Monday, January 18, 2016

Go Big at The Big Cheese! Pizza

Pizza and pasta that's big on flavor, at The Big Cheese! Pizza...

The Big Cheese! Pizza introduces its own brand of bold and upfront flavors with its line of signature pizza and pasta, offering both flavor and superior value. 

Located at D. Tuazon in the heart of Quezon City, The Big Cheese! Pizza is definitely the real deal. Inside The Big Cheese! Pizza, you'll find an open kitchen layout where you can observe the signature pizza and pasta prepared with the freshest ingredients. The bright interiors exude a casual and cool vibe, just the spot for some pizza and pasta.

Start with a refreshing Blue Lemonade (P 35/12 oz) and pair it with The Big Cheese! Pizza's signature starters... the Garlic Parmesan Fries (P 150), crisp twist-shaped potatoes topped with crunchy garlic bits and Parmesan cheese. Fresh from the fryer, the fries are perfectly crisp, with the sharp notes of the Parmesan and the nutty hint of garlic weaving in its own distinct layers of flavors with each bite. The unique "twist" shape of the fries, crispy at the thin portion and soft at the thicker edges, combine for contrasting textures.

Then, the signature pasta dishes of The Big Cheese! Pizza were served, starting with the classic Puttanesca (P 150), a rich and flavorful tomato sauce-based pasta with black olives and capers. The soft yet firm and chewy pasta, draped in the rich and tart tomato sauce, bursts with sunny and vibrant flavors in your mouth. Hearty and comforting, it's the kind of dish that makes any bad day right. But there's more...

If it's rustic and creamy notes you're after, The Big Cheese! Pizza's Carbonara (P 170), is the one for you.  A homestyle and comforting white pasta, the sharp smoky notes of the bacon are perfectly tempered by the cream sauce and tender mushrooms.

The traditional Meatball (P 180), a rich tomato sauce pasta topped with tender and succulent meatballs, a personal favorite. The beef and pork blend of the meatballs add that flavorful punch to the pasta, punctuated by the Parmesan to complete the dish. Homey and uncomplicated, just downright tasty and comforting. And the serving portions should satisfy hefty appetites.

We also got to try some new items still not on the menu, like The Big Cheese! Pizza's Herb Chicken Tenders, tender and juicy boneless chicken with a crisp layer of breading richly seasoned with herbs and spices. Tender, juicy chicken with a crisp outer layer, the tasty blend of herbs make this one different. Great as is, and great too with the sweet and smoky barbecue sauce or creamy garlic sauce. And if you're lucky, this dish should be available within the week. This one's a real winner...

Why go for the usual four cheeses when you can go for ten with the impressive 10-Cheese Overload (P 430-12"/P 590-16"), the ultimate cheese fix from The Big Cheese! Pizza with Cream Cheese base, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Feta, Ricotta, Monterey Jack, Provolone, Blue Cheese, and Gruyere topped with fresh basil. One bite reminds you why you love cheese, and this pizza has ten. Surprisingly, the rich blend of cheeses do not overwhelm the palate, with the different notes of the various cheeses combining for balanced flavors. And the pizza dough pairs well with the rich flavors, crusty and crunchy, and deliciously chewy. This is definitely the pizza for the ultimate cheese fix.

If you still can't decide on your pizza, The Big Cheese! Pizza makes it easy and simple, with everything on it. Go all-in with The Big Cheese! Pizza's All-In Supreme (P 520-12"/P 690-16") topped with everything, including your favorite proteins and greens like Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Beef, Onions, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Black Olives, and Button Mushrooms.

And not surprisingly, the flavors do pop out with each bite, with the wide range of flavorful notes from the generous portions of the different toppings. Going all-in pays off big time, with The Big Cheese! Pizza's All-In Supreme.

But The Big Cheese! Pizza has even more surprises up its sleeves with a brand new pizza. Meet the new Barbecue Bacon Cheese Pizza, with the smoky and sweet notes of barbecue chicken and bacon. You can also taste a hint of honey, tempered by the sharp bite of the red onions. And this one's another favorite.

The wide range of flavors in this new pizza represents the bold style and approach to flavor by The Big Cheese! Pizza, and I'm liking every bite. Big, bold, upfront flavors and big value, it's a winning combination. Go big, and be the big cheese, at The Big Cheese! Pizza...

The Big Cheese! Pizza is located at the 2nd Floor, SJD Building, 62 D. Tuazon, Quezon City or call 714-8111 for inquiries and delivery. You can also check out their FB Page for more information at

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