Saturday, August 19, 2017

Burgers and Sliders with the T. E. Touch at Pound by Todd English

Craving for burgers with that signature T. E. touch?  Just give in and go with the flow... Pound by Todd English. Maybe it's the premium beef, house ground and delicately cooked sous-vide before grilling. Or the house-cured slabs of bacon. The fresh-baked buns prepared in-house. And the wide variety of inventive sauces and add-ons that just elevates the burger experience. Todd English is spot-on down to the last detail with his unique T. E. Pound by Todd English.

Start right at Pound by Todd English with a refreshing salad, and the Crispy Goat Cheese Salad (P 150) is the way to go with fresh mixed greens, baby heirloom tomato, raspberry vinaigrette, and deep-fried goat cheese adding both flavor and texture. The complex flavors come together in perfectly balanced notes, opening up your palate for their signature burgers (for more on Pound by Todd English, see my previous post, Burger Love at Pound by Todd English). 

Pair your burger and sliders with the richly seasoned Good Ol' Fries (P 90), thick cuts of potatoes with that comforting crispness. Pound by Todd English also offers Truffle Fries (P 160) and Parmesan Fries (P 100), as well as their good for sharing Poutine in Pizza (P 160), Bacon (P 210), and the Todd English (P 180) with ground beef. Other tasty sides include the Onion Hay Stack (P 90), Truffle Risotto Tater Tots (P 75) and my other favorite, Fried Pickles (P 75).

Or go for the Truffle French Beans (P 120) for something refreshingly new and different. The natural crispness of the French beans come through, kicked up even more by the thin and light batter. The subtle yet rich notes of truffles completes the flavors.

The T. E. Sliders (P 155 for two sliders) are the perfect way to get acquainted with the burger style of Todd English, with juicy all-beef house ground patties on crisp iceberg lettuce topped with tomato, crispy onions, mustard relish and draped with the signature T. E. Sauce. Tasty bites that's big on flavor, the beefy richness of the patty bursts with bold flavors complemented by the mustard relish and the T. E. Sauce. 

if your sudden cravings include bacon, Todd English has that covered too. The Bacon and Egg Sliders (P 200 for two pieces) features a thick slab of house-cured bacon with apple aioli and topped with quail egg on a soft bun. The sharp, mildly smoky and salty notes of the bacon slab are perfectly tempered by the creamy apple aioli and quail egg.

Have one more long and close look before it disappears...

But it gets better. The Pound Foie Gras Burger (P 700) is the ultimate burger expression with a thick and juicy house ground beef patty on fresh tomatoes and crisp iceberg lettuce, crispy onions, mustard relish, T. E. Sauce and caramelized onions topped with 50 g of delicately seared foie gras. The thick and juicy patty releases a savory richness with every bite, capped by the indulgent notes of the melt-in-your-mouth foie gras. Each component of this massive burger deliver distinct flavors yet it all combines in a seamless blend. Just perfect. 

Burger cravings satisfied, why not take home some more slider love with the Bacon and Egg Sliders (P 200 for two pieces), the T. E. Crispy Chicken Sliders (P 195 for two pieces) with T. E. Sweet Sauce, crispy pickled slaw and cilantro aioli, and the Fried Pickles (P 75), sweet and tart with that perfect crispness? It's the winning T. E. touch, and you can find it at Pound by Todd English.

Pound by Todd English is located at the Second Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City or call (02) 753-9892 for inquiries.

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