Monday, November 26, 2012

Food News: Papa John's Big Bonanza Christmas Trio

The holidays are fast approaching, and pizza with friends and family is one cool way to jump start the Christmas season. Better yet, check out Papa John's Big Bonanza Christmas Trio for an awesome deal... 

Just purchase one Large Big Bonanza (14") and four regular Coca-Cola for only P 610 and you get a Nestle Drumstick Loaded Ice Cream (800 ml) for FREE. Yup, free ice cream with Papa John's Big Bonanza Christmas Trio.

Since it opened its first store in the US in 1984, Papa John's now has over 3,500 stores worldwide, with a fast-growing presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

And in 2010, Papa John's opened its first store in Manila, giving local consumers a taste of Papa John's brand of pizza built around the simple concept of "Better ingredients. Better Pizza."  

Papa John's and recently invited a group of bloggers to sample the Big Bonanza at the Greenhills branch last week, and I was fortunate to be part of the group. It was my first time at Papa John's, and I was looking forward to trying out their pizzas after hearing about the "Bite, Dip, Eat" way of having pizzas, Papa John's style. And a couple of Big Bonanzas were on the way...

Papa John's Big Bonanza, fresh dough with BBQ sauce topped with ham, bacon, beef, onions, tomatoes, jalapeno and mozzarella cheese. The combination of flavors from the sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, the bacon and meat toppings and the rich mozzarella blend well, and the crispness of the vegetable toppings round out the flavors and textures.

The buttery dough was a delight to eat, balancing out the rich, savory meat toppings along with the mozzarella and BBQ sauce.  

And like they say, anything with bacon just tastes a lot better.

I usually would leave out the rounded crust on the wide edge of the pizza by the second or third slice until I discovered Papa John's "Bite, Dip, Eat" style...

...simply bite a piece of Jalapeno for a little heat, dip the rounded crust in Papa John's buttery Garlic Sauce, and eat. It's that simple. The burst of flavors in every bite was something new and different. It's always great to try a new way of eating an old favorite. Cool.

We also got to try Papa John's Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks (P 90), drizzled with the same buttery Garlic Sauce. Another refreshing twist on the usual. If you enjoy the rounded crust of Papa John's pizzas, you'll love this. 

And finally, Nestle's Drumstick loaded ice cream for dessert. The 800 ml tub is good for 4, and ideal for sharing. And absolutely free with every purchase of the Big Bonanza Christmas Trio.

A cool blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate coated drumstick cones, almonds and chocolate syrup, a sweet and creamy ending to Papa John's Big Bonanza.

Definitely a cool way to end the meal at Papa John's. The new Big Bonanza Christmas Trio is big on taste and value, and great for sharing with the gang or family this holiday season. Papa John's Big Bonanza Christmas Trio is valid for dine-in, take-out and delivery. Nice.  

Special thanks to Mark Benedict M. Palad (far right), Marketing Assistant, Papa John's Philippines, and for the cool dinner.

Hungry for pizza? Check out Papa John's Big Bonanza Christmas Trio, with a real cool treat for dessert.

Papa John's is located at 53-B, Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan or call 721-9676 or 722-2612 for inquiries. 

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