Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pure & Fresh: Hacienda Macalauan's Pure & Fresh Cottage Cheese and Ricotta Cheese

Fresh from the farm, to your table. From Hacienda Macalauan... 

Overlooking the scenic Mt. Makiling in Calauan, Laguna, the expansive Hacienda Macalauan farm boasts several hectares of grazing land for the dairy herd, an automated milking parlor, and a micro dairy processing plant. Every product that comes out of the Hacienda Macalauan farm brings with it a guarantee of superior freshness and quality. And this can be experienced with their whole range of dairy products, including Pure & Best Milk, 3Cows Milk, Pure & Premium Creams, Live Yoghurt, Live Greek Yoghurt, and their popular Pure & Fresh Cheeses.

One of the best ways to enjoy the pure and clean flavors of fresh dairy products is with fresh white curd cheeses like Cottage Cheese or a white whey cheese like Ricotta. With delicate and mild notes, only the freshest products deliver the subtle sweet notes at its peak of freshness, like Pure & Fresh Ricotta Cheese and Cottage Cheese.

Toast some bread, brew some coffee, and bring out the Pure & Fresh Cottage Cheese and Ricotta Cheese. With its velvety smooth and creamy texture, Pure & Fresh is a perfect complement for savory dishes as well. And it's healthy too, loaded with calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients derived from farm fresh milk.

Hacienda Macalauan's Pure & Fresh Cottage Cheese, made from premium fresh cow's milk, has mild and delicate yet creamy flavors. The clean, milky notes make it a perfect match with some toasted pan de sal, with just a whisper of sour and tart hints.

The Pure & Fresh Ricotta Cheese has a more pronounced creamy sweetness making it ideal for desserts but also works well with some freshly toasted bread.  Like the Pure & Fresh Cottage Cheese, the creamy and milky notes come through with every bite, and that can only come from the freshest premium cow's milk.

Fresh. From the farm, to your table. Bring home some freshness, with Pure & Fresh Cottage Cheese and Pure & Fresh Ricotta Cheese, only from Macalauan Farms.

Hacienda Macalauan products are available in leading supermarkets or visit their website at http://www.hmi.net.ph/ and their FB Page here at https://www.facebook.com/haciendamacalauaninc/ for more information.

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