Saturday, February 15, 2014

Burgers and Booze at Speakeasy

The secret's out. There's one more place for burgers and booze...

Located at the brand new Alphaland Makati Place at the end of Ayala Avenue corner Malugay Street, Speakeasy is the newest joint offering classic burgers and comfort food with premium signature cocktails. Burgers and booze, always a winning combo and Speakeasy does both right.

Aside from the usual favorites, Speakeasy offers an impressive selection of signature cocktails. With Speakeasy's resident Mixologist, Alyona Vinogradova-Jeffery, you can have your very own customized cocktail. Just give Alyona an idea of your personal tastes and she'll mix one up for you in no time.

Start with one of Speakeasy's signature shots. Speakeasy's Blood Shot (P 300), a shot of premium tequila paired with a classic Mexican Sangrita chaser, tomato juice with sweet, sour notes finished with a spicy kick. The initial shot of tequila will definitely put some hair on your chest, but the sweet, sour, and spicy chaser  balances everything out, with the cooling heat from the spice lingering long after you down the shot. Just the shot you need before any meal at Speakeasy.

Speakeasy also serves a whole line of classic comfort food, including Speakeasy's Truffle Mac & Cheese (P 375), macaroni with a creamy cheese sauce with bacon and truffle oil, a comforting pasta dish pumped up with indulgent and nutty truffle oil. Rich, creamy, and flavorful, the Truffle Mac & Cheese  is a surefire cure after one too many cocktails.

Or go with one of Speakeasy's signature sandwiches. The Montecristo (P 295), Farmer's ham and Gruyere cheese on white bread soaked in homemade batter, pan-seared to perfection in butter, served with a side of crisp potato skins. Soft, delicate flavors with the subtle smoky hint from the premium Farmer's ham and rich Gruyere cheese makes this combo yet another winner from Speakeasy's kitchen.

The Speakeasy Burger (P 520), a premium all-beef patty with arugula, lettuce, onion, tomato and Gruyere cheese, topped with a sunny-side up and served with a side of crisp potato skins. You have a choice of crisp potato skins, mashed potatoes or fresh-cut fries, all excellent sides.

Speakeasy uses organic eggs, and one look at the deep yellow yolk just screams for that one big bite. The fresh greens, tomato and onion add layers of texture to this seriously good burger.

A cross section of the Speakeasy Burger reveals a perfectly grilled premium all-beef patty, juicy and big on flavor, just the way it should be. The sunny side-up and Gruyere cheese rounds out the flavors with an indulgent richness in every bite. That's one seriously good burger.

Speakeasy also offers a rich Croque Madame (P 315), Farmer's ham and Gruyere cheese topped with a sunny-side up and even more Gruyere cheese on white bread, served with thick, fresh-cut fries.

For dessert, Speakeasy's got that covered too. The Speakeasy Napoleon (P 180), a delicate puff pastry with rich cream and strawberry sauce, perfect with a good cup of brewed coffee. It's rare to find elegantly plated desserts in a bar, and Speakeasy's desserts tastes as good as it looks.

Or the Spiced Banana and Nutella Crepe (P 180), topped with mint and candied nuts, and another cool ending to a great meal at Speakeasy.

I started with a Blood Shot, and capped my meal with another. That's how we roll at Speakeasy...

Burgers and booze. And at Speakeasy, you get both and more. Steaks, pasta, sandwiches and desserts. And cocktails too. Special thanks to Chefs Mike Santos and Robert Guevarra for an awesome lunch. And Alyona for the awesome shots...

Speakeasy is located at Unit 10, Ground Floor, Alphaland Makati Place, Malugay Street corner Ayala Avenue, Makati or call 0917-499-3279 for inquiries and reservations. 

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