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Firing Up The Glasshouse at The Fireplace Pop-Up

One special evening. It's The Fireplace at The Glasshouse...

New World Manila Bay Hotel's iconic steakhouse, The Fireplace, pops-up at New World Makati Hotel's The Glasshouse for one special evening. From Manila Bay to Makati, this one-night only pop-up recreates the signature cuisine and service of The Fireplace at the heart of the metro's premier commercial and business district. 

New World Manila Bay Hotel's Executive Chef James Williams (L) brings the entire team from The Fireplace to New World Makati's The Glasshouse for a one-night only pop-up (for more on The Fireplace, see my earlier posts, What's New at The Fireplace and Rare Delights and a Tomahawk at The Fireplace).

Inside The Glasshouse of New World Makati Hotel, the elegant and spacious interiors are lined by panoramic glass walls allowing diners unobstructed views of the property's lush gardens and lagoon. The circular layout makes it an ideal venue for intimate gatherings with its own fully-functioning open kitchen and bar.

The Fireplace pop-up at The Glasshouse becomes even more special with a seat at the center of the action, right there at the Chef's Table in full view of the open kitchen.

Earlier, New World Manila Bay Hotel Executive Chef James Williams goes through the special menu for tonight's pop-up with New World Makati Hotel Executive Chef Robert Davis (L), as the team from The Fireplace prep for the evening's dinner service (R) at the open kitchen.

The evening's menu featured the signature dishes of The Fireplace, from its elegantly plated starters to hearty and savory mains highlighted by their premium steaks, and I'm told, new creations for dessert.

As guests arrived at The Glasshouse, the staff of The Fireplace made the rounds serving a selection of fine cheeses and wine. The afternoon light is soon replaced by a warm amber glow inside The Glasshouse, as more wine was served to guests. It was that kind of evening when the cuisine, service, and venue align perfectly...

And it was great to see a comforting and familiar favorite at The Glasshouse...

The freshly-baked artisan Walnut Bread from The Fireplace was also served at the pop-up, served with fresh pesto, olive oil, and butter.

One more round of Mont Gras Cabernet-Sauvignon, and The Fireplace pop-up at The Glasshouse is looking good. 

Executive Chef James Williams starts our dinner with a savory Amuse-bouche of Beef Tartar topped with quail egg, a light starter with fresh and bold notes. It's the kind of flavor many loyal diners of The Fireplace have come to love through the years, recreated at The Glasshouse.

The Fireplace Caesar Salad (P 650) with garden-fresh greens, panchetta, parmesan crisp, and slow-cooked egg was served next, with the fresh and clean notes of the salad punctuated by the sharp hints of the crisp Italian bacon and parmesan cheese for light yet balanced flavors. The play on textures adds to the dish, with each bite delivering an audible crunch.  

The refreshing Line-Caught Tuna Tartar (P 985) with avocado salsa topped with nori is another elegantly plated appetizer from The Fireplace, with the subtle briny freshness of the melt-in-your-mouth tuna capped by a creamy richness from the avocado salsa, perfectly finished by the nutty notes of the crisp nori strips.

The Foie Gras (P 1,480) with apple, red wine glaze, and brioche takes the luxurious goose liver to new heights with a velvety smooth texture releasing an indulgent richness coating your palate perfectly tempered by the tart notes of the apple and red wine glaze. It's elegant and inventive dishes like this that made The Fireplace one of the metro's top dining destinations for years.

And here's the beef. For the mains, the usual suspects from The Fireplace were served, including the Stockyard Wagyu Rump (P 1,654-5 oz/P 3,040-10 oz), a tender and lean cut of beef with bold and beefy flavors perfectly grilled to medium rare with its juicy pink center. You have a choice of Red Wine or Green Peppercorn Sauce to go with your steak, but trust me, this premium slab of beef is great on its own.

The Snake River Farms Hanging Tender (P 1,360-5 oz/P 2,388-10 oz) is a personal favorite, a lean cut of beef that's fork-tender and full of flavor. This cut of beef from the plate of the cow is also known as "Butcher Steak" since butchers would set this particular portion for themselves, and that says a whole lot.

Best served medium rare, the Snake River Farms Hanging Tender offers rich, bold and pronounced notes, with just a fine and thin layer of fat adding even more flavor. One more slice? Absolutely.

The Stockyard Ribeye (P 2,100-5 oz/P 3,800-10 oz) is another tender cut with a fine marbling adding to its flavor. And just like the Snake River Farms Hanging Tender and the Stockyard Rump, the Stockyard Ribeye is great on its own releasing pure beefy notes with each bite.

The mini cast-iron pots of The Fireplace are then served containing the signature sides (P 380), including Mashed Potato, Garden Salad, Hasselback Potatoes with Sour Cream and Chives, Creamed Spinach, and Roasted Garden Vegetables.

A plate with Hanging Tender from Snake River Farms, Ribeye and Wagyu Rump from Stockyard, it just doesn't get better than that.

That evening, we also sampled a lighter yet flavorful option, the Snapper Pie (P 900) with succulent fish draped in a rich and creamy sauce topped with a buttery and flaky paper-thin crust. The comforting and rustic flavors of the dish are complemented by a side of Truffle Soubise and soft, mushy Pea Puree.

The Fireplace pop-up at The Glasshouse introduced three new indulgent desserts to end our feast on a high note, the Key Lime Pie (P 380) served with Honey Walnut Ice Cream and Red Wine Jelly (L) and the decadent Chocolate Tart (P 380) with Choco-Chili Ice Cream (R) for that velvety smooth finish with just a whisper of heat...

But it's the Red Velvet Bomb Alaska (P 380) that stole the show for me at The Fireplace pop-up, an elegantly plated dessert with creamy ice cream covered in soft meringue topped with an ornate cherry apple.

The sinful dessert is poured with liqueur and lit, as a gentle blue flame drapes the dessert. A slice reveals the creamy ice cream inside for another perfect ending at The Fireplace.

Another glass of wine and more sweet temptations were served to end a memorable pop-up by The Fireplace at The Glasshouse. Since 2005, The Fireplace has set the standard for fine dining with its premium steaks and impeccable service, and the recent pop-up at The Glasshouse reaffirms its position as one of the metro's premier dining destinations. From starters to mains and desserts, to the exceptional service and elegant venue, this is one pop-up that demands a repeat performance. 

The Glasshouse is located at the Second Level of New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City or call 632-811-6888 for inquiries and more information.

The Fireplace is located at Level 5 of New World Manila Bay Hotel, 1588 Pedro Gil corner M. H. Del Pilar, Manila or call +632-252-6888 or visit their website at for more information.

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