Friday, August 21, 2015

Happiness at Rita's Italian Ice

There are a few things that still bring a smile even when it rains. Summer may be over, but a frozen custard just seems right even when the clouds are grey...

Ice. Custard. Rita's Italian Ice.

Inside the Greenhills branch of Rita's Italian Ice, the sign (L) says it all. Nothing like ice and custard to bring both a smile and happiness even on a cloudy day. With so many options, and infinite combinations, Rita's Italian Ice is always the brightest spot on a rainy day. Like they always say at Rita's Italian Ice, "Get Rita's, get happy."

And happiness at Rita's Italian Ice comes in many forms, colors, sizes and flavors. Made from the freshest and finest ingredients, with real fruits for real flavors. Since my first post on Rita's Italian Ice (see my post here at, each succeeding visit is like the first time, as you try a new flavor, or a new combination. And that's what makes each visit so exciting, whether you go for something comfortingly familiar or something new and different.

I've always been a fan of the vanilla-flavored frozen custard, as is or with a variety of add-ons and toppings. And the classic Italian Ice made with fresh fruits. But there's aways a new combination to discover, and new flavors to enjoy... the Vanilla-Chocolate Frozen Custard Twist, topped with Wonka Nerds. The velvety smooth and creamy vanilla and the deep, rounded notes of the chocolate blend seamlessly, while the vibrant fruity flavors of the multi-flavored Nerds just bursts in your mouth for contrast.

The light, smooth and refreshing Italian Ice always delivers intense flavors, and that's because it's made with real fruits, with a fresh batch prepared fresh every day. Try the Green Apple Italian Ice, with its blend of sweet and tart notes guaranteed to perk you up even on a rainy day.

Or go for a Misto, a sweet combo with your favorite Italian Ice and Frozen Custard. And again, the combinations are endless...

The new Affogato combines the creamy Vanilla Frozen Custard with the bold and robust flavors of freshly brewed espresso for a refreshing alternative to your usual caffeine fix. The full-bodied flavors of the espresso are perfectly tempered and balanced by the smooth Vanilla Frozen Custard, a new personal favorite at Rita's Italian Ice. Even as you pour the hot shot of espresso, it still takes a while for the extremely dense and thick frozen custard to melt, maintaining its shape and flavor. But it gets better as you work your way to the bottom, as the flavors of the espresso and frozen custard blend together.

And there's Rita's Italian Ice's Custard Cookie Sandwich. The classic Vanilla Frozen Custard in between OREOS coated with sprinkles not only looks good, it tastes even better.

And soon, you can even enjoy Rita's Italian ice's Frozen Custard Cakes, like this Mango Gelati.  Or create your own customized cake with your favorite frozen custard flavor and toppings. And it's like that at Rita's Italian Ice. Rain or shine, any day is made so much better with Rita's Italian Ice...

Rita's Italian Ice is located at Unit 115-116, V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan  City or call 650-5859 for inquiries.

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