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Modern Elegance and Little Touches: Mom's Day Weekend at Midas Hotel & Casino

Mother's Day becomes even more special with a staycation at Midas Hotel & Casino...

Modern, vibrant, with an upbeat feel balanced by a stately charm and elegance, Midas Hotel & Casino combines glamor, contemporary style, and a sleek cutting-edge culture for a unique and memorable Mother's Day staycation. It's that blend of stylish elegance, dynamic urban vibe, fresh interpretation of modern hospitality and graceful design that makes your visit to Midas Hotel & Casino special. Read on and take a peek at a memorable Mother's Day staycation at the famed city by the bay, and the little touches and unexpected surprises that made it Midas Hotel & Casino.

Surprisingly Unexpected...

I first visited Midas Hotel and Casino almost three years ago for lunch, and I still can't help but admire its clean and modern lines and elegant spaces highlighted by a sleek and contemporary style (for more on Midas Hotel & Casino's elegant design themes, see my post, Midas Hotel & Casino: Something New at Every Turn)...

...with each visit revealing yet even more surprisingly unexpected elements that weave a rich tapestry of experiences to thread your stay at Midas Hotel & Casino. From the bright orange boxes that adorn the lobby, the dramatic high ceilings, and the elegant modern European furnishings, Midas Hotel & Casino had that element of style that made a lasting impression. On the 9th Floor, our Executive Room was the perfect sanctuary, high above the city. The all-natural fabrics, velvety smooth sheets and plush pillows will leave you wishing you could just stay in bed just a little while longer. Each room is equipped with an LCD TV with cable programming, in-room safety deposit box, coffee and tea-making facilities, mini-bar and complimentary high speed WiFi so you could stay connected with the rest of the world during your stay. In true Midas Hotel & Casino style, you also have your very own Min Ming Chair designed by noted French industrial designer Philippe Starck. And you'll find more of Philippe Starck's innovative designs as well as Poltrona Frau's elegant furniture throughout the hotel. I've visited the hotel before, but this was my first time to spend a leisurely weekend at Midas Hotel & Casino. And everything seemed to point toward a memorable staycation, with so many unexpected surprises and little touches to complete the experience. 

The newly renovated and refurbished Executive Rooms at the 9th Floor offers all the modern amenities you need for that perfect staycation in that signature style of Midas Hotel & Casino. The thoughtfully designed space is your own private cocoon with that trademark design flair, comfort and luxury defining their unique DNA.

Inside the spacious Executive Room of Midas Hotel & Casino, a soothing minimalist design redefines a modern take on classic royal elegance, just what you need to get away from it all in your own exclusive and comforting sanctuary. Fresh fruits and flowers add that finishing touch to kick off your staycation.

Elegant Touches and More Surpises

It's the little touches, like the premium toiletries from L'Occitane...

...and Bulgari gift boxes that add to your experience at Midas Hotel & Cafe. Midas Hotel & Casino is quite an expert when it comes to these elegant little touches, but more flavorful and unexpected surprises await, starting with a sumptuous lunch at Midas Hotel & Casino's signature Yanagi Japanese Cuisine...

Turning Japanese at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine

And just like my very first time at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine almost three years ago, walking inside the elegant space remains as impressive as that first memorable visit (see my post on my first time at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine from three years back, Inspired Japanese Cuisine at Yanagi Japanese Restaurant). 

You can go a la carte, or go all out with their impressive buffet spread, your call. Every Thursday to Sunday, Yanagi Japanese Cuisine offers an impressive Lunch and Dinner Buffet featuring a wide variety of authentic Japanese dishes for only P 1,600 net per person, including a selection of premium seafood and fresh sashimi... tasty Japanese appetizers guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. And you can come back for seconds and thirds too.

At the fresh seafood station of Yanagi Japanese Cuisine, you'll find so many options, so pick up a plate and load up on freshly prepared sushi, maki, and rice rolls wrapped in nori. The freshness of the seafood deliver clean and natural flavors with a subtle briny sweetness to set you up with even more fresh flavors... the inventive maki creations offering delightful combinations of textures and flavors and the tasty Japanese-Style Carpaccio (R), with thinly sliced tuna and salmon draped in a rich carpaccio sauce. But there's more. Much more.

The crisp and flavorful Tempura Rolls is another tempting dish at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine, drizzled with a rich sauce for a new flavor experience.

California Maki and other intricate rice rolls add to your many options at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine. Take your time to sample each and every dish with the easy to navigate linear design format of the buffet spread, and come back for more.

For the mains, the buffet spread at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine featured a savory Niku Curry (L) with fork-tender beef in a thick sauce enriched with a flavorful curry spice blend, and the hearty Yaki Udon (R), with pan-fried yaki noodles and vegetables.

You'll find live stations preparing Japanese dishes ala minute,  including everyone's favorite Takoyaki fresh from the takoyaki grill. Customize your takoyaki with a wide selection of fillings, sauces and toppings.

The Sukiyaki Station offers the classic Japanese dish with premium beef, noodles, and vegetables prepared as you order, so you get to enjoy it steaming hot at the very peak of its flavor. And you can have the station chef prepare your bowl to your specifications for that perfect bowl of sukiyaki.

Yanagi Japanese Cuisine's Dessert Station offers an indulgent selection of sinful bites for that sweet ending, including fresh fruits in season. But Midas Hotel & Casino had one more tasty surprise for us...

Signature Flavors at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine

Inside the private dining room, a feast of their signature a la carte dishes were about to be served for another taste of Midas Hotel & Casino's popular Japanese restaurant. Have a refreshing Coolest Cucumber Mocktail (P 255) with mint and soda or the Monte Carlo Bay (P 295) with vodka and curacao for a light tipple...

...perfect when paired with Yanagi Japanese Cuisine's inventive Otoshi, or appetizers. The unique appetizers are an inspired blend of flavors and textures, from the subtle flavors of fresh vegetables (L) to the intricate creations of seafood, vegetables, and deep-fried noodles resembling a sea urchin. And that's just for starters...

The tasty appetizers are just one of the many flavorful and unexpected surprises during my stay at Midas Hotel & Casino. Our feast of signature dishes at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine began with the light yet flavorful Sake Nanban Zuke, marinated deep-fried salmon and leeks with delicate yet creamy flavors tempered by the mildly sharp notes of the leeks. It's a dish with masterfully balanced flavors, with each distinct note complementing the other.

The signature Kaki Papaya Yaki, grilled Japanese oyster in papaya with miso sauce, was served next. This has always been a personal favorite at Yanagi Japanese Cuicine, and one bite reminded me once again why I loved this dish. The succulent oysters with its fresh and briny notes pair so well with the natural sweetness of the papaya. The light whisper of smoky notes from the grill adds another layer to the mix to complete the dish. This one's definitely still a favorite.

In between courses, a colorful salad was served next. The Yanagi Salad, with assorted garden-fresh greens and vegetables drizzled with nutty miso dressing, cleans the palate with its fresh notes. The natural crispness of the greens adds texture to the dish. 

The Aburi Sushi, another of Yanagi Japanese Cuisine's specialties, is served. The colorful lightly torched assorted seafood draped in the rich and creamy aburi sauce is impressive, feeding first the eyes before the palate.

The equally impressive Tempura Maki, with plump and succulent prawn tempura wrapped in thick rolls and topped with a variety of colorful fish roe on creamy sauce is another must-try dish at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine. And take it in one big bite so you can enjoy all the different components of the maki.

The comforting Kaninabe, a refreshing assortment of seafood and vegetables boiled in a special paper fan,is another unexpected surprise, a visual feast that tastes as good as it looks. A gentle flame below the paper fan keeps the soup warm. The use of the paper fan adds to the presentation of the dish. Simple, fresh and clean flavors, the freshness of the seafood is complemented by the light broth.

The Ebi Tempura (L), fresh prawns coated in a light and crisp batter, and the US Sirloin Steak (R) served with vegetables and a flavorful onion source round up our sumptuous feast at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine. Time for some ice cream...

Cap your Japanese feast at Yanagi Japanese Cuisine with their selection of homemade ice cream in Red Bean, Green Tea, and Black Bean flavors...

...but don't pass up on the unique flavors of the Wasabi Ice Cream, a velvety smooth ice cream creation with the familiar bite of wasabi for that flavorful punch.

Cocktails, a Sunset, and Stunning Views at Sunset Lounge

On the 9th Floor, guests can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail or two at the Sunset Lounge. Exclusive for the hotel's Executive Room guests also located on the 9th Floor, the Sunset Lounge is the perfect spot to catch the famed sunset along Roxas Boulevard. And there's no better to enjoy the sunset than with a few cocktails... 

Start your tipple with the Boulevard Sunset (P 295), the featured Drink of the Month, with dark rum, Malibu and pineapple juice with the sweet hints of coconut for a refreshing tropical vibe.

Or go for the classic 007 Martini (P 295), with a bold double dose of Tanqueray Gin and Absolut Vodka capped by refreshing hints of Grand Marnier. A few more sips gets you in that dapper groove in no time.

If it's a mocktail you want, the Sunset Lounge has that too. The playfully inventive Ginger Mango Tango (P 255) with house sour, ginger bread syrup, and mango puree combine for a refreshingly sweet mocktail.

Pair your cocktails with the best of Sunset Lounge's dishes with the Combo Platter featuring twister fries, crispy calamari, crunchy pork belly and buffalo wings. Refreshing cocktails and tasty bites, a visit to Sunset Lounge adds yet another unexpected surprise to your staycation at Midas Hotel & Casino (for more on the Sunset Lounge, see my post from three years back, Midas Hotel & Casino: Something New at Every Turn).

After a few more rounds, one is rewarded with a magnificent view of the city by the bay. The view, the service, the variety of flavors, and unexpected surprises, you'd like to come back again and again. And if you stay loyal, you can stay royale with the Midas Royale Club, a membership program offering a variety of rewards, perks, and benefits to make your next visit at Midas Hotel & Casino even more memorable (more on the Midas Royale Club on their website at or call +632 902-0100 local 1232 or email

Global Flavors at Midas Cafe

Then, it was time for dinner. Heading back to my Executive Room after cocktails, I find my mom enjoying a platter of chocolate, nuts and dried fruits, just one more surprise from Midas Hotel & Casino. Little touches...before dinner at Midas Cafe.

As we head down to Midas Cafe, the warm smiles from the staff was prelude to another memorable dining experience  (for more on Midas Cafe, see my posts, Sabroso! A Filipino Culinary Festival at Midas Cafe on their Filipino Food Festival and Trying Something Different at Midas Cafe on an intimate lunch buffet).

For the whole month of May, Midas Cafe takes you on a flavorful culinary journey with its Cafe Fiesta at Midas featuring iconic and most celebrated local and regional dishes from all over the Philippines. For only P 1,600 net per person, it's another cool deal at Midas Hotel & Casino.

Alongside the featured local dishes are Midas Cafe's selection of popular buffet favorites, including a wide array of sushi, maki, and rice rolls and a Mongolian Grill Station (R) with fresh seafood, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and sauces prepared ala minute by the station chefs. 

At the Asian Noodle Station, you can have the chefs prepare a comforting bowl of noodles with a variety of fresh seafood and vegetables, while you choose the ingredients.

At the Grill Station, diners can choose from a selection of skewered pork, beef and seafood, ready for grilling. Simply pick up a plate and top it with your skewers, and the station chefs will take care of the rest as you explore the other offerings at Midas Cafe. 

Your plate is then served, fresh from the grill. Perfect.

At the Fresh Seafood Station, enjoy the day's freshest catch and have it grilled, baked or sauteed in butter and garlic. The stations are replenished regularly, so need to rush.

For the mains, Midas Cafe offered a tempting line-up of savory dishes, including the Lamb Curry, a personal favorite...

...the Pan-Seared Fish with Water Spinach...

...and the classic Pork Sisig as one of many featured local dishes for the month-long Cafe Fiesta at Midas, with so many more dishes at the different stations.

And here's the beef. At the Midas Cafe's Carving Station, a hefty slab of US Prime Rib seemed to be another popular station among diners that evening, as the station chef carved the impressive premium beef all night long.

But save room for dessert. From decadent pastries and cakes to elegant desserts, Midas Cafe has it covered. 

One other live station not to be missed is Midas Cafe's popular Crepes Station, where the station chef prepares your very own crepes ala minute and just the way you like it with a variety of fresh ingredients and toppings. Bananas, mangos, chocolate syrup, ice cream and pistachios? Yes, please.

Cap your feast at Midas Cafe with an indulgent Halo-Halo at their Halo-Halo Station and create your own do-it-yourself Halo-Halo for an epic sweet ending (for more on Midas Cafe's signature Halo-Halo and Crepes, see my post from three years ago, Trying Something Different at Midas Cafe).

Flowers and Breakfast 

After a restful night's sleep, a bowl of fresh flowers and breakfast delivered by the staff of Midas Hotel & Casino kicks off the second day of my staycation. Nothing quite like enjoying your breakfast in the comfort and privacy of your Executive Room, adding yet another unexpected surprise in a memorable staycation. It's these little touches that made my staycation special. And there's nothing quite like bacon for breakfast. Midas Cafe's American Breakfast (P 640) includes a choice of seasonal Fresh Fruit Juice, a selection from their Baker's Basket including White Toast Bread, Soft Rolls, Danish Pastries, Croissant or Pan de Sal; a choice of Plain or Fruit Yogurt or Assorted Cereals, two Organic Farm Fresh Eggs prepared the way you like it, choice of Bacon, Ham, or Breaded Fish Fillet, and served with Hash Browns, Grilled Tomatoes, Fried Mushrooms, Butter and Jam, and Freshly Brewed Coffee or Hot Milk Chocolate. And it just can't get any better than that...

My mom goes for the Filipino Breakfast (P 630), with a choice of Seasonal Fresh Fruit Juice, a selection from their Baker's Basket like White Toast Bread, Soft Rolls, and Pan de Sal, two Organic Farm Fresh Eggs prepared any style, choice of Beef Tapa, Chicken Tocino, Longganisa, Broiled Lapu-Lapu Fillet, or Daing Na Bangus and served with Plain or Garlic Fried Rice, Freshly Brewed Coffee, Hot Milk or Tsokolate Tablea.  

With no need to wake up early to avoid the usual crowds at the breakfast buffet, the in-room breakfast capped a perfect Mother's Day staycation at Midas Hotel & Casino.

A few more hours of sleep after breakfast and it was time to check out. All too soon, a special mom's day staycation comes to an end. And after extending our thanks to Midas Hotel & Casino's friendly staff, I say goodbye to an old buddy who first greeted me at the lobby of the hotel, Butch, the friendly beagle tasked with security and sniffing out luggage. I'll definitely see you again soon...

On the way home, the fragrance from a fresh bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates lingers capping another memorable experience at Midas Hotel & Casino. Little touches, and one many layers in a continuous chain of memorable experiences for a perfect mom's day Midas Hotel & Casino.

Midas Hotel & Casino is located along Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, call +632 902-0100 or visit their website at for more information.

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