Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Eats at The Grill Boy

Simple yet comforting and satisfying, no-frills meals with excellent value for money...good eats. 

The Grill Boy serves Filipino classics and grilled specialties at affordable prices, offering more bang for your buck. Served in meal sets or ala carte, The Grill Boy combines both rich, local flavors with excellent value for money. And that's a winning combo. It's simple joys like this that make dining at The Grill Boy so special...

Located at Cubao's newest office and commercial complex, Spark Place is quickly becoming one the trendiest hot spots in the area. With a supermarket, appliance store, hardware and numerous dining options plus basement parking, all in one place. And if it's local flavors you're after, you can find it at The Grill Boy.

The Grill Boy offers a wide variety of local dishes, with "Unli-Rice" options for a satisfying meal without busting your wallet. Start with some Laing (P 53, L), a creamy and spicy vegetable dish with taro leaves, or a hearty bowl of Batchoy Supreme (P 82, R), with noodles and pork in a light yet flavorful broth.

The Grill Boy's Pancit Canton (P 42 Solo/P 143 Platter) is great for sharing, with soft noodles loaded with pork, vegetables and seafood. The rich sauce coats each and every noodle for added flavor, layered by even more flavors from the various ingredients.

The delicate notes of the Pinaputok na Bangus (P 99), steamed milkfish stuffed with onions and tomatoes, is another light dish with fresh and clean flavors. The onions and tomatoes add a distinct sharpness, complementing the subtle flavors of the milkfish.

The Grill Boy's Grilled Tuna Belly (P 125) is another seafood option with premium tuna belly grilled perfectly with a sweet glaze. The premium tuna belly has a mild sweetness, layered with a smoky hint. Other seafood dishes include the Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus (P 125), with flavorful milkfish belly in a sour tamarind broth.

Then, it was time to sample some of the grilled specialties at The Grill Boy, starting with Luis' Boneless Chicken Inasal (P 99 Barbecue Meal), with tender chunks of chicken marinated with the traditional inasal glaze. The inasal glaze adds a familiar smoky sweetness to the delicate notes of the tender chicken, perfect with garlic rice.

Pork barbecue and Java rice? Absolutely. The Grill Boy's Pork BBQ on a Stick (P 99 Barbecue Meal) is one of the more popular dishes, with tender pork marinated in a sweet glaze. You'll probably want to go for a second scoop of rice with this one...

Don't forget to try The Grill Boy's Annie's Lechon Kawali (P 99), a slab of sliced pork belly deep-fried to crispy perfection served with a thick lechon sauce. And with The Grill Boy's Unlimited Rice option, this one's another winner.

Pair your dish with The Grill Boy's Crispy Pork & Mango Salad (P 66), a refreshing blend of tart green mangoes, onions, and shrimp paste topped with crispy pork. The layers of flavors and textures make this the perfect side dish to pair with any of the mains at The Grill Boy.

If you're craving for even more pork love, no worries, The Grill Boy's got you covered. The Dennis Grilled Liempo (P 99), a thick slab of grilled pork belly served with garlic dip should satisfy your pork craving. The richness of the pork belly, coupled with the subtly smoky hint and the creamy garlic dip combine for a burst of rich flavors.  

Complete your feast at The Grill Boy with the Crispy Pork Sisig in Sizzling Plate (P 165, add P 10 for egg topping), a blend of crunchy and tender chopped pork cheeks served sizzling hot. This one definitely calls for extra rice...

Squeeze some calamansi and top your Crispy Sisig with egg for even more flavor. Pair it with garlic rice or steamed white rice for another winning combo.

After quick work on The Grill Boy's Crispy Pork Sisig and Luis' Boneless Chicken Inasal, time to end your feast of local flavors on a sweet note. Cap your meal with The Grill Boy's creamy and indulgent Leche Flan (P 25, R)... 

...or some Halo-Halo (P 59 Regular/P 73 Halo-Halo Heaven) and Buko Pandan Delight (P 39). Great food and excellent value for a feast of classic local flavors, from side dishes to mains and desserts, without breaking the bank. Now that's a winning formula for good eats at The Grill Boy.

The Grill Boy is located at the Second Floor of the new Spark Place along P. Tuazon corner 10th Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City or call 366-5412 for inquiries.

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