Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zen and Fine Dining at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar

A delicate, carefully placed incision in a gentle yet precise motion speaks volumes as Executive Japanese Chef Masahiro Mizumoto prepares his signature sashimi. Years of experience, and a passion for perfection goes into each sashimi dish, and as the dish is served, one can't help but admire the zen-like plating.

It's been said many times before that Japanese cuisine tends to feed both the eyes and the palate, and this is true at Kitsho Japanese restaurant and Sake Bar. After trying Chef Masahiro Mizumoto's famed Fugu, or blowfish, prepared four ways at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar (see more on my amazing and bucket list worthy Fugu experience here at, Chef Masahiro Mizumoto and his team prepare yet another impressive selection of traditional Japanese dishes...

Using only the freshest ingredients, Chef Masahiro Mizumoto and his team creates plated masterpieces everyday, including a selection of the finest sushi. Each dish is delicately arranged with an almost zen-like vibe, creating a visual sync with simple yet fresh flavors.

Hamachi, Japanese amberjack on vinegared rice, with fresh, clean flavors and a subtle sweetness.

Tuna Sashimi, thick slices of rich tuna, with a fresh briny hint of the sea. The vibrant colors are another sign of freshness, and the slices of fresh sashimi at Kitsho are thick, making each bite so full of flavor. Gently close your eyes...and go for another cold beer to reach a state of near enlightenment.

Premium Salmon Sashimi, with its bright orange color signalling freshness and sweet, rich flavors, as Chef Masahiro Mizumoto and his team continue to serve their signature dishes...

Uni, rich sea urchin roe with grilled peppers...

...and Grilled Salmon, with each plate serving as the chef's very own canvas with a wide palette of flavors.

The range of authentic Japanese dishes is impressive.  A slow cooked Japanese Pork Stew with soy beans, with tender pork braised for hours until fork-tender. Almost like a fabada, the delicate flavors of the pork blend well with the nutty soy beans.

The simplicity of sea urchin roe, with its delicate notes as the only layer of flavor. And that's all you'll really need. Really.

Beef Gyudon on rice, comfortingly familiar. Thin strips of tender beef on soft, fluffy rice, with peppers and onions, always a winner. And there's more as Chef Masahiro Mizumoto continues to bring out even more dishes...

A delicate dish made with egg whites, shiitake and seafood, smooth and creamy, yet light and flavorful.

Unagi, grilled eel  on rice with a sweet glaze, on steamed white rice. The sweet glaze completes this dish.

Crabstick Kara-Age, prepared like a delicate fan, with tender crab wrapped in a light batter.

Ebi Tempura, no Japanese feast is complete without this dish. The delicate and crisp batter is light and airy, allowing you taste more of the succulent prawns.

Organic Pork with grilled vegetables, served on a sizzling plate. The freshness of the vegetables combine well with the tender pork, a comforting meal in itself.

End your feast with a juicy steak, premium beef with enoki mushrooms and grilled peppers. The simplicity fo each dish is deceptive, as each dish brings out the purest and freshest flavors. And in true zen-like style, each dish is a visual and sensory experience. Delicate and subtle flavors, prepared by the dedicated team led by Chef Masahiro Mizumoto, using only the best, premium, and freshest ingredients. Works for me. Special thanks to Chef Masahiro Mizumoto and his team for an awesome experience at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar.

Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar islocated at Traders Hotel, 3001 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila or call 708-4888 for inquiries and reservations. 

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