Friday, September 7, 2012

Crazy for Katsu at Yabu: The House of Katsu

I've always enjoyed Katsu, and after hearing so much about Yabu: The House of Katsu, I had to give it a try. And I'm just so glad I did.

Yabu: The House of Katsu serves all types of katsus, from the traditional pork tonkatsu to chicken, and seafood like prawns, oysters, salmon and cream dory fish. Plus, premium Kurobota pork is also offered. Each set comes in a tray with miso soup, pickled radishes and cucumbers, pineapples, and here's the best part, unlimited Japanese rice and shredded cabbage. Pretty cool.

Located in the new Robinson Magnolia Mall in Quezon City, the place was already packed by 6:30 pm, definitely a sign of good things to come.

To best enjoy Yabu's katsu, you have to prepare the dipping sauce. You'll need to grind the roasted sesame seeds before pouring the thick, dark tonkatsu sauce. Add a little karashi, or Japanese mustard for a little heat.

Once the dipping sauce is done, you're set.

With the dipping sauce done, our appetizers came next, a refreshing Wakami Salad (P 195), or seaweed topped with fish roe.

Sweet, with a subtle briny flavor, a great way to start the meal.

I go for the Rosu (pork loin) Katsu, served with miso soup, pickled vegetables and unlimited rice and shredded cabbage (P 405 for a 180g cut). The pork loin has just the right amount of fat for added flavor and to maintain the juiciness of the cutlet. A leaner tenderloin cutlet is also offered.

Immediately, you'll notice the thick cut pork loin and the fine panko breading. But one bite will tell you this is no ordinary katsu. Crisp on the outside, unbelievably juicy and tender inside. The contrasting textures in each bite, and the quality of the pork loin make this one of the best katsus in the metro.

Master Chef Kazuya Takeda from Tokyo's Tonkatsu Takeshin served as Yabu's consultant, and you can taste the difference. To ensure the highest quality, all of Yabu's pork, chicken and seafood are delivered fresh, and never frozen. Then it's rolled delicately in fresh panko flakes and deep-fried in 100% pure canola oil.

We also got to try the Prawn Katsu set (P 475), four large prawns with panko katsu-style breading. The prawns are large and fresh, definitely another winner.

The quality and serving size provide excellent value, and each dish highlights the freshness of the ingredients. Awesome.

Yabu also offers Japanese-style curry bowls, and this Chicken Curry set (P 320) also comes with unlimited rice and shredded cabbage. You can choose your preferred level of heat, from mild, hot to spicy.

The crunch of the chicken and the hot curry sauce provide some great texture, another winner in Yabu's menu.

Check out Yabu's hip anime-inspired frames on the walls, very cool.

Excellent food, great value. Authentic and premium quality. Simply the best katsu in the metro. And with more branches scheduled to open, one can expect even more good things from Yabu: The House of Katsu.

Yabu: The House of Katsu is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Robinson Magnolia, New Manila, Dona Hemady St. corner Aurora Blvd., N. Domingo St., Kaunlaran, Quezon City.

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    1. Hi pinkc00kies, awesome katsu, definitely a must try! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I wish I had such lovely places to try here. :) Looks wonderful. :)

    1. Hi Ramona, this one's new, and the katsu is awesome! Great to hear from you Ramona!


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