Friday, December 14, 2012

A Quick Break at Flapjacks

As the Christmas rush gets into high gear, time for a late lunch at the Greenhills Theatre Mall. Time for Flapjacks...

For some odd reason, this December month feels like summer, the glare and heat clearly not helping the shopping rush.  Some fresh fruit juices should cool things down a bit, and we start with Flapjacks' Cucumber Breeze (P 125) and Apple Juice (P 75).

A refreshing blend of fresh cucumbers, pear, fresh lemon and mint, a healthy and soothing drink to beat the heat. 

Next up, Citrus Cilantro Salad (P 145 Lunch Size), crisp romaine lettuce, cucumbers, onion rings, cilantro leaves, mandarin oranges and lime juice. Freshness and flavor in one plate, cool.

Then the mains arrived, the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared Whitefish (P 330), tender fish fillet with buttered vegetables...

...and the Cajun Spiced Pork Chops (295), grilled perfectly, topped with apple gravy sauce on a bed of Tex-Mex Rice with a side of buttered vegetables. Quick, light meals yet complete and filling. A cool break from the mad holiday rush at Flapjacks. 

Flapjacks is located at F&B3 Arts Plaza, Greenhills Theatre Mall, San Juan or call 584-0639 for inquiries.

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