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Savor the Flavors of the Philippine Archipelago by Chef Myke "Tatung" Sarthou at Corniche

The month of June marks the country's independence day celebrations, and it's also a good time to rediscover local and regional flavors...

Noted chef, award-winning author, and culinary TV Host Myke "Tatung" Sarthou showcases the diverse flavors of the Philippines with a flavorful gastronomic celebration at Diamond Hotel's Corniche with a Filipino Food Festival dubbed Philippine Archipelago starting June 2 to 12, 2017. Chef Tatung takes diners on a unique culinary journey, reflecting how both the east and west came together in a melting pot of flavors. The sumptuous spread will also feature local indigenous cuisine and other distinct flavors that make up the colorful tapestry of Filipino cuisine. Read on and take a tasty peek at a distinctly Filipino feast of local flavors at Corniche...

After the successful themed offerings of Exquisita Comida Espanola at Corniche (see my post, A Spanish Festival of Flavors: Exquisita Comida Espanola at Corniche with guest chef Francisco Javier Coque), it's the turn of Chef Myke "Tatung" Sarthou to entice your palate with local and regional flavors at Corniche.

And just in time too for the country's independence day celebrations. Chef Tatung presents the distinct yet unified flavors of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao prepared with indigenous cooking methods and a scholarly in-depth knowledge of Philippine gastronomy in a series of lunch and dinner buffets at Corniche.

I've always enjoyed the fresh seafood selections at Corniche, and Chef Tatung's curated Filipino dishes is a welcome addition to the impressive spread (for more on Corniche and their tempting fresh catch of the day, see my earlier post, Awesome Lobster Buffet at Diamond Hotel's Corniche). From plump and succulent shrimps... crabs, slipper lobsters, mussels, clams, and oysters, Corniche is always a sure bet when it comes to fresh seafood. And Chef Tatung adds his own touch to the spread with his local-inspired regional dishes... the refreshing Pakwan at Tuna Kilawin, the local ceviche infused with the soothing sweetness of watermelon. For the duration of Chef Tatung's Philippine Archipelago Filipino Food Festival at Corniche, diners can enjoy a variety of tasty appetizers during the daily menu cycle, including Lumpiang Ubod, Crispy Hito with Buro, Sisig in Fried Wanton Cups, Chicharon Bulaklak, Penumeng with Puto, a Kinilaw Station, Pomelo and Inasal Salad Poki-Poki and Vigan Longganisa and Queso Puti on Pan de Sal and other local flavors.

Beside the charcuterie and cheese station, you'll find Chef Tatung's traditional Embutido. Chef Tatung's passion for local flavors is evident in the number of dishes at the buffet spread, allowing diners to retrace the roots of Philippine cuisine one tasty bite at a time.

Start your culinary journey with the comforting and crispy Shrimp and Vegetable Okoy served with a spicy vinegar dip, and you can come back for more. It's hard to stop once you start, but there's more to discover and rediscover at the Philippine Archipelago Filipino Food Festival by Chef Tatung at Corniche.

Hot off the grill, enjoy a selection of freshly grilled seafood, pork, and chorizo served on a banana leaf from Corniche's Live Grill Station (L). The delicate yet hearty flavors of Chef Tatung's Suam na Mais (R) opens up your palate for even more regional flavors yet to come at Corniche.

Chef Tatung's menu cycle for native soups include Molo and Lansiao, familiar and comforting flavors to complete an all-Filipino feast at Corniche. In between appetizers, have a refreshing serving of Shrimp with Mango Salsa, a light yet flavorful dish with the briny notes of plump shrimps and the tart sweetness of mangoes.

For the mains, Spanish influences in local cuisine are reflected in the rustic and homestyle Chicken Pastel, taking you back to countless childhood summers and family dinners...

The savory filling of tender chicken, mushrooms, carrots, and potatoes draped in a rich sauce and the light flaky crust are exactly the way you remember it, bringing back fond memories.

Chef Tatung then draws inspiration from the rich flavors of the north with his Dinakdakan, a savory pork dish from Ilocos...

...and the Bringhe, a uniquely Capampangan version of paella with glutinous rice cooked in creamy coconut milk topped with seafood, chicken, chorizo, and vegetables.  

The Tausug Chicken Pianggang (L), a regional dish from southern Mindanao with tender chicken cooked with burnt coconut paste is a unique local dish reflecting the diverse flavors of the Philippine archipelago. The comforting Kalderetang Buntot (R), with fall-off-the-bone ox-tail simmered for hours is another regional classic.

No Filipino feast is ever complete without the iconic Lechon, whole roasted pig with its juicy meat capped by a crisp layer of crackling. Go ahead and indulge with a second round. And a third...

At the Carving Station, the classic roast beef is given a uniquely Filipibo spin by Chef Tatung with his Adobo-Glazed Roast Beef served with sides of Fried Camote, Calamansi Mustarda, and Adobo Sauce. The tart notes and sweetness of the Calamansi Mustarda is perfect with the roast beef, tempering the richness for balanced flavors. 

And if you still can't get enough pork love, Chef Tatung's Hamonado should do the trick. Extra rice? Absolutely. On different days, the Philippine Archipelago Filipino Food Festival features a varied menu cycle including Calderetang Kambing, Sinaglay, Lechon Belly Roll, Adobong Pula, Tinoktok, Mindanaoan Rendang, Binagoongang Mixed Seafood, Beef Morcon, Estopato, Prawns in Aligue Sauce, and Steamed Fish in Banana Leaves.

Cap your all-Filipino feast with Chef Tatung's Champorado Mousse, the traditional chocolate porridge topped with creamy white chocolate and crispy dilis, a personal favorite...

...and the simple yet indulgent flavors of Chef Tatung's Minatamis Na Saging Na May Sago. For the entire duration of the Philippine Archipelago at Corniche, guests can also enjoy live demonstrations by Abel Iloco weavers and purchase handmade fabrics at the Ylocos Arts and Crafts station. To add an even more celebratory vibe to the Philippine Archipelago Filipino Food Festival, Diamond Hotel will also be giving away two round trip airline tickets to Cebu via a raffle. For a minimum spend of P 5,000 at the buffet, diners can receive a raffle stub and a chance to fly to Cebu. Cool deal. Local, authentic and regional flavors prepared by the metro's noted author and chef, go on a culinary journey with Chef Tatung's Philippine Archipelago Filipino Food Festival at Diamond Hotel's Corniche and rediscover the country's rich culinary heritage. But better hurry, the Philippine Arcipelago by Chef Tatung at Corniche runs only from July 2 to 12, 2017. For only P 2, 380 net per person, celebrate Independence Day with a flavorful spin at Corniche.

Corniche is located at Diamond Hotel Philippines, Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila or call (632) 528-3000 extension 1121 or email for reservations and inquiries.

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