Saturday, February 24, 2018

Make It A Blue Plate Dinner at RACKS

It's been a long day, and you need to boost your weekday meal game...

RACKS brings back winning plays from their play book with the Blue Plate Specials (for more on the Blue Plate Specials from RACKS, see my previous post featuring the other Blue Plate Specials at Blue Is Back: The RACKS Blue Plate Specials Return To Kick-Off The New Year). If you've seen my previous post, read on for a look at the other equally tasty Blue Plate Specials with value for money too. It's just what you need for a comforting dinner to end the day...

Each Blue Plate Special at RACKS comes with a choice of Dalandan Cooler or Pink Lemonade (L) for a value-packed meal with that extra bang for the buck. And your Blue Plate Special also includes a wide variety of choices for sides (R) so you can customize your weekday meal at RACKS.

The light, refreshing and satisfying Soup and Salad Plate (P 255) comes with 1/2 House Salad, choice of Soup and one large side for a healthy meal. The crisp, garden-fresh greens and the tart vinaigrette combine for vibrant flavors, perfectly finished by the creamy Mushroom Soup.

The Fish & Chips Plate (P 275) paired with my two favorite sides, Coleslaw and Buttered Corn and Carrots with garlic fried rice instead of the fries is another light yet satisfying Blue Plate option at RACKS. And it's a tasty meal in itself. The soft and flaky fish with its lightly crisp outer layer deliver both flavor and texture, with the sides completing another blue plate winner from RACKS. 

Craving for some ribs and seafood? The Surf & Turf Plate (P 385) with 1/2 Pork Rib and 1/2 London-style Fish served with one regular side and steamed rice should do the trick. The juicy, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs with its signature smoky hints reminds you yet again why this is the best ribs in town. And paired with the London-style Fish, it's another winning Blue Plate combo at RACKS.

With so many options offering tasty combos and value for money, you're always the winner at RACKS. Lunch or dinner, boost your weekday meal game with the Blue Plate Specials at RACKS.

Racks is located at Level 4, Building A, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. For more on RACKS' Blue Plate Specials, follow the hashtags #RACKSBluePlate and #BlueIsBack on social media.

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