Sunday, June 18, 2017

Afternoon Tea with a Local Twist: The Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet at The Peninsula Manila

Think of it as afternoon tea with an all-Filipino spin. All your all-time childhood favorites served at one of the metro's most photographed spots. It's another memorable afternoon at The Lobby...  

The food, the vibe, and the place, it's just one of many classic #PenMoments. The Peninsula Manila celebrates the 119th Philippine Independence month of June with The Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet at The Lobby offering a sumptuous array of traditional and local dishes created by Executive Sous Chef Ed Maddela. Starting June 10 to 21, 2017, indulge in a feast of local flavors at one of Makati's iconic venues, The Lobby at The Peninsula Manila.

For decades, the opulent wide open space of The Lobby has been the favorite meeting place for the country's movers and shakers. The only 24-hour hotel restaurant in the metro, the Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet is yet another reason to meet up at The Lobby. 

The grand and elegant lobby of The Peninsula Manila is the perfect setting for afternoon tea, and for the month of June, one can enjoy comforting local flavors with The Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet (for more on The Lobby, see my previous post, Meet You at The Lobby: New Dishes at The Peninsula Manila's Legendary Lobby).

Laid out on one corner of The Lobby, the impressive spread for the Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet includes a selection of savory and sweet offerings, including a live Crepe Station (R) and even a sorbetero ice cream cart. So pick up a plate and indulge in nostalgic local flavors at The Lobby...

Executive Sous Chef Ed Maddela and his team will be featuring a curated menu refreshed daily, from native rice cakes, savory dishes, local desserts, and freshly-baked bread taking you back in time. You'll find familiar cookies and biscuits, like the Rosquillos, local cookies made from flour, eggs, shortening, sugar, and baking powder...

...and other tasty treats like Camachile and more, neatly laid out on the buffet spread. Pair it with a cup of soothing Spanish-style hot chocolate to begin your Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet at The Lobby and enjoy. 

Memories of your favorite neighborhood bakery are rekindled with the The Lobby's appetizing duo of local sponge cakes, the popular Mamon...

...and the Taisan topped with butter and sprinkled with sugar and grated cheese. If your plate is loaded, come back for seconds and thirds with other local favorites. 

A touch of nostalgia with The Lobby's Kalihim (L) adds a distinctly local vibe to afternoons at The Peninsula Manila with its distinctive and vibrant red color, along with other freshly baked sweet treats like the intricate Masapodrida (R) with sweet jam. 

Executive Sous Chef Ed Maddela gets creative with his inventive Kalabasa Leche Flan (L), with the natural nutty sweetness of native pumpkin coming through with each creamy bite; while tradition is preserved with the  Biko (R), a sticky rice cake topped with latik or toasted coconut milk crumbs.

For the savory mains, guests can indulge in Pinasingaw na Isda, Mayonesa, steamed fish draped in creamy mayonnaise and topped with boiled egg, onions, carrots and chili...

...and the refreshing Ensaladang Talong at Mangga, a hearty salad with eggplant, mangoes, and tart tomatoes, a tasty first round at the Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet.

The Chicken Hardinera, a local meatloaf made with chicken, bell peppers, boiled eggs, carrots, and raisins, is another must-try dish at The Lobby. The delicate notes of the steamed chicken is layered with the smoky sweetness of the bell peppers and deep rounded notes of the raisins. 

And who can resist the crispy Lumpiang Togue, deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with bean sprouts and vegetables, served with a spicy chili-vinegar dip. Second servings? Absolutely.

Pancit Canton, a localized noodle dish with Chinese origins made with shrimps, pork, cabbage and vegetables, is a meal in itself. But there's more at the Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet... these bite-sized tarts with a uniquely Filipino flavor filled with Menudo, a local pork stew with carrots and tomatoes.

And when you've got some Puto...'ll need a bowl of Dinuguan for that classic local combo of Puto't Dinuguan. It's comforting dishes like these that make The Lobby's Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet a great deal any day of the week.

Or why not go for another iconic pairing of sweet and salty notes with the Champorado at Tuyo, a hearty chocolate rice porridge topped with crispy dried fish?

One more bowl of Puto't Dinuguan is always a good idea.

And with live daily performances by a string quartet above The Lobby, it just doesn't get better than that. But it does, at The Peninsula Manila.

The wide selection of offerings at the Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet can be an early dinner, and dining at The Lobby makes it even more special. 

But save room for ice cream...

Homemade Langka, Fruit Salad, and Pistachio Ice Cream on a crisp cone caps your all-Filipino feast on a high note.

And if you want more, go for The Lobby's Ham Ensaymada... paired with a cup of thick Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows.

And don't pass up on the live Crepe Station's freshly made crepes prepared ala minute and filled with sweet dulce de leche drizzled with chocolate syrup. Ube Ensaymada, Chicken Adobo Pan de Sal, Guinataan, Maja Blanca, Cassava Cake, Turon and Langka Ice Cream, each day offers different dishes for afternoon tea with a uniquely Filipino spin. The Fiesta Filipino Merienda Buffet is available daily from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm throughout the month of June for only P 1,500 per person (P 850 for children, subject to 10% service charge and applicable government taxes). Afternoon Tea with a Filipino twist? Meet me at The Lobby...

The Peninsula Manila is located at the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, 1226 Makati City, or call 887-2888 for inquiries and reservations.

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