Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chocolate Croissants

It seems I can't get enough of CafeFrance, and the tempting Buy One, Take One deal held daily after 6pm. So I find myself queuing up, a little after 6pm. This time, I go for the Chocolate Croissants...

The Chocolate Croissants from CafeFrance (P 55 per piece regular price, or for 2 pieces after 6pm), a flaky and buttery croissant drizzled with a rich chocolate topping. Unlike the Chocolate Walnut Croissant featured previously, the Chocolate Croissant doesn't have that distinctive "crescent" shape, but one bite through the flaky layers tells you it's a croissant.

Just pop in the croissants in the oven toaster for about 2 minutes, and a buttery aroma starts to fill the air. Nice. The chocolate drizzle also glistens once you pull it out from the oven toaster, slighted melted without losing form.  The rich chocolate and the buttery croissants work well together, always a great pairing.

Each bite brings a burst of buttery and chocolatey flavors, and the light crunch of the buttery layers add a nice texture to each bite.

Great when paired with a good cup of coffee for a quick and satisfying breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.

Chocolate on pastries always works for me, and this one's a winner. Though a bit smaller than the Chocolate Walnut Croissant also from CafeFrance, these chocolate croissants are big on chocolate...

...and here's the best part. Inside each croissant, you will find sticks of premium Belgian chocolate for that extra burst of chocolate flavor. Cool.

CafeFrance is located at Ortigas Avenue corner Roosevelt Street (beside Jollibee), San Juan, Metro Manila, or call 721-1284 for inquiries.

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  1. You are tempting me with these wonderful clicks.

  2. You have one lucky belly... it's always welcoming the best food. :) I would love one of these chocolate croissants. :)

    1. Hi Ramona, it's good, and with the after 6pm 50% discount, even better! Thanks for stopping by Ramona!


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