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Dads World Buffet: Plating the World's Flavors for 38 Years

The country's pioneer buffet dining concept celebrates its 38th Anniversary, that's thirty-eight years of plating the world's flavors at Dads World Buffet...

And for one day, diners can enjoy the signature buffet at a special 50% discount of only P 444 on August 26, 2015. Dads World Buffet's Anniversary gift to loyal guests can be availed and enjoyed in groups of six or more, as you go on an epic culinary journey of the world's flavors. Around the world in eighty plates or more, at half the price, is just too good to pass up.

For 38 years, the story of Dads World Buffet continues to inspire and satisfy your craving for the world's iconic flavors and cuisines. The evolution from its early days with Kamayan serving authentic Filipino cuisine and Saisaki with its impressive Japanese dishes continues to unfold at Dads World Buffet with its premium spread. 

The different stations at Dads World Buffet's SM Megamall branch slowly come to life as preparations for the evening's dinner service began, as the sound and aroma of different dishes fill the air. The very best of the world's diverse flavors add a festive and celebratory vibe at Dads World Buffet, and this is repeated every day in all of their branches.

One of the signature dishes at Dads World Buffet is their impressive selection of Sashimi, Sushi, and intricate Rolls and Cones, over 70 varieties in all, each made fresh everyday.

At the station, the team of chefs prepare the different varieties of sushi using the finest and freshest ingredients, and nothing is pre-made and stored in chillers before the dinner service. What you get is fresh sushi and sashimi, made just a few minutes earlier. 

Another popular station in all Dads World Buffet branches features a selection of iconic Filipino pork dishes, including the traditional Bagnet (R), the regional crispy pork belly version of Lechon Kawali from the north, with its layer of light and crunchy crackling. And there's more...

Right beside it is the equally iconic Crispy Pata (L), deep-fried and crunchy pig's knuckles and the Kamayan Lechon de Leche (R), a whole roast suckling pig, ready for carving. The station also featured other pork specialties, including Boneless Lechon Belly Roll, Pritson de Leche, Lechon Sisig, and Lechon Kawali to satisfy any pork craving.  

At the Carving Station, one will always find Dads World Buffet's signature Dads Ham, alongside other specialties, including... 

...US Roast Turkey, served with a choice of brown giblet or white giblet gravy with cranberry jelly and mashed potatoes...

...US Roast Beef, served with a choice of mushroom gravy or pepper sauce with baked potato and buttered vegetables...

...and New Zealand Roast Leg of Lamb, served with a choice of mint jelly or au jus with broccoli, cauliflower, marble potatoes, and Baguio beans.

In true Dads World Buffet style, one can also enjoy Brazilian Churrasco, with a variety of grilled meats and sausages served with salads and sauces. Local flavors alongside the best of global cuisine, all in one place. It's now time to pick up a plate and embark on your very own culinary journey around the world at Dads World Buffet...

Start your culinary journey with some of Dads World Buffet's signature appetizers, including Mussel Kilpatrick, Ham Roulade, Beef Carpaccio, Pesto Tuna Bites, Tomato Bruschetta, and Cold Cuts.  Dads World Buffet also features an extensive selection of bread, soups, and salads to start your meal.

No meal is complete without the signature Sushi at Dads World Buffet, with a platter of Taro Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Alligator Roll, Grilled Salmon Belly, Isikari Roll, Lipstick Trace Roll, and Golden Rolls. And if you're up for it, Dads World Buffet offers 70 varieties of fresh sushi and sashimi. A second plate of sushi? Why not.

Then, it's time for some local flavors with signature dishes from Kamayan, featuring a variety of comforting classics like Kare-Kare, Lechon de Leche, Crispy Pata, Grilled Salmon Belly, Kamayan Yaman Dagat in Chili Sauce, Lumpiang Sariwa, and Kamayan Salad.

Up next, a sampler from Saisaki featuring its signature dishes brings you to the unique and distinct flavors of Japan, with Ebi Tempura, Kani Bacon, Tori Menshi Katsu, Sukiyaki, Yakitori, and Tori Kuwayaki. For years, the chefs at Saisaki have mastered the art of Japanese cuisine, and you can enjoy their masterpieces daily at Dads World Buffet.

The diverse flavors of Asia come to life with a sampling of Asian specialties, including India's Red Curry, Thailand's Chicken Pandan, Malaysia's Lamb Curry, Indonesia's Beef, Pork, and Chicken Sate, Singapore's Hainanese Chicken, and Korea's Galbi Chim. And if you want more, Dads World Buffet also offers Singaporean Cereal Prawns and Indonesian Beef Rendang.

Take a tour of China's rich culinary heritage with a sampling of their classic dishes, including Shark's Fin, Pork Spare Ribs in Tausi, Beef with Broccoli, Pork Siomai, Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken with Tausi & Chili, Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic & Ginger Soy Sauce, Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce, and Yang Chow Fried Rice. But there's more. You can also find a wide variety of dim sum and noodles at the different stations at Dads World Buffet.

Cross over to another continent and sample the sunny flavors of Spain, with Gambas, Turkey Croquetas, Dads Callos, Chicken Relleno, Dads Paella, and Calamares. At the Spanish Station, you'll also find a variety of Tapas, including baby octopus and mushrooms cooked in olive oil and garlic.

Linger over the European continent for a taste of Italy's rustic and comforting Lasagna and Greece's Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Seafood Souvlaki.

Then, cross the Atlantic and head south of the border for Mexican flavors like Tacos, Nachos, Beef and Chicken Fajita, and Chicken Quesadillas.

Don't forget to take a tasty layover at the good ol' US of A for some Buffalo Wings, Salisbury Steak topped with egg, Beef with Mushroom Sauce, Texan Pork Ribs, Pork Spare Ribs with Honey, Cajun Chicken Lollipop, Turkey Tetrazinni, Oyster Rockefeller, and Clam Chowder. Load up on some extra fries too.

Cap your global feast with a sumptuous selection from the Carving Station, including US Roast Beef, New Zealand Leg of Lamb, Dads Ham, US Roast Turkey, and a variety of Brazilian Churrascarias.

But leave room for dessert, and end your global feast on a sweet note. The extensive selection prepared by Executive Pastry Chef Mia Yan is just as impressive as the main dishes.

At Dads World Buffet, the Dessert Section's impressive spread includes a selection of cakes and pastries, including local desserts. Have some ice cream or soft serve ice cream, or try Dads World Buffet's newest desserts, like the colorful Ube Flan Cake (R), a rich moist purple yam cake topped with sweet and indulgent leche flan... 

...or the new Tablea Cupcake (L), made with rich, dark local chocolate, and the colorful Buko Pandan Cupcake (R), both guaranteed to satisfy your sugar fix. Executive Pastry Chef Mia Yan has so much more in store for you at Dads World Buffet. Fresh fruits round out the selection for dessert. 

Around the world in eighty plates. You can, at Dad's World Buffet. And on August 26, 2015, you can enjoy the world's diverse flavors at a special 50% discount for only P 444. Here's how:

A SPECIAL 50% DISCOUNT awaits loyal diners on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 in ALL DADS BRANCHES.

A GROUP OF 6 is all you need.
This Half Price Treat is Strictly Pre-Booked and Pre-Paid for lunch and dinner.

1.  A Confirmed Reservation is required.
2.  A group of 6 or more persons is required.
3.  To conform your reservation, full payment must be made one week after the reservations has been made with the desired branch. Payment can be made directly to the branch or through bank deposit.
4.  No additions to previously reserved guests will be honored.
5.  Please present confirmation letter or show the confirmation on your smart devices upon arrival.
6.  Please arrive on-time for your scheduled seating.


10:00 am - 12:00 nn
12:30 nn - 2:30 pm

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
&;30 pm - 9: 30 pm

7. Guests must finish lunch or dinner and vacate the table within the reserved seating time to avail of the 50% discount. Should you exceed the reserved time, you will be billed the full amount of Dads World Buffet Price at P 888. Your cooperation in following these guidelines will enable us to accommodate all your reservations and give you a truly different, utterly delightful visit at Dads.



SM Megamall: 633-1758/636-3785/0917-896-1757
Glorietta III: 892-8897 to 98/0917-897-8896
EDSA: 705-1807/722-8125/0917898-8124
Manila: 528-1723 to 24/0917-897-1722
West Avenue: 372-8845/374-3767/0917-898-8844

But better hurry, limited slots left...

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