Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Flavors of Pampanga: Mangan Tamu Queni at Binulo Restaurant...

Any trip to Pampanga always includes a mandatory and tasty meal...

And Binulo Restaurant is one of those flavorful stops to complete your Pampanga road trip. With its name inspired by the traditional method of cooking using bamboo, Binulo Restaurant serves local Capampangan cuisine in a comforting and homey style, like dining in your favorite aunt's place.

A pair of fresh fruit shakes starts off your dining experience at Binulo, with the refreshing Mango Shake (P 80) and Watermelon Shake (P 80), ideal thirst-quenchers that's just perfect after a long road trip up north.

All the dishes at Binulo are best enjoyed with their signature Binulong Nasi (P 145), fragrant steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in bamboo reeds. Simply unwrap the banana leaf and enjoy the sticky rice with Binulo's signature mains... the Pangat na Ulang (P 348), a seasonal dish with fresh river prawns in a sour broth loaded with ginger and fresh herbs. Like many of Binulo's dishes, the Pangat na Ulang is cooked in bamboo, and with a light tap, poured on a bowl by the server.

Tart and sour, with the rich hints of ginger contrasting with the delicate notes of the plump river prawns, Binulo's Pangat na Ulang is always a must-try when it's in season.

The Crispy Binagoongan (P 290), deep-fried crispy pork served with shrimp paste and vegetables is Binulo's crunchy spin on the traditional begukan. Each crunchy bite releases a savory richness from the pork, perfectly tempered by the sharpness of the shrimp paste. Extra rice? Absolutely.

Pair your Crispy Binagoongan with the Pinakbet with Pititian (P 210), a northern vegetable stew cooked with shrimp paste, fresh shrimps, and topped with crunchy pork rinds, another tasty dish prepared with the freshest local ingredients. The crunchy pititian not only adds textural contrast to the dish, but intense flavors as well. 

The iconic Sisig (P 260), the classic Capampangan dish with chopped pig cheeks and ears, liver, onions, and chili makes a sizzling arrival, served on a sizzling hot plate. Squeeze the calamansi and mix it all up before serving. The tender cheeks combine well with the liver, with the fresh chili adding a layer of soothing heat to complete the dish. Topped with crunchy pork rinds, you get a double dose of pork love.

The steaming hot bowl of Bulalo (P 420), a rich and hearty beef bone marrow soup with vegetables, brings its unique beefy richness to your feast at Binulo, with the subtle sweetness of saba, a local plantain, adding another layer of flavor. The light yet flavorful broth delivers vibrant notes complementing the fork-tender beef, and that creamy and buttery bone marrow delivers that perfect finish.

The Kare-Kare (P 465), with tender US oxtail in a thick and rich peanut stew served with shrimp paste rounds out our feast at Binulo. The thick sauce, with its delicate grainy texture from the freshly ground peanuts, is a meal in itself. When in Pampanga, be sure to make a stop for a tasty meal, and Binulo offers some of the tastiest local dishes at the Clark Freeport Zone. Mangan tamu!

Binulo is located at 6410-6413 MA Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles, Pampanga.

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