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Chicken From Around The World at Poultry Stack

Comforting chicken dinners take on a flavorful global spin at Poultry Stack...

Poultry Stack takes you on a culinary journey around the world with its signature chicken dishes, drawing inspiration from South American, Japanese, Thai and Filipino flavors. And if you're looking for a winning chicken dinner, or lunch, Poultry Stack is definitely the place...

Located along Scout Tuazon near Tomas Morato, it's hard to miss Poultry Stack. The bright and spacious interiors exude a playful and youthful casual bistro vibe, the perfect spot for a comforting meal. With Chefs Gene and Gino Gonzalez as consultants, Poultry Stack takes our love for chicken to a whole new and flavorful level...

From starters to mains and desserts, Poultry Stack is the total package, recreating familiar flavors with a new and inventive spin.

The Poultry Stack Bucheron (P 199), crispy deep-fried chicken crop tossed in Poultry Stack's signature seasoned salt served with the special house sinamak is the perfect starter before your mains, great with an ice-cold beer. The chicken crop, a muscular pouch located at the chicken's lower neck, is perfectly crisp delivering rich flavors with a tasty crunch. Dip it into the sinamak, a local Visayan spiced vinegar to temper the richness, and you're ready for another bite. And another.

If you loved the Poultry Stack Bucheron, you'll love the Salted Egg Bucheron (P 229), with its flavorful spin tossed in homemade salted egg sauce. The richness of the chicken crop is perfectly complemented by the salted egg sauce and you just can't stop munching on these crispy bites. 

In between bites, enjoy the fresh and clean flavors of Poultry Stack's Tuna Ceviche (P 239), with fresh tuna tossed in a light citrus dressing with fresh herbs. The subtle sweetness of the tuna is a sign of its freshness, rounded out by the citrus notes and fresh herbs.

At Poultry Stack, you can discover new ways of enjoying chicken, like the Chicken Skin Longganisa (P 195) with a savory chicken and pork filling wrapped in crispy chicken skin. The savory notes of the chicken and pork stuffing is capped by the richness of the crispy chicken skin for a unique flavor experience. It's innovative dishes like this that makes Poultry Stack special, with its own spin on comfort food.

Pasta cravings satisfied with Poultry Stack's refreshing take on the classic pasta dish with rich cream sauce, the Poultry Stack Carbonara (P 225) draped with extra rich cream and loads of cheese topped with a sous vide egg is another comforting option. The rich rustic flavors of the dish add to the homestyle vibe of Poultry Stack, hearty and uncomplicated, just pure and honest flavors.

For the mains, let Poultry Stack take you on a culinary journey around the world, starting with the Peri-Peri Chicken with Dried Coconut Sambal (P 235-Quarter Chicken with Rice & Side/P 360-Half Chicken with 2 Sides), a Latin-inspired chicken dish dusted with Poultry Stack's very own homemade aromatic coconut sambal sprinkle served with chimichurri, turmeric rice, and coleslaw or your rice and side of choice. The tender and juicy chicken, with its subtle and delicate notes, are kicked up by the nutty hints of the coconut sambal, with the chimichurri, coleslaw and turmeric rice completing the rich layers of flavors. The set features perfectly paired sides and rice, but you can also opt to customize your meal with Poultry Stack's wide variety of sides. Poultry Stack offers Cilantro Rice, Plain Rice, Turmeric Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice, Java Rice, Inasal Rice, Japanese Fried Rice, and Garlic Rice. The selection of tasty sides include Coleslaw, Sunny Side-Up Eggs, Tomato Salsa, Red Egg Salsa, Kani Sarada, Thai Papaya Salad, Atcharang Mangga, Pineapple Relish, and PS Fries

Poultry Stack then draws inspiration from Japanese flavors with their Chicken Teriyaki (P 235-Quarter Chicken with Rice & Side/P 360-Half Chicken with 2 Sides), with fire-roasted chicken draped with the sweet and salty Japanese teriyaki glaze served with Japanese Fried Rice and Kani Crab Salad or your rice and siding of your choice.  The flavors are bold and fresh, complemented by the Japanese Fried Rice and sweet Kani Crab Salad for a complete meal.

The Thai BBQ Chicken (P 235-Quarter Chicken with Rice & Side/P 360-Half Chicken with 2 Sides), with tender and juicy chicken marinated in Thai herbs and spices served with Poultry Stack's special housemade Thai sauce, Pineapple Rice and Papaya Salad or your choice of rice and siding, is another flavorful option with Southeast Asian notes. The Thai herbs and spices add rich layers of flavors to the dish, pairing well with the sweet and tart Pineapple Rice and Papaya Salad. Chicken with a Thai spin, and it works.

Poultry Stack also offers familiar homegrown flavors. The Pinoy BBQ Chicken (P 235-Quarter Chicken with Rice & Side/P 360-Half Chicken with 2 Sides) with fire-grilled chicken glazed with the comfortingly recognizable sweet, sour and smoky notes served with Java Rice and Pinoy-style Pickled Mangoes is another sure bet at Poultry Stack. Homey and with a touch of nostalgia, the dish just brings back fond memories of special family chicken dinners from childhood. The Java Rice and sweet Pickled Mangoes complete the dish.

Make it a real chicken dinner with the Poultry Stack Garlic Overload Chicken (P 490), tender and juicy chicken marinated in curry, herbs, and spices, deep-fried to crispy perfection and finally tossed with aromatic lime leaf, crispy onions, spices, and lots of garlic, served with Thai sauce and two sides or rice. Perfect for sharing, the richly seasoned and marinated chicken delivers complex flavors, capped by the nutty notes of garlic. Other tasty chicken dishes include their take on the regional classic, the Chicken Inasal (P 235-Quarter Chicken with Rice & Side/P 360-Half Chicken with 2 Sides), and the inventive Pinoy Sate Chicken (P 199). Or you can go with Poultry Stack's other signature dishes, like the Crackling Pork Belly with Cilantro Rice (P 235), Crispy Beef Hay with Garlic Rice (P 269), and Garlic Overload Bangus (P 219).

Save room for dessert with Poultry Stack's indulgent selection of sinful temptations, like this Salted Caramel creation with marshmallows and cookies...

...and Poultry Stack's Dulce de Leche Creme Brulee (P 69), a rustic caramelized sweetened milk custard capped with a layer of caramelized sugar to cap a satisfying meal.

The Coconut Pandan Pannacotta (P 59), a creamy panna cotta served in a shot glass topped with pandan syrup; and the Calamansi Cheesecake (P 149), with a rich and creamy brown butter cheesecake with just a hint of calamansi, combine for a perfect and indulgent pair. 

The Banana Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream (P 178) is another decadent option, elegantly plated drizzled with caramel and chocolate. Poultry Stack's desserts are impressive, best paired with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

The PS Brookie, a double dose of pure chocolate love with layers of freshly baked chocolate cookie and brownie drizzled with caramel and topped with vanilla ice cream served on a cast iron skillet is another winner. Moist, chewy, and decadent, it has everything you want for a cool chocolate fix. From starters to mains and desserts, Poultry Stack has it covered. Hungry? Check out Poultry Stack and discover chicken from around the world, capped by their elegant desserts...

Poultry Stack is located at 24-C Scout Tuason Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City or call 410-5050 for inquiries and more information.

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