Monday, December 17, 2012

Food News: Italianni's Launches New Christmas Platters

The holiday season is here, and there's no better way to celebrate than having a great meal with friends and family. And the family style meals at Italianni's are always a good choice. Now there's two more reasons to have a great meal with friends and family at Italianni's. The new Christmas Platters from Italianni's are perfect for get togethers, with The Country Classic and The Farmers Feast Christmas Platters. Cool.

Each of Italianni's new Christmas Platters consist of a pasta, chicken and meat dish, a pretty cool mix of flavors with something for everyone. I recently got to sample both The Country Classic and The Farmers Feast at Italianni's along with other bloggers for lunch last weekend, and that was one cool lunch. 

I start off with a Fresh Grapes Shake (P 140), cool and naturally sweet, a perfect start. Italianni's offers an extensive line of fresh fruit shakes and smoothies, and its always cool to start any meal at Italianni's with a fresh fruit beverage. 

Other fresh fruit shakes at the table, the Watermelon Shake (P 140) and Four Seasons Shake (P 140), adding bright splashes of colors before the meal.

I go for a second fresh fruit beverage, the Freshly Squeezed Apple and Carrot Juice (P 180), sweet and refreshing, healthy never tasted this good.

The Bistro Group's Lisa Ronquillo, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, details the new Christmas Platters, as Italianni's friendly staff serves the first of two Christmas Platters...

First up, The Country Classic (P 1,125) which includes a perfectly Grilled Chicken with gravy, tender and  moist, with subtle flavors...

...the Creamy Marinara Pasta with smoked salmon and bell peppers, a delicious pasta with the distinct notes from the smoked salmon in a rich marinara sauce, a nice blend of flavors...

...and the Tender Boneless Beef Short Ribs, with juicy slices of beef in a rich gravy. I really enjoyed this one, and the juicy beef slices are just perfectly grilled with just the right amount of fat for that rich flavor. The Country Classic offers a nice variety of flavors, all prepared with Italianni's premium quality ingredients.

Up Next, The Farmers Feast (P 1,125) includes Aglio Oglio Pasta, an olive oil based pasta with a rich nutty flavor, great when paired with the other dishes of The Farmers Feast... the Herb Roasted Chicken, enriched with the smoky and herb flavors for a great chicken dish...

...and the Tender, slow-braised Baby Back Ribs basted with Italianni's very own Bourbon sauce. Sweet, smoky, and absolutely delicious. It's difficult for me to choose just one Christmas Platter, as both Christmas Platters offer a delicious mix of dishes and flavors. But if you enjoy beef, go for the The Country Classic. If you're looking for ribs, go for The Farmers Feast. Either way, both are definitely winners. And just perfect for the holiday season.

Then, there are the signature dishes of Italianni's to add to your selected platter, like the Four Seasons Salad (L) and the classic Fried Calamari  with rich Marinara dipping sauce (R), both great starters...

...the Angus Steak Pizza (L), if you like your pizza with a beefy punch, this one's a good choice, and the Creamy Crab Spaghetti (R), with strips of real crab meat...

...the Seafood Mango Pizza (L), a delicious blend of sweet mangoes and succulent seafood, and of course, Italianni's line of indulgent desserts, like the Tartufo (R)...

...and the New York Cheesecake, classic New York style cheesecake served on a rich strawberry amaretto sauce, a perfect ending to cap an amazing lunch. Great with a good cup of coffee.

Italianni's new Christmas Platters offers great flavors and value, just perfect for the holidays. Jump start your holiday feast with Italianni's new Christmas Platters, and have an awesome Christmas! Special thanks to Lisa Ronquillo, Assistant Vice President for Marketing; Mitzi Navarro, Marketing Director; and Joshua Torres from The Bistro Group for a great lunch...good food, good times.

Italianni's is located at Quadrant 5, Space 1E14, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City or call 856-4094 for inquiries.

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    1. hi mich, the cheesecake was great! Great to hear from you mich!

  2. Hi.. everything look excellent and delicious especially the baby back ribs,it sure taste heavenly. And the fruits shake are so refreshing, sluurrrpp...

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Amelia, the fresh fruit shakes were refreshing, great start to an awesome meal. Thanks for stopping by Amelia!

  3. Looks like an absolutely awesome day!

    1. Hi cquek, absolutely awesome! Great to hear from you cquek!


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