Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Food News: GrantonWorld Launches the Ultimate All-You-Can-Eat Spree at Mercato Centrale

Ever wished you could go on an eating binge at Mercato Centrale? Now you can. GrantonWorld, a leading online shopping social e-commerce hub, recently launched the All-You-Can-Eat Spree at the Mercato Centrale offering diners a unique culinary adventure.

Indulge in old favorites and discover new ones at Mercato Centrale in an exciting and fun one hour All-You-Can-Eat experience like no other, an hour of pure culinary indulgence.

Mercato Centrale's laid back outdoor food market setting is the perfect backdrop for your culinary adventure. The convenient layout is easy to navigate, starting in one end, until a u-turn to reach the other end, with tasty bites in between.

The participating food stalls at Mercato Centrale preparing for the All-You-Can-Eat extravaganza...

...prepping all the ingredients for their signature dishes...

...as the sounds, sights and aroma fill your senses...

...and the food stalls are ready for battle.
The buzzer signals the start of the mad dash, and your culinary adventure begins...

And here's the cool part. To warm up the diners for the all-you-can-eat adventure, the spree began with a 5-minute shopping splurge where you can take home pre-packed items. It's a also a sneak preview where you can scout out the food, and pick the ones you'll come back to for the one hour all-you-can-eat spree.

And to make it easier for you, diners are supplied with reusable bags to stash the loot during the 5-minute spree. Nice touch. And the line builds up at Kimchi Pinoy, a fusion of Korean and Filipino cuisine with the popular Kimchi Fried Rice...

During the all-you-can-eat spree, I reconnected with old favorites at Mercato Centrale. Kat Reantazo, the creative driving force behind Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen, the incredibly crisp strips of pork belly, an all-time favorite, and yes, sinfully irresistible.

And Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen is easy to spot, just look for the long queue of happy faces...

If you like crispy bacon, you'll definitely love this. Forget your diet, this is just too good to pass up. Crunchy, lightly salted, pure pork bliss, what's not to like? Just give in and go with the flow...

And you'll find some cool new tasty discoveries as well, like the Lasagna Cups from Pastafarian, bite-sized treats of your favorite lasagna.

Liquor in ice cream? Cool. Frisch Liquor Ice Cream, smooth and rich ice cream creatively infused with liquor, a refreshingly unique twist to the usual ice cream.

And some innovative burgers from Monster Burger...

...like the unique Kaldereta Burger.

Bistrology's Rice Balls, breaded and deep-fried made with creamy and cheesey risotto, and a variety of stuffings like, bacon, tinapa (dried fish), or the popular 3-cheese Arancini with aligue (crab fat).

Then, there are desserts for any sugar fix...

...including elegant cakes from Bambi's House of Desserts...

...and some cool mini-cupcakes.

Ping Gu's Mushroom Fries, freshly picked organic mushrooms that are breaded, deep-fried in canola, and served with a variety of dips, including creamy pesto, salsa, honey mustard, and sweet chili. Different and tasty, a real treat for mushroom lovers.

And don't forget to stop by Mio Gelato's cool truck...

...for some cool frozen treats.

There's just so much more, including authentic Vigan Empanada...

...to barbecue, pita wraps, pizza rolls, fried rice, Japanese food, cheesesteaks, roast beef and turkey sandwiches and fresh juices. All under one tent. 

Hungry? Two more sprees are scheduled for November 9 and 16, with 100 slots for sale at only P 499, simply visit and register at the GrantonWorld website to buy your slots in an amazing all-you-can-eat spree. More than just the usual deal buying site, GrantonWorld provides fantasy shopping events and exclusive deals for services and products from leading establishments. Buyers can avail of voucher booklets for top-notch restaurants and spas, as well as special deals and packages on local and foreign trips, gadgets, appliances and home products. Check out the site and find out how you can live more for less.

And just in case you need some quick cash to satisfy your hunger after the one hour all-you-can-eat spree...a mobile ATM. cool.

Congratulations to organizers John Rankins, CEO of GrantonWorld with RJ Ledesma  of Mercato Centrale, for a unique and fun event. Expect more to come from GrantonWorld and Mercato Centrale...

For more information, visit www.grantonworld.com.ph or call 945-8438 for inquiries.

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  1. The techie in me prevails as I got amazed with the mobile ATM than the eat all you can food fair.hahaha. :) I'd love to try the eat all you can soon though. :P


    1. hey Mich, that mobile ATM was pretty cool right? Great idea...thanks for stopping by mich!

  2. hi dude! this sounds fun! what time did the food feast start? did you get to visit and try out every booth? was is even possible?

    1. hey Jay, man, that was fun! The spree started late afternoon and as much as I wanted to try every booth, I was just so full. It's a pretty cool event! Great to hear from you Jay!

  3. Amazing idea but I'm such a slow eater, one hour would be too short :)

    1. Hi triggerhappyfoodie, you'll have to scout the place and focus on the booths that interest you to maximize the 1 hour spree, lots of fun! Thanks for dropping by!


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