Monday, November 23, 2015

Say Cheese: Yabu's New Menchi Katsu Burger

Crisp and juicy katsu with cheese. On a bun. It just keeps getting Yabu House of Katsu.

After the successful introduction of Yabu's Katsu Burgers (more on Yabu's Katsu Burger and Ebi Katsu Burger on my previous post here), they're back with another new and exciting variant, the Menchi Katsu Burger. Your favorite katsu, stuffed with cheese, on a bun. Sounds like another winner to me...

Start your feast with Yabu's Mozzarella Katsu Sticks (P 260), creamy mozzarella coated in crunchy and golden panko tossed with Yabu's very own Furikake blend, served with spicy aioli dip. The creamy texture of the mozzarella contrasts with the crunchy breading, and the spicy aioli dip completes the flavors. It's a great starter, richly seasoned with the distinct notes of the Furikake, setting you up for Yabu's latest Katsu Burger...

The new Menchi Katsu Burger (P 390), a crunchy and juicy katsu stuffed with a double-cheese combination of Cheddar and Havarti cheese topped with shredded cabbage, shiso leaves, Japanese pickles, spicy aioli, and caramelized onion jam in a toasted brioche bun. Each order comes with your choice of Furikake Fries or Chicken Salad.

And this one tastes as good as it looks. The juicy Menchi Katsu with its crisp outer layer of breading blends well with the creamy cheese stuffing, with each bite delivering a burst of rich flavors. The caramelized onion jam, shredded cabbage, shiso leaves, Japanese pickles and spicy aioli weave their own distinct layers of flavor, and both the soft brioche and Menchi Katsu retain their form all the way to the last bite. Pair it with Furikake Fries and you have a real meal. It's a combination that works. The thick-cut steak fries are richly seasoned, complementing the equally rich flavors of the Menchi Katsu Burger. This one's definitely another winner from Yabu.

Cap your feast at Yabu with the indulgent Lava Cake (P 185), a warm and moist lava cake laid on miso butterscotch served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel cookie crumbs. The mild salty notes of the miso pair well with the sweet butterscotch, adding a uniquely Japanese touch to the sinfully rich dessert. Scoop up some vanilla ice cream, the miso butterscotch sauce, cookie crumbs and the moist lava cake, and repeat.

Fresh, innovative, and full of flavor, you can always expect something new and exciting at Yabu. Don't miss out on the new Menchi Katsu Burger, now available in all Yabu branches, and discover a whole new creative spin on your Katsu dining experience.

Yabu is located at the second floor of Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City or call 631-1192 for inquiries.

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