Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Feast for the Senses at Astoria Plaza's Minami Saki

What makes Japanese cuisine so special and distinct is that it first feeds the eye before the palate, where each dish is plated with zen-like artistry. And Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri shares his masterful creations Minami Saki at Astoria Plaza.   

Let Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri take you on a memorable feast for the senses, with authentic Japanese flavors infused with his modern and creative touch at Astoria Plaza's Minami Saki.

Minami Saki  at Astoria Plaza showcases  Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri's innovative and inventive approach to traditional Japanese flavors for a memorable, and even sublime, dining experience. The comforting yet elegant interiors of Minami Saki make it an ideal palette for Executive Chef Kimito Katagiriri's plated art. 

Your dining experience at Minami Saki begins with their refreshing appetizer of fresh tuna and pickled vegetables...

Then, Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri's plated masterpieces were served, starting with his signature Kaki Papaya Yaki (P 580), roasted Japanese oysters on papaya with miso sauce topped with a fresh ginger blossom. The presentation is elegantly simple, but its the kind of zen-like aesthetics that add to the sensory experience of the dish. The roasted papaya adds its own creamy texture and flavor to balance the briny sweetness of the plump Japanese oysters.

Fresh and clean flavors come next with Minami Saki's Moriawase Take Sashimi (P 800) with five kinds of sashimi on a wooden board. Freshness is key in delivering the distinct sweetness of the sashimi, and Minami Saki at Astoria serves some of the freshest sashimi.

Aburi Sushi Five Kinds (P 850), Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri's signature torched sushi, another impressive platter with slightly burned sushi tuna, salmon, eel, hamachi, and lapu-lapu with his special aburi sauce. The innovative "burnt" sushi style of Executive Chef Kimito Hatagiri adds layers of new flavors and textures for a new sushi experience, with deeper, bolder notes from the charred portions contrasting with the fresh seafood. Executive Chef Kimito Hatagiri tops his burnt sushi with a variety of fresh and colorful ingredients, draped in a creamy aburi sauce, to complete the dish.

The medley of fresh and vibrant flavors continued with Minami Saki's Tempura Maki (P 550), thick rolls with prawn tempura. The large rolls offer a mouthful of rich flavors, capped by the crisp tempura's texture. Topped with a rich blend of fresh ingredients, this dish tastes as good as it looks.

Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri then shared his playfully creative take on scallops with his US Scallops with Tamago Sauce (P 720), delicately seared premium imported scallops draped in a creamy egg sauce on a bed of wakame. The mild and subtle notes of the plump scallops are punctuated by the rich and creamy flavor of the tamago sauce for another new and refreshing flavor experience. It's dishes like this that make Minami Saki one of those must-try places for modern Japanese cuisine in the Ortigas commercial and business district.

For heftier appetites, go for one of Minami Saki's hearty rice dishes... the Katsuju (P 480), soft and fluffy Japanese steamed white rice topped with deep-fried porkloin stuffed with egg and served with miso soup, pickles and fruits. A meal in itself, with rich flavors elegantly plated in the signature Minami Saki style.

Pair your meal with one of Minami Saki's comforting soups, like the Dobin Mushi (P 270), a clear soup in a tea pot with seasonal fresh mushrooms. The light broth is packed with flavors, with the deep, rounded nutty notes of fresh mushrooms in every sip. Enjoy your Dobin Mushi in a tea cup, then dig in with your chopsticks for bite-sized morsels of fresh mushrooms to complete the flavors.

Maguro Pepper Steak (P 550), tender grilled tuna seasoned with pepper on wakame with asparagus and a slice of lemon. Richly seasoned, the grilled tuna is soft yet firm with mild and sweet notes highlighted by the subtle heat from the pepper.

The thick chunks of premium tuna are perfectly grilled, with a juicy pink center capped by a lightly charred crust adding caramelized and smoky notes. Drizzle some lemon to kick up even more flavors.

Satisfy your beef craving with Minami Saki's Usuyaki Steak with Mushrooms, thin slices of tender beef rolled and stuffed with mushrooms. The lean beef is fork-tender, with rich beefy notes complimented by the nutty mushrooms combining for bold flavors. Like all of Minami Saki's dishes, each is plated with simple yet balanced elegance, adding to the dining experience.

Indulge in premium beef with Minami Saki's tempting Teppanyaki selections including US Angus Tenderloin and Sirloin, sumptuous mains not to be missed. We go for the US Angus Sirloin (P 1,050), topped with thin slices of crisp garlic served with vegetables. Each tender bite bursts with rich and juicy flavors coating your mouth, completing our feast at Minami Saki by Astoria.

Cap your feast at Minami Saki with their light and fluffy yet indulgent dessert selection, like the Japanese Cheesecake (P 160), moist yet light and fluffy topped with strawberries...

...the Wasabi Creme Brulee (P 120), a velvety smooth and creamy vanilla custard infused with wasabi glazed caramel sugar for a pleasant yet balanced punch in flavor...

...and the impressive Coffee Jelly (P 180), with sweetened coffee flavored gelatin served with homemade vanilla ice cream. The presentation of the Minami Saki's Coffee Jelly has a dramatic and theatrical feel, adding yet another layer to a long chain of memorable experiences. Like the starters and mains, Minami Saki's indulgent desserts first feeds the eye before the palate. The relaxed yet elegant interiors, friendly and courteous service, the seamless blend of modern and traditional Japanese flavors, and masterful plating and presentation of the dishes, all combine for a total sensory experience. Feast your eyes and feed your Minami Saki by Astoria.

Minami Saki by Astoria is located at the Ground Floor of Astoria Plaza, 15 J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Business District, Pasig City or call 687-1111 for inquiries.

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