustic music, free WiFi, plus free freshly brewed coffee for Makati Medical doctors and employees and call center/BPO employees. Make your next food trip at Distrito at Makati, and bring a healthy appetite.

The Distrito at Makati is located at the Makati Medical Center Parking Lot along the corners of Ayala Avenue and Salcedo Street, and open from 9pm to 3am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Check them out on Facebook at or Twitter at for more details.

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  1. No fair... I want to try it all!! What a wonderful place. :)

    1. Hi Ramona, It'll probably take at least 2-3 visits to try everything, lots of good eats! Thanks for stopping by Ramona!

  2. Wow, I've seen some serious food markets, but never one with that much prepared food. I'd like some of those chicken skewers, please!

    1. Hi Cucina49, the night market's awesome, and the chicken skewers were great! Thanks for stopping by Cucina49!

  3. How awesome! I wish we have something like this in my local area. I'm so jealous...

    1. Hey Ducky, lots of good eats! Thanks for stopping by Ducky!

  4. you made me drool over these foods, not fair :-(

  5. i am so drooling over the sushi and lasagna.. :) here for ftf. hope you could drop by my entry at

    1. And there's so much more to try, it'll take more than one visit to try them all! Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Wow just looking at your pics makes my mouth water, imagining the taste of the food. I gotta visit this place!

    <a href="”>The Twerp and I</a>

    1. Hi Jellybelly, thanks! try to visit. it's one awesome food trip!

  7. everything looks good and i know they all tastes as good! i want to go there too!!!
    you just made me hungry... :-( lols!

    Bonz World

    1. Hi Bonz, lots of good eats in one place, definitely a must try! Thanks for visiting!

  8. woohoo! what a feast of foods you have here :-) I am so drooling to the max especially those bbq :-) I want to dive in to those bbq's right now :-) Returning from Food Trip Friday :-)


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