Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Food News: Italianni's Launches Cool New Dishes

Cool things are happening at Italianni's. Italianni's introduces several new dishes including salads, pasta, pizza and desserts to an expanding menu, offering diners more choices and more reasons to visit Italianni's. 

I've always enjoyed the traditional, family-style atmosphere at Italianni's, making it one of my favorite go-to places for a good pasta. Great food and excellent service, it feels like coming home every time I visit.

The newly renovated Italianni's at Mall of Asia, subtle new touches but still retaining the warmth, familiarity and homey feel of the Italianni's I've grown to love, perfect venue to launch Italianni's new line of dishes. It's been quite some time since my last visit to Italianni's (check out my last post here at, so when I was invited to join other food bloggers to sample the new dishes,  I immediately confirmed. It was, after all, like coming back home.

And what better way to start sampling Italianni's new dishes, alongside other old favorites, with Italianni's signature focaccia with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a prelude to more good things to come...

First up is Italianni's new Alaskan Crab Dip, rich and creamy with chunks of white crab meat, perfect with the buttered garlic bread and pita. The Alaskan Crab definitely adds a subtle flavor and texture to the dip, a great addition to Italianni's list of starters. 

Squeeze a little lemon for that extra burst of flavor, and nothing will hold you back from going for seconds. And thirds...

Next came the Four Seasons Salad, an impressive medley of fresh, crisp lettuce with seafood, fruits, cheese and a light vinaigrette. The contrasting flavors and textures combine well for a great salad dish.   

The succulent shrimps, crisp fresh romaine and sweet red grapes add distinct notes yet go together so well, definitely a must try.  

Italianni's signature Sicilian Chicken Salad was also served, an old favorite. The combination of sweet mangoes, grilled chicken and a sharp lemon mustard vinaigrette still makes this old favorite a standout.

A cold, sweet Lychee Green Tea is a refreshing alternative to the usual iced tea, as more new dishes arrived...

Italianni's new Creamy Crab Spaghetti, with with chunks of crab meat in a rich white sauce, perfect for seafood lovers. 

As with any Italianni's dish, quality of ingredients and freshness are guaranteed, and this new pasta dish simply confirms this with its subtle flavors. 

And there's more. Italianni's new Penne with Italian Sausage, with a simple yet creamy white sauce that complements the richness of  Italian sausage. Real comfort food.

Seafood Cioppino, another old favorite, loaded with clams, mussels, squid and shrimps, a real seafood treat in a tart tomato and wine based sauce. One bite will tell you why this has been a regular favorite. 

Italianni's also added two new pizza dishes to the menu, both with a distinct twist that's fresh and different from Italianni's current pizza items. The new Seafood Mango Pizza, a delightful combination of flavors and textures on a rustic flat bread traditional style pizza. Sweet, tart and savory, all in one bite. The addition of mangoes is new to me, but it really combines well with the seafood toppings, giving this pizza a more tropical feel. 

Next up is the new Angus Steak Pizza, with caramelized onions and green peppers, a definite must try for meat lovers. The sweetness of the onions and green peppers enhance the bold flavors of the premium Angus steak, perfect combo.

Next came the new Crispy Pork Ribs, deep-fried with Italian herbs and seasoning. It's a refreshing new take on the usual crispy pork dish, and the Italian herbs give this a unique flavor. And with garlic fried rice, simply awesome...

Italianni's new Seafood Risotto completed the feast, loaded with calamari, shrimp and topped with a grilled salmon. Rich, yet not too heavy, a real meal in itself.

The moist arborio rice is delicately flavored by the seafood and herbs, with everything combining perfectly in one dish. Overall, the new dishes were quite impressive, and I definitely have some new favorites to add to my list. To cap the evening, Italianni's served two new desserts, a perfect highlight to an already perfect dinner...

Italianni's new Limon di Cielo, a rich, creamy caramel custard enhanced by a subtle lemon flavor. It's familiar, yet refreshingly different. Indulgent, yet light, perfect with a good cup of coffee.

Next up is Italianni's new Red Velvet Cheesecake, a decadent layered dessert of moist red velvet cake, white chocolate mouse and cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate chips. Rich and creamy, I see a potential bestseller with this one. 

And why not end the meal with some of Italianni's all-time favorites, the Tartufo, another signature dessert. Moist chocolate cake layered with white and dark chocolate mouse covered in rich fudge, the ultimate chocolate fix for chocoholics.

Chocolate perfection on a plate... simply can't stop after just one bite, so just give in and go for it.

And finally, Italianni's classic Panna Cotta, another all-time favorite. Rich vanilla custard on sweet mango sauce. A great ending to a perfect dinner. 

There are many reasons to visit Italianni's, the new dishes are definitely worth checking out. Like I've said before, visiting Italianni's is like coming home for me. And it feels really good to be home again. And again. 

Thanks to Mitzi Navarro (L), Marketing Director of the The Bistro Group; Donna Fernandez (R), Assistant Brand Manager, and Lauren from Italianni's for hosting an awesome dinner. Expect to hear more good things from Italianni's...

Italianni's is located at the 2L South Wing, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay City or call 556-0549 for inquiries.

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  1. The Tartufo looks delicious!!!! Too bad I didn't go. :(

    1. Hi michymichymoo, the Tartufo rocks! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Everything looks delicious! I'm looking forward in trying out their Alaskan Crab Dip.

  3. Sounds like a great place! Love the look of the desserts.

    1. Hi Caroline, the desserts are awesome! Great to hear from you!

  4. these made my stomach growl!
    i love their sicilian chicken salad. the seafood mango pizza looks scrumptious! will be in MoA this weekend...will check them out. can't wait!:p

    1. Hi Luna, enjoy your meal at Italianni's and have a great weekend!

  5. The Sicilian Chicken Salad is my favorite Italianni's dish (along with the Spinach-Artichoke Dip). You're right, Italianni's does have this homey atmosphere that makes dining a lot more pleasurable.

    Hopping here thru Food Trip Friday.

    1. Hi Jenn, it almost feels like eating great food at someone's home, very homey and comforting...thanks for dropping by Jenn!

  6. I've been there a couple of times before. Their complimentary bread truly rocks! Haha. :)

    1. Hi jerellt, yup, the bread rocks! A little olive oil and balsamic, perfect! Thanks for dropping by!


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